The Strongest Gene - Chapter 728: Betrayal

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Chapter 728: Betrayal

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"What are you thinking of doing?" the Luck Goddess asked, her eyes wide.

Chen Feng pondered shortly and said, "I am considering an extremely serious question. You can seal your emotions. You can also erase your memories. But if you have a child, I reckon you won\'t kill your own child, right? Mhm…"

The Luck Goddess trembled. Zhou Ye and the rest were so shocked that they shivered upon hearing this. Holy shit! What was this guy thinking of doing?

Zhou Ye trembled. "Do not act recklessly." At this point, he was already regretting his decision to follow Chen Feng here. Shortly after inserting the pen into the Forest Goddess… her core… Chen Feng was now planning to do a proper "insertion," one with the Luck Goddess? Everyone felt their lips go dry. They were all from the Primordial Era. They were all aware of how terrifying that era had been. Each of them had a clear idea of how powerful gods were. As such, when it came to gods, even if the god was an enemy, they would still feel an innate fear.

Yet this Chen Feng… did not seem to know fear.

Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. "You will create a huge mess if you insist." Just imagine the scene where, during the Primordial Era, if the almighty and noble gods found that one of them was raped in such an insulting manner… What would the other gods think about this? Even gods hostile to the Luck Goddess would not let the offender off! This was not simply an act of offending the Luck Goddess alone. Rather, this was an act of provoking all the gods in existence. Zhou Yue advised Chen Feng earnestly.

Chen Feng felt regretful. "I truly can\'t do it?"

"No, you can\'t." Zhou Ye tried his very best to stop Chen Feng. He was truly worried that Chen Feng would go and "do" the Luck Goddess due to his lack of consideration. Holy shit, he had heard before that the single guys of this era were very scary. However, he had never expected that the scariness of these single guys could reach this level, that they dared even think of doing it with a god.

Chen Feng nodded regretfully. "Fine." He had no choice but to agree to this, since even the Misfortune Goddess within him was frantically trying to stop him from creating a huge mess.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "What cowards." Why would they have so much consideration for an enemy?

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"

At this point, even the Misfortune Goddess regretted her choice in selecting Chen Feng. She kept feeling that this fellow\'s brain was filled with troublesome ideas, as he would always thought of numerous despicable schemes. Was he not worried that, one of these days, his own schemes would be the cause of his death? Finally, after being persuaded from many sides, Chen Feng gave up on this idea he had deemed perfect.

"Do not worry. I was merely joking," Chen Feng said with a wide smile.


The others all laughed dryly, not buying what he said.

"What else can we do, then?" Chen Feng asked as he looked over at the Luck Goddess.


At this point, the Luck Goddess was getting panicky. She was a god, one who dared to face anyone, even other gods. Her dignity as a god would not allow her to submit to anyone. Even in death, she would still remain the noble Luck Goddess! Therefore, even after being captured, she had no fear whatsoever. However, this Chen Feng here was the sole exception…

She was truly anxious, as she had noticed that as far as this Chen Feng was concerned, she was no god. Rather, she was a sweet lamb waiting for slaughter. For him to even think of making babies with her, she wondered what other bad ideas he would come up with.

Suddenly, she recalled something. It was no wonder that Chen Feng came up with such ideas. He was from a different world. His mindset had been forged from his lives in two worlds. Even back then, when they had still been together, Chen Feng had already been filled with such despicable ideas. However, at that time, Chen Feng had still been trying to stay on the side of justice and had kept his despicable schemes somewhat in check.

Yet now… When she took away all his strength, Chen Feng seemed to have joined the dark side?

"Chen Feng! I admit that it was my bad. Before leaving, I shouldn\'t have drawn out all your strength. Look, you guys can\'t kill me anyway. Why don\'t we forget about it? You guys let me go, and I promise to never seek revenge for this. I can even sign a contract of gods. I will give you guys a perfect ending for this incident. The Forest Goddess and the other gods… I will not try to awaken them anymore. What do you think? Yes, Zhou Ye and you guys… I know I owe you guys a lot. The things that happened back then, I will compensate you guys for after I regain my godly power. Ample compensation will be given, ensuring you guys or even your descendants can stay ahead of everyone else. How about this? After all, even if you guys kill me now, it will be pointless," the Luck Goddess said.

They exchanged glances, somewhat tempted. True, why had they stayed hostile with the Luck Goddess for so many years? Hatred? Against a goddess that would not die, what could they do about their hatred? As for those who had merely inherited their hatred from a previous generation, time had erased the hatred, leaving behind nothing but a habit, a habit of staying hostile to the Luck Goddess.

And now, the Luck Goddess being willing to apologize and even compensate them was sufficient for them to settle for peace.

"I am willing to sign a contract of gods." The Luck Goddess had fully admitted defeat. Perhaps in the future, she would still remain a noble and almighty god. However, the moment she signed the contract, she would no longer be able to do anything toward these people here. Rather, she would be forced to protect them instead.

"I want everyone… and their descendants… to live good lives without encountering any hiccups," Zhou Ye said solemnly.

"Done," Luck Goddess agreed without hesitation. For others, this would be a difficult request. However, for the Luck Goddess, this was simple.

Zhou Ye shut his eyes. "Good." He knew that this was the only way that they could end this incident. He was still feeling indignant, but everyone here had people they cared about. He was the only one here without any relatives or people to care for. As such, what was the point in staying stubborn? In any case, these were the people who had survived through the Primordial Era with him… It was about time he stopped dragging them down.

Perhaps the time had come for him to let go of the grudge involving his father. Zhou Ye reached a decision.

"Then… let us sign the contract," he said.

The Luck Goddess was overjoyed. "Good." She found this contract insulting. However, so long as she signed it, she would be free of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was feeling deep regret. "In truth, we can ask for more." He felt like, at this moment, that little flame within him representing his villainous side was blazing like a sun.

Zhou Ye shook his head. "This much is enough." As long as she satisfied these requests, he would forget about everything.

"Fine." Chen Feng smiled. "Misfortune Goddess, it is about time for you to do what you promised me," Chen Feng said inwardly.

Misfortune Goddess was somewhat anxious. "Is this… fine?"

"What about it isn\'t fine? Hehe. That child sacrificed way too much for me. This is what I owe her," Chen Feng said calmly.

"Fine," the Misfortune Goddess agreed, feeling somewhat helpless.

She had felt like her partnership with Chen Feng was a road of no return. She couldn\'t help but wonder if this choice of hers was correct… At this time, the Luck Goddess and the rest were preparing to sign the contract.


The contract of gods started glowing. Just as they were about to sign it, the fruit of the Forest Goddess started glowing. A terrifying power rippled out, causing the entire forest to tremble.

Everyone\'s expression sank. "This…" The Forest Goddess was going to wake up soon! What was going on? Everyone was dumbstruck. Zhou Ye looked over at the Luck Goddess with an unsightly expression. To his surprise, he saw a bewildered expression on the Luck Goddess\'s face. She was clearly as confused as he was.

The Luck Goddess was shocked. "This is not possible. Without the assistance of the godly power of luck, it is impossible for her to awaken."

"Luck…" Suddenly, Zhou Ye realized something. "Chen Feng!!!"

They turned around to look at Chen Feng and found that, as of an unknown time, Chen Feng had disappeared. They had merely agreed to sign a contract, yet Chen Feng was already gone. As for the pen that had been inserted into the fruit earlier… it had vanished as well.