The Strongest Gene - Chapter 741: This Is Not True!

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Chapter 741: This Is Not True!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Year 109 after the fall of the primordial, snowstorm.

I seem to have discovered some clues that seem rather useless. I have always been curious as to why the Sin God challenged the entire world. After my subsequent research, I found that the Sin God might have obtained an ability capable of creating a new world.

He very well could have intended to destroy this world and create his own world. Perhaps… that new world is the very one he slumbers in? Naturally, this is merely an assumption on my part.


Year 120 after the fall of the primordial, heatwave.

The secret of the Sin God seems to have something to do with rebirth. Master once said that the Sin God will constantly absorb the power of faith to undergo endless rebirth. One can only truly destroy him by eliminating his seed and severing his roots prior to his full awakening.

However, how can one find him? How can one destroy him? I have zero clues, and I am already an old man. I have dedicated my entire life to seeking the secret of the Sin God, yet I have still failed to discover anything. I am indeed not master\'s match. As for my disciples, they have long given up on this quest.

I\'m afraid the ancestors\' teachings will end here. Just today, a few of my disciples started killing each other over the position of sect master. I am truly disheartened to see this and truly wish to continue the teachings of our ancestors. I don\'t know if it will…


Year 130 after the fall of the primordial, sunny.

Sect Master Huang was here.


Year 150 after the fall of the primordial, rainy.

What is the point of writing all this?


Year 200 after the fall of the primordial, snowstorm.

Fine, even I am an old man now. Before my death, I suddenly remembered this slab. And thus I came. Although I have no interest whatsoever in the Sin God, this slab seems capable of surviving history itself? Haha, I have no intention of having lived for nothing.


Let me give it some thought. Oh, right, I heard that the godly power left behind by the Sin God can be absorbed. This is what a horned fellow told me before his death. I don\'t quite believe his words, though. Yeah, there\'s more. I heard that in their alien world, that god is being worshipped.


Yes, I have more.

I heard that someone found the will of the Creation God. In the will, the Creation God mentioned that he had left behind some things to encourage the future generations to truly eliminate the Sin God. Anyone who succeeded in eliminating the Sin God would be instantly promoted to godhood. Unfortunately, I don\'t have the coordinates of that damnable world. Otherwise I could just bring someone over to eliminate that annoying Sin God. With that, wouldn\'t I be a god as well?

Tsk tsk tsk…

Naturally, the main reason I have not attempted anything is that I don\'t believe any of this. In any case, I have never seen a god. I reckon the so-called gods are nothing but superstition. If the gods are truly so amazing, why did they die?


All right, great Sect Leader Huang will leave now…

I reckon nobody will continue writing on these slabs in the future. None of the youngsters nowadays care about the gods. After all, those matters are too far back in the past.


That was the end.

After this final message, no further messages were left. This was a chronicle left behind by a certain expert of a certain race after he had traveled the entire world in search of the gods. Ultimately, that person had discovered the secret of the Sin God.

As the gods read this, they all chilled. Was the Sin God truly still alive? They dared not believe this.

Some gods started voicing their doubt. "These slabs…"

A different god sighed. "They have already been inspected. The inspection verified that all the slabs matched the dates written on them. Everything was from that era."

All the gods sank into silence. Something like this was impossible to fake, not when there were so many gods here. Therefore, regardless of how much they doubted the content of the slabs, they could not doubt the existence of the slab, the old man, or the sect he had established.

Divine Sect…

The eyes of a certain god started shining. Countless figures started flashing before his eyes.


Divine Sect.

Established on year xxx, ended on year xxx.

Sect leader: …

Descendents: …

Goals: …


With his own eyes, he pierced time itself and witnessed the birth and ruin of that sect. He did not forget to play all he had witnessed in the form of holograms so all the gods could see it.


Everyone sank into silence. They were well aware of this god.\'s ability In short… the Sin God…

A certain flustered god started voicing his doubts. "No. This can only prove that these people truly believed what they wrote. However, with their level, what if they were wrong?"

"That is possible."

"Twin horns, alien world… Haha. How is it possible for an alien world to exist?"

Some other gods started agreeing. "That\'s right."

"We are all gods here. If there is indeed an alien world, how could we not know of it? Even if that alien world is located in a different dimension, causing us all to be unable to sense it, the Spatial God would be able to sense it."

"The Spatial God is already dead."

"During the chaotic war back then, he was the first god to die. Have you forgotten?"


"From the slab, this alien world was created by the Sin God himself. In order to prevent the other gods from going there, he most certainly placed the world far away from this world. With regular methods, we will not be able to get there."

"I doubt it."

The gods started arguing. In fact, due to this matter pertaining to the Sin God, these gods had created some a divine network of sorts that worked like the internet. Within this network, all the gods could see the projections of the other gods. One could say that this was, in a way, a virtual reality unique to these gods.

A figure that was obviously much more imposing than the others appeared, causing all the gods to sink into silence. "What is the point of arguing about all this? Regardless of whether it\'s true or not, won\'t we find out after conducting an investigation? For now, we have to first confirm whether such an alien world truly exists. Then we have to confirm if the twin-horns race truly exists."

"All right."

A certain god started investigating right away. As for the other gods, they could only smile bitterly. Would an alien world be so easy to find? However, the god in charge of the investigation did not take long to return with an extremely flustered expression, "Alien… alien world… still exists…"


The gods\' hearts jolted. It still existed? Now?

That figure smiled bitterly. "Yes. They have attempted to invade the human world several times. According to my investigation, it was all for the sake of faith. Moreover, the humans even captured a twin horn."


The gods trembled as they heard this. Damn it, could this truly be the Sin God?

One of the figures expressed his doubt. "Did you not ask the humans about this?"

That figure smiled bitterly. "There is no need for that. As it so happens… the twin-horns members have appeared once again. Moreover, I even saw a teleportation portal that twin-horns members were flowing out of without stop. The aura they carry… does not seem like an aura native to this world."


At this, all the gods were alarmed. Twin horns… Alien world… All the puzzles seemed to be solved at this instant. So it turned out that an alien world indeed existed. If one thought about it, apart from the Creation God, which other god was capable of creating a world? The Sin God was the only one, since he had been powerful enough to provoke all the gods in existence at the same time.

This was also the same conclusion the slab writer had reached. The Sin God had challenged the Creation God in order to obtain his world-creating power so as to perfect his own world. With that, the Sin God would be able to increase in strength as well. As of this moment, all their questions had been answered!