The Strongest Gene - Chapter 737: Holy Spirit’s Identity

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Chapter 737: Holy Spirit’s Identity

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Let me guess. I recall that the Holy Spirit has a unique undying physique. That is why you always use numerous methods to eat him and then resurrect him. At first, everyone merely watched on, as this was mildly entertaining. But now that I look at it, the only reason you ate the Holy Spirit is the unique energy within his body, right? The Primordial Era was an era where survival is exceedingly hard. I do not believe that a race without a guardian could have survived. Therefore, apart from the duma, your race should have a guardian as well.

"I once believed that it might be some god. But now I suppose that the guardian is the holy spirit? During the Primordial Era, he was the one who guarded you all. He wouldn\'t get involved in normal battles, only in battles involving gods. This lasted until the fall of the Primordial Era. At that time, all the godly powers were sealed away, and the holy spirit lost his power as well. As such, the present little turtle, the little guy you eat every single day…" Chen Feng took in a deep breath before concluding, "He is a god, or to be more precise, he is a slumbering god."


Everyone\'s heart jolted. Holy shit. A god? That foolish-looking turtle? That little guy that lazed about and did nothing apart from eating and waiting for death was actually a god? The deputy president was stupefied. Xu Fei was stupefied. Only Duma had a different expression, an unsightly expression on his face.

Chen Feng continued on calmly. "You eat him every single day not because you enjoy eating those from your species. Rather, you are trying to absorb the godly power hidden within the holy spirit. This time, you are here for Xu Fei, as you sensed a unique power belonging to a god within his body."

Xu Fei\'s eyes went wide. "Huh?"

"The power you failed to obtain after eating the holy spirit for so many years, at an unknown time, partially fused with Xu Fei. That is why he obtained the fleshly body he currently has, a body that allows him to ignore all energy," Chen Feng concluded. As for Duma, he sank into silence.

"Holy shit." Xu Fei was so agitated that he started trembling. So it turns out that I actually fused with the power of a turtle god? Holy shit, that is crazy amazing! No wonder Jasmine from Saloon City told me that I am getting more and more "powerful." This "battle prowess" is worthy of a god, after all, and the turtle god turns out to be super nutritious as well.

"As such, you intend to study Xu Fei," Chen Feng said. "You want to see clearly how Xu Fei managed to fuse with that power. Then, you\'ll try to use the same method to fully absorb the power of the holy spirit for yourself."

Hold on. Shortly afterward, Xu Fei had a bad premonition as he looked at Duma with murderous eyes. "You were not thinking of eating me as well, right?"

As a response, Duma rolled his eyes.

"I don\'t eat humans," he grumbled. The previously solemn atmosphere had been totally transformed by Xu Fei\'s rather amusing reaction.

"Just as Chen Feng said, I only wanted to study you a bit." Duma sighed. "I indeed considered killing Xu Fei if I failed to obtain any clues from him. But after consideration… I can\'t bear to do it." Duma smiled bitterly. For Xu Fei to be able to absorb the godly power of the turtle spirit, he was, in a way, the only successor of the turtle spirit. Therefore, Duma ultimately found this solution unbearable. After all, he was not a merciless turtle.

Xu Fei\'s eyes went wide. Holy shit, so this old man had truly considered that!

Duma sneered. "Is it not normal to have such thought cross your mind? To be fair, when you were young, didn\'t you fantasize about a lot of girls as well? Did the police arrested you for that?"

Xu Fei coughed awkwardly.

Chen Feng: "…"

"I am curious." Duma rubbed his head. "Why would the turtle spirit select you? After the descent of the primordial, the turtle spirit transformed into his present state and completely forgot about his true identity. As such, it couldn\'t have consciously chosen you. Therefore… this should be something that was destined to happen. But why?"

Duma was filled with doubt. Why would a regular human like Xu Fei be related to a turtle by destiny?

"Perhaps because I am normally a rather shameless person?" Xu Fei said after some serious contemplation. He could clearly remember how a lot of girls always call him a cuckolded bastard. [1] 1

Duma sneered. "Hehe. Would you believe me if I said I will kill you right here?"

Chen Feng rolled his eyes at Xu Fei\'s conclusion.

After briefly contemplating the matter, Chen Feng said, "Since that\'s the case, take him with you. Study him thoroughly. If you can figure out the source of the godly power, feel free to absorb it. If all else fails, just let this guy inherit the turtle spirit."

Duma sighed. "You trust me so much?"

Chen Feng shrugged. "We have experienced so much together. If I can\'t even trust you, who can I trust?"

Duma expressed his gratitude. "Many thanks."

Xu Fei was stupefied as he listened. "Hey? Have you guys not considered asking me, the person involved?"

Chen Feng waved his hand. "Bye."


Duma dragged Xu Fei along and vanished. In the air, Xu Fei\'s bloodcurdling scream lingered. "Chen Feng, you can\'t do this to me. Arrrghhh… I don\'t want to be a turtle!!!!"

This guy… Chen Feng rubbed his head. Sure enough, with the descent of the primordial, everyone had their own destiny. Ultimately, this was no longer the same world.

"Drag the lizard corpse in," Chen Feng commanded. "Even if the bloodline power has been extracted by Duma, the other remains of the lizard are still worth researching. With the descent of the primordial, we humans cannot fall behind."


A group of people went out and carried the corpse in.

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. "Finally, this incident has ended." This could be considered a perfect ending to the dragon incident. Humanity was still too weak and was still incapable of contending against such primordial life-forms. However, this time, they\'d had Long Yue here to serve as their cannon fodder. What about the next time something similar happened?

Since the primordial dragon had appeared, it wouldn\'t take long for other primordial life-forms to appear as well. In this land that had enjoyed relative peace for so long, numerous bizarre life-forms would start appearing. Naturally, a huge portion of them would appear in the unknown regions, which had few humans. In this new era, what should humanity do? Chen Feng was extremely worried.



After rumbling thunder, the sky suddenly darkened. Chen Feng frowned and gazed at the sky. This did not seem like something caused by the natural weather. Just as he was filled with curiosity, raindrops started pattering down from the sky.

"It is raining."

Chen Feng stretched his hand out, feeling the drizzle on his hand. Suddenly, his heart trembled. From this ordinary-looking rain, he sensed something familiar: godly power. Yet another god had awakened.

"Which god is it this time?" Chen Feng looked at the sky. Rain God? Water God?

"No idea." Spirit\'s wide eyes gleamed as she looked around. She was evidently clueless as well. As for the Misfortune Goddess, most of the time, she ignored Chen Feng. For instance, the problem with Chen Feng and communicators had yet to be solved. He wanted to use one, but the only way he could make it work was to constantly use luck power to counteract misfortune power. After giving it some thought, he had given up on this and decided to continue using the screaming ability he had obtained from the ancients.

Spirit gave it some thought and solemnly said, "Regardless of which god this is, with the fall of this rain containing godly power, I\'m afraid the other slumbering gods will be triggered as well. If nothing unexpected happens, after the end of this rain, those gods will come out as well."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Finally… this moment has arrived?" Everything he had done thus far had been in order to gain more time for humanity. Alas, the heavens did not seem to be willing to grant his wish. With a single rainstorm… all his plans had been for naught.

"Why not use misfortune power to try to slow it down?" Chen Feng considered.


The Misfortune Goddess couldn\'t even be bothered to answer him. With mere misfortune power, he wanted to suppress all the gods? Was he an idiot? Since this could not work, Chen Feng was completely at a loss. He was extremely anxious, and right at this instant, an odd piece of news was received from the Genetic Union\'s Scout Department. At the planet\'s core, some life-forms had been detected yet again.


Chen Feng became ashen faced. Those idiots had come again? Hold on…

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. "Erm… May I ask… Among you gods, which is the most amazing? The Creation God? The Destruction God? The Death God? Pangu? Hong Jun? Can you name one that is incredibly powerful yet is dead for real and can no longer be resurrected?"