The Strongest Gene - Chapter 738: What Is This Guy Thinking This Time?

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Chapter 738: What Is This Guy Thinking This Time?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Spirit was instantly on alert. "What are you thinking of doing?"

Chen Feng appeared undisturbed. "Just trying to learn more."

Spirit looked at him with deep suspicion. She hesitated shortly before cautiously saying, "A god at that level is not one you can easily joke about, especially insult…"

"Do I look like someone who would do that?" Chen Feng asked, his eyes wide open in a glare.

"No, you don\'t." Spirit cautiously continued, "However, even if that lord has perished, the entirety of this world is a product of his creation. If you dare mess around using that lord\'s name, you will invite the wrath of the heavens themselves."

"Oh, then forget it," Chen Feng said with a shrug.

Spirit: "…"

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"

He had given up just like that? In short, he was thinking up some despicable plan again, right? If he hadn\'t been advised against doing so by Spirit, he would probably start creating trouble again. He had truly caused these two goddesses to be speechless.

After some thought, Chen Feng said, "Well then, do you have a similarly awe-inspiring god that also perished but who is at a somewhat lower level? So long as the god is unrelated to heaven and earth, it will do."

"The Sin God. His name was Ye," Spirit said without hesitation.

"Ye?" Chen Feng had a slight impression of this name. When the primordial had initially descended, he had obtained some general knowledge from Duma. As such, he indeed knew of some rather popular gods. This Sin God was one of them, as he had truly been too famous.

It was rumored that back then, he had enticed all the gods into committing sins in order to increase his godly power. Naturally, the consequences of that did not need to be mentioned. After being chased about for a while, he had been erased for real. However, his strength wasn\'t something anyone could doubt. For him to have dared to provoke all the gods by himself, his prowess was apparent. This was a god who had once been a legend even among the various gods, even though he had ultimately died.

"Excellent." Chen Feng was extremely pleased to hear this. So it turned out that the level of this Sin God was so high among the gods. That would make things easier for him.

"What are you planning to do?" Spirit asked in a soft voice. "It won\'t do for you to pretend to be the Sin God. You will be inviting trouble upon yourself."

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "Why would I even want to pretend to be him?" Pretending to be a god like this that was no different than being the leader of all evil. Doing that would be no different than committing suicide. Chen Feng had merely thought of a good idea to gain more time for humanity.

"Just wait and see." Chen Feng\'s hand pulsed with faint godly power, which proceeded to fuse with the raindrops. "Things are getting more and more interesting."


The earth trembled. A group of black-clothed people ferociously charged out from underground. Each of them was extremely powerful and appeared incredibly formidable. However, just as they arrived aboveground, they encountered a group of soldiers that directly and viciously charged at them.

The leader waved his hand coldly. "Kill!"

Pu! Pu!

The black-clothed group flashed about, and instantly, the entire squadron of soldiers was cleanly killed.

"Hehe. A class? Indeed." That person howled with laughter. " Hahaha, so this is the real strength of the human world? We were indeed tricked by that damnable Chen Feng."

After finishing his words, he pulled his black gown out and revealed his true appearance: a twin-horns member.

"Humans... we have arrived!" the twin-horns elder said loftily. This time, even the weakest in their group was an awakened. Humans? Heh, the strongest human was merely Chen Feng. From the soldiers earlier, they had found some documents of that Genetic Union. If they recalled correctly, that Chen Feng seemed to be one of the higher-ups of this so-called strongest organization? This world was indeed as weak as they had expected. The reason that they of the twin-horns race had arrived was to conquer.

"Do we need to shut the teleportation portal?" someone asked.

The elder sneered. "There is no need. Leave behind 10 awakened ones to guard the door to allow the grand army of the twin-horns race to enter without stop. This world will be dominated by us."


Everyone\'s blood boiled. Had the time finally arrived for the twin-horns race to grow?

The elder waved his hand. "Set off!"


The army set off. Along the way, they encountered a huge number of human soldiers. Although the numbers were high, all of them were A class. The human soldiers could not take more than a single attack from them.

Pu! Pu!

They killed their way through. The group of several hundred twin-horns members had suffered zero casualties thus far.

"The humans are too weak," the elder said in disdain. This was indeed a world where the inhabitants were restricted to below the awakened realm. Even Chen Feng had only been able to enter the awakened realm after entering their world by accident. That was what had led to their misconception about the true strength of this world.

The elder analyzed their future course of actions. "We can first conquer this world while continuing to maintain our minor world. When the time comes to break through, we can go back for that."

As the others heard this, they approved. As far as they were concerned, the human world was just a fertile land gifted to them by the heavens.

"It\'s a pity that this rain is quite annoying." The general looked at the rain, clearly somewhat twitchy about it. The rain was obviously slowing down their speed and reducing their vision.

The elder smiled calmly. "It doesn\'t matter. If this is the hardship we have to endure to conquer this world, I do not mind."


The rest of them chuckled in agreement. True, was there any easier way one could conquer a world?

"Let\'s go."

The army advanced once again, their goal being the conquest of this entire world. Meanwhile, near the teleportation portal, a black shadow flashed past and instantly went through the portal undetected.

He smiled. "Level-one awakened?"


Instantly, his figure vanished. The twin-horns members guarding the portal frowned but could not detect anything.

Earlier, above the core entrance where the twin-horns army appeared, a blonde with spiky hair was floating in the air with Sakata Chuunibyou by his side. Both of them were gazing coldly at the army appearing below.

Shua! Shua!

Sakata Chuunibyou\'s hand pulsed with a faint godly power. It turned out that earlier, with the land below as the foundation, a huge labyrinth had been created. As for the human army down there that the twin-horns race encountered…

"Akihito," Sakata Chuunibyou called out coldly.

"Here, here." Akihito pointed impatiently at the labyrinth. Next, a gust of godly power surged out and formed numerous clones—tens of millions—that were subsequently stationed everywhere within the labyrinth.

"This ability of yours…"

This was not the first time Sakata Chuunibyou had seen this ability, but he was as shaken as ever. Apart from this Akihito, nobody else could reach this level in the art of cloning with godly power. He had easily created ten million clones, and the clones were male and female, young and old. By himself, he could be an army, an entire race, a village, or even a city. Even now, the twin-horns members had yet to realize the predicament they were in.

"When will this be over?" Akihito asked impatiently.

Sakata Chuunibyou shook his head. "I don\'t know. Chen Feng merely ordered us to come here and play around with these idiots. I don\'t know what he intends to do. He only mentioned that we will know when the time comes."

Akihito frowned at this response.

"What, you don\'t have enough godly power to last longer?" Sakata Chuunibyou was somewhat flabbergasted. That should not be the case, right? With their strength as resonators, it shouldn\'t be too exhausting to play around with these idiots.

Akihito inhaled deeply. "No, that\'s not the case… However, to avoid detection, regardless of whether its a village, a town, soldiers, gender, or age, I need to keep creating different clones."


Sakata Chuunibyou was still somewhat doubtful. That should not increase his exhaustion rate, right?

Akihito clenched his teeth. "Furthermore… These bastards of the twin-horns race… insist on raping all the females they come across."

Sakata Chuunibyou\'s eyes went wide. "Holy shit, it can\'t be that…"

Akihito clenched his teeth. "That\'s right. Even at the minimum, I feel 10% of what my clones feel."

Sakata Chuunibyou gasped in shock.

Ten percent… This seemed like a rather low level of realism, but when it was amplified by ten million clones…

"Wow!" Sakata Chuunibyou was suddenly filled with a sense of veneration for Akihito. "I will try to request a reduced number of females. However, there still need to be some. Otherwise, they will start getting suspicious."

"Many thanks." Akihito clenched his fists tightly, his body twitching occasionally.

"Everyone here is so talented," Sakata Chuunibyou lamented. Next, his gaze landed on the idiots below who believed that they were conquering this world, filled with curiosity toward the reason Chen Feng was keeping these idiots contained here…