The Strongest Gene - Chapter 734: Surprises Are Always So Pleasant

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Chapter 734: Surprises Are Always So Pleasant

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Above a certain summit, an old man was gazing at the sky. After a long time, a sigh resounded.

A youngster around 13 or 14 years old walked out. "Old man, it is time for you to take a rest."

"I\'m afraid a calamity is arriving," the old man muttered.

The youngster curled his lips. "Is it not here already?" With the descent of the primordial, this world was no longer as it had been. They had been staying here for so many years and had personally witnessed this event, a calamity-like event.

The old man shook his head, a trace of fear apparent in his eyes. "No, it is different. Even the descent of the primordial only brought the present era into a dark age. This time, what I felt was... true ruination!"

Is that so? The youth\'s expression became solemn as he heard this. He knew that this old man would not lie. He was also aware that this old man never feared anything. However, this time, he was able to see fear in this old man, and for the very first time, he heard this old man use that term: ruination. What exactly was coming?

Suddenly, the youngster laughed. "Things are getting more and more interesting, no?"

At the same time, on a certain planet far away, numerous squads had been assembled. Each of them was radiating an intense killing intent. The target of this group of people was the human world.

"We must kill the humans!"

"Yes, we must kill them!"

A certain old man with a pair of horns on his head was rousing the crowd. "Think back to that day. A lot of us were having a jolly good time at home when, suddenly, a comet appeared, almost blasting us to oblivion. If Lord God had not appeared, all of us would be dead now. From this, the ruthlessness of the humans is apparent. Therefore, we can only truly enjoy life after humanity is fully gone. We must eliminate humanity!"

The twin-horns members that heard this all surged with emotion. However, a certain individual instead frowned, as he kept getting a familiar feeling from the lines the old man was saying. Mhm... This old man was probably pirating the lines of others yet again.

"In short, this time, our goal is the human world," the old man declared.


Everyone was surging with emotion. In truth, there was no need for such a declaration. That comet alone had already been sufficient to plant fear toward humanity in the hearts of the twin-horns race.

And subsequently, after figuring out the real strength of the human world from Chen Feng\'s leftover stuff, everyone had become excited. Humans, hehe… No different than lambs waiting for slaughter.

"Earlier, I tried divining the actual strength of humanity. If the humans were truly that strong, I would not have been able to obtain any results from my divination. Yet this time, through the gift bequeathed by Lord God, I saw the future of humanity, I saw them on the edge of destruction… Hehe, in the not-so-distant future, the humans will face a calamity capable of destroying their entire race. What could be the reason for that?" The old man started cackling wildly.

"Because of us! Because of the twin-horns race!" everyone howled.

"That\'s right! Let us lead the humans to their destruction! Let us transmit the will of our lord to every corner of that world. Let those damnable humans tremble in despair!" The old man howled with laughter.


"Preparations completed."

"Coordinates orientation?"


"Splendid." The high-spirited old man pointed at the teleportation portal that had appeared midair. "Well then, let us sally forth!"


The numerous twin-horns members entered the portal.

Human world, here we come!

In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was observing the battle on the East Coast. That primordial dragon was indeed powerful. With utmost ease, it was able to destroy numerous skyscrapers and buildings. As for Long Yue, he could do nothing but receive the beating. His entire body was drenched in blood, constantly hovering at the edge of death.

Chen Feng frowned. "He can\'t last any longer?"

The deputy president sighed. "This is the issue."

"Oh?" Chen Feng was doubtful.

The deputy president shrugged. "Long Yue has persisted in this manner for over three hours."

Chen Feng: "…"

Three hours? This guy sure was capable of taking a beating. However, after studying Long Yue\'s condition and making a rough assessment with his godly power of luck, Chen Feng concluded that this guy had truly reached his limit.

"Are those energy cannons still there on the East Coast?" Chen Feng asked.

The deputy president immediately replied, "Yes."

Chen Feng nodded. "Very good. Produce a super-huge gene reagent and shoot it into Long Yue\'s body."

"Oh…" The deputy president smiled bitterly. "Will we not suffer an attack if we do that?"

The only reason they had been able to peacefully watch this battle was because they had not interfered with it and had allowed those two to fight as they wished. The moment they interfered…

Chen Feng shook his head. "Don\'t worry. That dragon is an intelligent life-form, after all. It isn\'t that stupid. If we only attack Long Yue, the dragon will not attack us."

"Fine." The deputy president did as he had been told. Chen Feng got the people of the Gene Production Association and the Research Agency to work together and produce a super-huge penetrating bullet containing a huge amount of healing gene reagents.

"To ensure that the dragon won\'t find out what we are doing, we will not heal any of the lizard\'s external wounds. We only need to ensure the lizard\'s vitality remains at peak level. That will be sufficient," Chen Feng ordered. In truth, even though this sounded like a rather complicated gene reagent, it was in fact nothing but a stimulant. A stimulant produced with the technology of the Genetic Era would probably be able to ensure this lizard remain standing for a very long time. Naturally, to avoid the dragon\'s detection, Chen Feng had thought of an even better method.

On the East Coast, just as the battle was progressing, a loud sound suddenly resounded, attracting the attention of the dragon and lizard. In the next instant, an immense beam of light pierced through the lizard.

A miserable shriek resounded. "Ah—" Long Yue screamed miserably as the beam pierced through him, but shortly after, he found something odd. Whatever it was that had been shot at him had fused with his body and was healing him rapidly.

Long Yue was astonished. Those fellows were helping him? However, he was, after all, still a human. He was able to understand their intention here. Despite his seething hatred toward a certain individual, he had to accept this assistance. As for Chen Feng… Long Yue would think about it after this battle.


After recovering, Long Yue charged forth once again.

The primordial dragon could feel a change in Long Yue. With doubt, the dragon looked over at the cannon. One should never look down on the intelligence of a primordial dragon. In a way, their intelligence was no lower than a human\'s.

Just as he was staring at the cannon, causing everyone to be nervous, numerous war drones rose suddenly, targeting Long Yue.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A terrifying wave of attacks descended. Each of the attacks appeared incredibly powerful, leaving numerous scorched spots on Long Yue\'s body when they landed, giving him a rather desperate appearance.

The deputy president stared ahead. "It has started." They had attacked with energy weapons, and this was already the strongest attack they could pull off with their weaponry. In order to eliminate the dragon\'s doubt, they had no choice but to let Long Yue receive these attacks. Naturally, thanks to the gene reagent they had shot at Long Yue earlier, he was now resistant to energy attacks. However…

"I wonder if Long Yue will be willing to cooperate with us." The deputy president was extremely anxious.

"He will," Chen Feng said coldly. "If he wants to survive, he has no choice but to cooperate with us."

Just as he finished his words, a mournful scream resounded.


Long Yue started screaming miserably. With this, the attention of the primordial dragon was shifted from his doubt toward the humans.

"Success!" Everyone was overjoyed.

The deputy president appeared rather gratified. "Long Yue is indeed cooperating."

Chen Feng was somewhat doubtful. "This scream is too real, right?" Could it be that this fellow was actually an extremely talented actor whose talent had remained undiscovered due to this era? His acting ability was truly incredible. Next, Chen Feng glanced over at the screen. Instantly, his heart chilled at what he saw. Those bastards. He had indeed told them to attack as they wished. However, was there a need to aim straight at the lizard\'s chrysanthemum?

A berserk howl thundered. "Howl!" Long Yue glared at the local Genetic Union branch with fury, his killing intent spilling out.


Chen Feng gazed at the bleeding chrysanthemum. The plan had just started, yet they had already encountered a small mishap…