The Strongest Gene - Chapter 727: I Heard That You Gods Can Also… Do That…

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Chapter 727: I Heard That You Gods Can Also… Do That…

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Everyone was dumbfounded.

"What are you doing?"

This was Zhou Ye\'s first reaction. Had this guy gone crazy? What was the point of poking the Forest Goddess? However, he soon reacted to what truly mattered. Why in the world was Chen Feng even able to insert into that pen? This was the core of a god, which could also be known as a divine tool. Zhou Ye glanced over and confirmed that Chen Feng had truly inserted the pen into the fruit. How was this possible?

Zhou Ye was thoroughly dumbstruck. As for the others around him, they were similarly stupefied. Evidently, none of them had recovered from the shock. As for the Luck Goddess, she wasn\'t any better off than the others. One ought to know that even the Luck Goddess herself was incapable of dealing any sort of damage to the Forest Goddess\'s core.

Even for her, she had to use her godly power of luck to influence the fruit into naturally generating a small hole by itself so that she could absorb the Forest Goddess\'s godly power. The core of a god was, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. Yet this Chen Feng had forcefully inserted something into one such core! She glanced over and noted that the hole she had created was extremely tiny, whereas the pen Chen Feng was holding was comparatively larger than the hole. Just like that, this pen had been forcefully inserted into the fruit.

This scene… Zhou Ye and the rest trembled when they saw it. Suddenly, they felt like coming here with Chen Feng was no different than courting death. Indeed, they had been hostile to the Luck Goddess since the Primordial Era. However, they had still maintained respect toward the other gods. But now… it seemed like Chen Feng had done irreversible damage. One did not need to be a genius to figure out that once the Forest Goddess awakened, none of them would be let off.

Everyone\'s heart chilled. "Chen Feng, screw you!"

Luck Goddess was almost infuriated into insanity. "You… what are you doing?"

Chen Feng curled his lips. "Sealing your source of godly power."

"No, this is blasphemy toward a god!" The Luck Goddess was so furious that she started shuddering. She had never seen a person dare to insult a god in such a manner. This Chen Feng fellow clearly lacked even the smallest amount of respect toward gods. What was she supposed to tell the Forest Goddess in the future? Although the Forest Goddess had yet to awaken, her consciousness was definitely there. When she finally woke up…

The Luck Goddess was collapsing emotionally as she imagined the consequences. At this moment...


Light swirled around. The link of godly power between the Forest Goddess and the Luck Goddess was finally severed. Chen Feng had indeed sealed the godly power of the Forest Goddess with a single pen.

Chen Feng appeared pleased. "See, it works."

With the link severed, the Luck Goddess would not have much godly power to spare. So long as they defeated her, they would be able to smoothly retreat afterward.

Zhou Ye and the rest merely laughed dryly. "Hehehehe." Indeed, with this, they would be able to deal with this Luck Goddess. Alas, in the future, another god, the Forest Goddess, would be hostile toward them. It was all because of this damned Chen Feng!

"What\'s the point of thinking about it so much?" Chen Feng glared at them, then pointed at the Luck Goddess. "Grab her."


Everyone shot forth.

"You dare?" The Luck Goddess was furious. Unfortunately, at present, she didn\'t have much Godly Power. She was only able to resist for a short period of time before being seized. Finally, they had achieved their goal in coming here.

Zhou Ye was emotional. "Finally, the time has come to settle my grudge…"

Chen Feng flashed a wide smile as he looked at them. "How does it feel? The only existing god at present has been captured by you guys. Hehe, don\'t you guys feel like you are the elites of this era?"

As the rest heard this, they were in high spirits. Indeed, that was true. After all, they had captured a god alive!

Zhou Ye was still able to maintain his calm. "So how should we deal with her?"

Everyone looked at the Luck Goddess. "Kill?"

The Luck Goddess sneered, and her icy cold voice resounded, "Hehe. I am a god, undying and inextinguishable. Even if I fall to slumber here yet again, when I wake up in the future, I will be able to regain what I have lost. Do not think that since it will be many years in the future, it will have nothing to do with you guys. I know a lot of gods, and they have numerous powerful abilities capable of dragging you guys back… At that time… I shall have my sweet revenge!"

As the rest heard this, their hearts chilled. Shit. Even Zhou Ye felt his scalp tingling. They had hated this Luck Goddess for way too long. Perhaps each of them had, in fact, been of the opinion that this mission would not succeed and thus had not thought of a method to deal with her should they succeed. Even when talking about it in passing, they had simply said that they would kill her. But now… how should they kill her? How could they?

Everyone looked at Chen Feng. After all, this operation was led by him. "What do you plan to do?"

Chen Feng did not hesitate. "I want her to die."

Zhou Ye: "…" Holy shit, hatred born from love is indeed scary.

For people like them, their grudge had persisted for so long time itself had diluted their feelings toward it. Rather, it was this Chen Feng here who wanted to kill the Luck Goddess due to the stupid melodramatic relationship between him and her. However… this was a god he was thinking of killing here. The gods had all died during the Primordial Era, yet here they were, alive again.

The only exception was… Everyone looked over at Zhou Ye as their thoughts came to this point. Zhou Ye\'s father was also a god, yet he had been killed for real, not leaving any trace of his existence behind.

"It is very troublesome to accomplish," Zhou Ye said with a bitter smile. "To truly erase a god, even a single god, requires the joint effort of a huge number of gods. This feat is simply impossible for a regular person."

Everyone sank into silence. They looked at the tied-up Luck Goddess and blanked. In short, even after capturing her, they were still helpless against her?

Zhou Ye looked at Chen Feng. "You two are rather familiar with each other, right?"

Chen Feng had a melancholic look on him. "Yeah. However, she sealed off her emotions from that period, keeping only the memories. As such, she no longer cares about me now."

Zhou Ye: "…"

Fine, gods are indeed capable of anything.

And thus, here at the edge of the forest, Chen Feng and the other resonators stared at the Luck Goddess, anxiety plastered all over their faces. By the side was a fruit with a pen inserted into it. Mhm… What a beautiful scene.

"Do you have any ideas?" Chen Feng asked the Misfortune Goddess. Alas, even the Misfortune Goddess could not think of anything. The act of erasing a god required extremely unique methods, and excessively harsh conditions would have to be fulfilled as well. With just Chen Feng and these resonators here, it was impossible.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "Is it really so hard?"

Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. "Of course. I am not too clear on how to erase a god. However, I happen to know of a certain requirement. To erase a god, first you must kill all of the god\'s believers."

Chen Feng was utterly dumbstruck. All the believers? What kind of joke was that? This was the Luck Goddess! Even in his previous godless world, a bunch of people had still believed in luck and would try anything to get better luck, let alone this world, this era, where gods existed for real.

Chen Feng was sure that in this world, there was definitely a huge number of people silently praying for good luck. Mhm… At the very least, this applied to those producers at the Gene Production Association, since luck played a huge role in gene production. Hence, if one wanted to erase the Luck Goddess, one would have to first kill half of all existing life-forms?

Zhou Ye shrugged. "That is truly one of the requirements for erasing a god. To truly erase a god, the most basic requirement is to cause the god to have no believers. Naturally, we do not even need to kill the god. We only need to ensure the god will have no believers, even for a single instant. That would be sufficient."

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "How is that even possible, though?" If it was any other god, fine. But this was the Luck Goddess…

Zhou Ye smiled bitterly. "This is why she was able to become one of the strongest gods in existence back then. Because she is undying."

"Is it truly so hard to kill a god?" Chen Feng muttered as he regarded the Luck Goddess in front of him. Maid training would most probably not work, since he had already attempted it with Spirit in the past. How about other methods?

The Luck Goddess wore a look of disdain and sneered as she regarded this group of pathetic people. "Hehe." How could slaying a god be so easy? This was especially true when the ones attempting were simply a group of resonators that had yet to even fully recover their own strength in the first place. This mission of theirs was nothing but a joke. However, when she saw Chen Feng\'s gaze, the gaze of someone harboring evil designs, her heart thumped.

Suddenly, Chen Feng spoke. "Zhou Ye. You are the descendant of a god, right?"

Zhou Ye nodded. "Mhm."

Chen Feng had a faint smile as he asked, "In short, gods can make babies as well?"

The Luck Goddess\'s eyes went wide. What was this guy trying to do?