The Strongest Gene - Chapter 742: Kill!

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Chapter 742: Kill!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Damn it."

The gods trembled in fear. It would have been fine if they hadn\'t discovered this. But now…

"In short, the Sin God is truly still alive."

Everyone sank into silence. The facts were already there. They could not deny it and had no choice but to face this dreadful fact, that the damnable Sin God was still alive and slumbering in an alien world. To verify this, they had gathered nearly all the gods that had awakened. All the slabs had been gathered and all the clues had been investigated. They had even found the twin-horns members that had arrived in this world.

The gods all looked at each other. This was something they had to face.

"What should we do?"

"Why don\'t we kill our way there?" a certain god proposed.

Another god was indignant. "Hehe, we have only recently awakened. Going over there now to give our lives away? I feel like it would be better to go after we have all recovered our godly powers and combat powers. That way, we will be more likely to succeed."

The other god sneered. "I have only one question."

"Say it."

"Who do you think will recover faster? You or the Sin God?" he asked coldly.


At this question, all the gods sank into silence. This was a question that caused them to all dwell in grief.

"What can we do, then?" a certain god asked meekly.

"Immediately contact all the gods that have awakened and prepare to set off. Before the Sin God can recover, kill him. Let me remind you all of something else that was also recorded on the slabs: the Sin God also left behind his own godly power and inheritance. In other words, if we kill him, we will be able to obtain his godly power. Or perhaps we can even obtain some of the Creation God\'s leftover godly power."


The gods were all enticed by this proposition. Indeed. They recalled the contents of the slabs. If what was written there was true…

At this moment, even the gods that had been wavering earlier were enticed. Who knew how long it would take for them to fully recover? Yet if they could absorb the inheritance of that Sin God… At this point, all the gods were eager to give it a try.

"Very good. Let us prepare to set off. We shall discuss everything else after killing the Sin God."


"With so many different godly powers between us, we are definitely stronger than the current Sin God. By the way, Luck Goddess, don\'t forget to assist us all."

"She\'s not here."

"Has she not awakened?" a certain god questioned. That should not be the case. After all, that unique rain earlier should have awakened all the gods.

"No, she is dead."

All the gods turned pale with fright. "Killed by the Sin God?"

"No, I am the one who killed her." That voice continued coldly, "She attempted to absorb my godly power. After I awakened, I killed her. If any of you have any doubts, you can look for me. I am the Forest Goddess."

The divine network sank into silence. Luck Goddess… absorbing godly power…

True, true, that indeed seemed like something that b*tch would do. Surprisingly, though, this time, she had truly angered the Forest Goddess. The only thing they doubted was that the Forest Goddess could defeat the Luck Goddess. However, after giving it some thought, they found it acceptable. This was a unique era where all the gods had recently awakened, an era where everything was possible.

"Without her, things will be somewhat troublesome. However, we have no choice but to put caution to the wind."

"Let us first go to the portal."

"All right."


Numerous figures dashed out. Shortly after, all the gods appeared near the portal. At present, the twin-horns members were still wandering about in confusion. That was because, a short while ago, everyone they had killed or touched had transformed into figures of light and vanished, as if everything had been nothing but an illusion.

"What\'s going on?"

"Is this another of the humans\' tricks?"

The elder was furious. "Damn it. These bugs are good for nothing but such trickeries. Go, let us kill our way over and show them our true strength."



The twin-horns members howled as their blood boiled with battle intent. Each time they had faced the humans, the results had left a bad taste on their mouth. The time had finally come for their revenge.



Everyone howled. And thus, they started advancing. Just as they were preparing to teach the puny humans a lesson, suddenly, the sky above was enveloped in darkness. Numerous figures appeared, each incomparably powerful. At the sight of this, all of the twin-horns members trembled. These guys… why was it that each and every one of these figures gave off the same feeling their lord gave off?

"Fear not! This must be another of the humans\' tricks!" the elder howled. "Do not give these bastards any chances. Kill them all."


As they heard this, the twin-horns members all seemed to be enlightened. The damnable humans had already tricked them earlier. Now the humans were thinking of tricking them again? This was too excessive!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

With boiling blood, the twin-horns members charged at the sky. Each of the gods that had appeared was as dazzling as the sun itself. It was precisely because they seemed so powerful that the twin-horns members were of the opinion that this was a trick.

Illusion! This must be an illusion!


They all charged at the sky only to transform into a rain of blood. Only a single one of the gods had needed to casually wave his hand to freeze all these twin-horns members in place before transforming them into nothingness. Bugs… were still bugs, after all. Only the twin-horns elder was left alive.


A certain god pointed at the elder\'s forehead.

"Tell me everything pertaining to your god."


Radiance swirled about, and next, all the information pertaining to the god was extracted. Some were real, while some was merely propaganda. In the eyes of the twin-horns members, their god was an omnipotent existence.

"This fits the description on the slabs."

"Sin God, eh?"

"The world he created was too small, resulting in a lack of faith. This is the reason they keep invading the human world…"

"Yes, everything seems to click."

All the gods exchanged glances, each of them in a heavy mood. They had all given thought to how this world should be ruled moving forward after their awakening. They had also contemplated ways to grow their believers. However, none of them had expected that the first incident they would partake in after awakening was doing battle with the Sin God.

"Looks like we have no choice but to take a trip over there."


The gods all looked at the portal. Twin-horns members were still flowing out of the portal without stop. However, all of them were cleanly killed off by the gods.

"Let\'s go. It is time we say hi to an old friend."

Swish! Swish!

The formidable gods all descended from the sky and immediately entered the portal. The initial anxiousness and fear was nowhere to be seen, replaced by excitement. The Sin God… hehe. That was a boundless amount of godly power waiting for them there. For a lot of these gods, the godly power of the Sin God would be sufficient to help them break through, becoming even stronger.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous gods flashed forward. At this time, near the portal, a black shadow noiselessly appeared. He regarded the portal and the surroundings that were now empty, a grin forming on his face.