The Strongest Gene - Chapter 732: East-Coast Incident

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Chapter 732: East-Coast Incident

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"You are truly…" By this point, Spirit was already thoroughly speechless. It seemed like she had still underestimated this little master of hers.

Good gracious, what exactly goes on within that head of his? Look at all these messy thoughts of his! How I longed… No, how embarrassing!

"Therefore, I suggest you delete all those," Chen Feng said with a sigh.

"Fine." Spirit rolled her eyes and deleted all the data. As for what she had already seen, she could do nothing about it, since they were already part of her memory now.

"Good." Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. "As for you and the Misfortune Goddess…"

"Hold on!" Spirit was halfway through the deletion when she recalled something. "You wouldn\'t have… with the Misfortune Goddess as well…"

Chen Feng: "…"

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"

"Erm." With a sigh, Chen Feng said, "I am not a stallion. Besides, I do not even know what she looks like."

"Oh." Spirit hesitantly accepted this explanation.

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"

It was at this point that she vowed to never show Chen Feng her true appearance. The fantasies a human was capable of having were way too terrifying. It was said that not even gods could escape the wild fantasies of humanity.

"Let us first leave this place," Chen Feng said.

"All right."

Instantly, Chen Feng vanished where he stood. This place had just experienced a huge battle. Despite the leftover traces of godly aura lingering here, this place would most certainly become one of the favorite locations for adventurers in the near future, especially for those that had not yet awakened. The leftover traces from the battle here and the imprints and carvings left behind from the battle could very well be a source of inspiration for those people, enabling them to grow stronger.


Chen Feng\'s body flickered as he moved speedily. After reaching a safe place, he started reviewing his present condition, placing emphasis on the two goddesses he now had by his side. At present, only three deities had awakened, and he had a monopoly on two of them.

Although Spirit had returned, due to the destruction of her physical body, Spirit had ultimately returned to Chen Feng\'s body, staying within the illusory world within him. As for the Misfortune Goddess, she was still staying within that pen, staying by Chen Feng\'s side.


With a light wave, godly power rippled out. That was the godly power of luck.

Upon Spirit\'s return, she had given full authority to Chen Feng over the power of the Luck Goddess. In a sense, Spirit was the new Luck Goddess, even if she was now incredibly weak, similar to the Misfortune Goddess. However, she had given Chen Feng the highest authority over her power, allowing him access to the highest level of the godly power of luck. This was a completely different power than luck value. It was much stronger and much more wondrous.


He waved his hand once again. This time, the godly power of misfortune rippled out.

"I can now use both luck and misfortune."

He was overjoyed. What were the limitations of the godly power of luck? Conversion to misfortune! To do this, the exhaustion rate would triple or even go up to ten times the original amount required. It almost wasn\'t worth it. Despite such a great exhaustion rate, the might wasn\'t necessarily excellent. There were certain unique circumstances that were even fundamentally unachievable by way of luck conversion, as proven by the Luck Goddess\'s defeat when she had been using the misfortune power she had obtained through conversion.

If her misfortune power had been stronger or she had been able to reduce her exhaustion rate… perhaps she would have been the final survivor of that encounter. As for the godly power of misfortune, the same applied when it was converted into luck. These were two completely overlapping yet different powers. As such, achieving the opposite effect would only work occasionally.

Yet now…

Chen Feng spread both his hands out. Next, a faint godly power started seething from both his hands. He had now obtained a power that nobody else, not even the gods, could obtain. In his left hand was luck, while in his right hand was misfortune. Mhm… He pondered it for a while before exchanging the positions, emanating misfortune from his left hand and luck from his right hand.

"Chen Feng!" Spirit\'s crisp voice sounded as she warned him, "Do not think of doing strange things with your right hand."

Chen Feng: "…"

What the hell? He rolled his eyes.

He felt like the huge amount of data he had overloaded Spirit with had polluted her mind. Every single time she looked at him now, there was an odd gleam in her eyes… This had to be karma. Chen Feng shrugged helplessly. Right at this moment, he suddenly heard a roar.

"Chen Feng! Chen, Chen, Chen, Chen, Chen, Chen… Feng… Feng!"

An intermittent roar could be heard.


Chen Feng slapped his head as he recalled that this was the manual long distance communicator of the ancients, one that relied on the user howling.

"Yes, I\'m here," he replied.

"Ao—Genetic Union… distress… We… East Coast… discovered huge dragon… chasing after a lizard… All buildings destroyed… Please take care of this."

"Enemy\'s strength is unknown. The 10 awakened ones we sent were all eliminated… The residents there displaced… Please deal with it as soon as possible…"

The message came intermittently. From the looks of it, this seemed to be a message sent by the deputy president. However, after listening to it, Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Huge dragon? Lizard? It couldn\'t be those two, right?

Chen Feng sighed. He had initially believed that after killing the lizard, the dragon would go back to rest. Surprisingly, that lizard was actually so tenacious, able to keep fleeing all the way to the East Coast. Holy shit, they had crossed half the planet! How amazing!

His initial plan had not involved this dragon and this damnable lizard. As such, despite his mission being a success, two outside variables had come into existence. As such…

His head ached. "How should I deal with them?"

"Why not try contacting Duma?" Spirit proposed. "He specializes in dealing with such matters, right?"

In her mind, Duma was like an undertaker… No no, he was like a caretaker, handling all sorts of affairs, with emphasis on anything related to the Primordial Era.

"Let me try."

Chen Feng tried contacting Duma.

Duma\'s voice was as calm as ever, giving off a sense of reliability. "Yes?"

"I discovered something from the Primordial Era and am hoping that you can deal with it," Chen Feng said.

"Sure thing," Duma replied steadily. After all, he specialized in dealing with anything primordial. Since the descent of the primordial, he had in fact handled quite a number of things. "Time, venue, and species?" he asked briefly.

"The time is today, the venue is East Coast, as for the species…" Chen Feng paused before continuing, "Primordial dragon."


Suddenly, no sound could be heard from the other side. After a long time, a grudge-filled voice sounded, "Primordial dragon? Excuse me, are you referring to the primordial dragons that, during the Primordial Era, were able to easily kill resonators and were no weaker than even some gods?"

"I... guess so?" Chen Feng replied cautiously.

"…Bye." Duma ended the call with no hesitation. What kind of joke was that? A primordial dragon? Up till now, all he had handled were those who had recently awakened. The strongest of them had been a mere level-one resonator. And now he was required to deal with a primordial dragon? A god slayer?

Chen Feng howled until his throat was sore. "Old Du? Old Du? Old turtle? Old bastard turtle?" Alas, no reply whatsoever came.