The Strongest Gene - Chapter 726: New Trick

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Chapter 726: New Trick

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"This won\'t do…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The godly power of luck was way too powerful. If this was allowed to continue, only death would await them. As his thoughts reached this point, his gaze swirled around, skipping past the Luck Goddess and landing on the forest behind her. There, a faint radiance was glowing, seemingly calling upon something. Was that the godly power of the Forest Goddess? Chen Feng thought of something.

"Give me some time," Chen Feng whispered to Zhou Ye.

Zhou Ye clenched his teeth. "Understood."


With a flash, Chen Feng dashed into the forest.

"Get your ass out here!" the Luck Goddess shouted as godly power surged out of her hands. She was aware that Chen Feng wasn\'t too strong. However, due to their unique relationship, as far as she was concerned, Chen Feng\'s presence was akin to a bright lamp. He thought he could enter the forest without being noticed by her? How was that possible?


Godly power poured out. With a wave, the Luck Goddess hurled her godly power at Chen Feng.


A loud boom resounded. When the dust cleared, it could be seen that Zhou Ye had blocked the attack on behalf of Chen Feng.


He started coughing blood, but he did not seem to care as he curled his lips. "Even if you are the Luck Goddess, aren\'t you being somewhat egotistical by trying to attack Chen Feng while fighting all of us at the same time?"


The Luck Goddess glanced over and noted that Chen Feng had smoothly entered the forest. She knew that Chen Feng wasn\'t particularly strong, but she held an innate vigilance toward everything pertaining to him. As such, she was immediately on guard as she vowed to not allow Chen Feng to act recklessly within the forest.


Once again, the godly power of luck surged out. If she could not kill Chen Feng with a direct attack, she might as well use her foundational ability: luck.


A faint radiance flashed out. Next, multiple powerful and terrifying radiances appeared from the void and directly landed on Chen Feng\'s body.


A bright explosion followed. Immediately after, Chen Feng discovered in stupefaction that he had suddenly gained a huge amount of misfortune points.


He had used up quite an amount of misfortune points earlier and had still been worrying about his lack of misfortune points. Surprisingly, this Luck Goddess was so kind to hand over a huge amount of misfortune points to him just like that. Evidently, the Luck Goddess had once again converted luck into misfortune to deal with Chen Feng.

"Worthy of being my beloved Spirit indeed," Chen Feng muttered. His gaze swirled around as he continued searching the forest. Following the trails of the godly power of luck, he finally found the source of her godly power. Somewhere within the forest was a glowing fruit.

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. So it was you!

Bang! Bang!

Wave after wave of attacks arrived from the Luck Goddess. As a result, Chen Feng\'s misfortune points increased from 20 points to 50 points, 80 points, 100, points, 200 points… increasing at a speedy rate. It was at this point that the Luck Goddess felt that something wasn\'t right.

"What\'s going on?"

Why were her attacks ineffective against Chen Feng? Why? She was way too clear on how strong Chen Feng was. She was also incredibly clear on the abilities Chen Feng had, even more clear than Chen Feng himself. That was why she did not fear him. She was clear that all the miracles Chen Feng had ever created had been reliant on luck.

Essentially, all his accomplishments were thanks to her. The Luck Goddess took pride in this and was aware that it was because of this that, as Chen Feng had lost his Luck Aura, he was now nothing. This had always been her opinion. Yet why were luck attacks completely ineffective against him? Why?

Had Chen Feng gained immunity since he used to own Luck Aura? Or perhaps Spirit—or more accurately, she herself—had deliberately done this before her emotions had been sealed? This was what was giving the Luck Goddess a feeling of discomfort. She did not fear Chen Feng, nor did she fear any enemies. However, she could clearly feel that a portion of Spirit\'s memories had been erased prior to the fusion. Before she had fused with the other her, part of her memory had been deleted!

What were the contents of the deleted memories? An uncensored version of their life in the black room? She had no idea. Was it related to Chen Feng\'s immunity to her luck? She was clueless.

Perhaps Spirit had been afraid that she would directly kill Chen Feng after the fusion. Therefore, she had altered Chen Feng\'s constitution. Mhm… That was quite probable. The Luck Goddess sighed at the thought of being set up by herself.


The bright explosions around her continued. The attacks of Zhou Ye and the rest intensified. Although none of the attacks were effective, this sudden change in tempo caused the Luck Goddess to further increase her vigilance. She gazed into the distance and noted that Chen Feng had discovered that fruit, the core of the Forest Goddess.

Luck Goddess smiled. "So this is your goal?" Getting Zhou Ye\'s group to tangle with her while he himself rushed in, making use of his immunity to luck, all this to put a check on her godly power? How ridiculous. That was the Forest Goddess they were trying to check here!

"Is it thanks to this thing here?"

Chen Feng could clearly feel the unending supply of godly power from this fruit.


How should one describe this fruit? It looked like a coconut that had had a straw stuck in it by the Luck Goddess, who was presently sucking out godly power without stop. Chen Feng could clearly see godly power surging out of the small hole without stop and then flowing into the Luck Goddess\'s body. Splendid. So long as this absorption was stopped… Chen Feng tried blocking the flow with something.


The godly power continued to flow. In fact, the connection between the Luck Goddess and this fruit was an illusory link that was immune to normal interferences.

Luck Goddess shook her head and sneered. "Idiotic human… Can the likes of you even hope to understand the might of a god?"


Her godly power erupted, and instantly, two resonators received grave injuries. They could no longer hold on.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng tried numerous methods capable of blocking auras but still failed to stop the outflow.

He got so annoyed that he decided to directly destroy this fruit. "Damn it."

Sorry, Forest Goddess.

Since he couldn\'t stop the Luck Goddess\'s absorption, he had no choice but to destroy this fruit. Unknown to him, the Luck Goddess\'s face still held the same toying expression.


Chen Feng smashed down resolutely.


A crisp sound echoed, but the fruit suffered no damage.

The Luck Goddess shook her head. "How stupid."

If the core of a god could be destroyed so easily, they would have died countless times in the past. It seemed like she had indeed overestimated Chen Feng. Without luck value, he was indeed not worthy of her attention.

"Let us end this," Luck Goddess said with a calm expression.

A mighty godly power erupted. Bang!

Zhou Ye looked at Chen Feng with a bitter smile. "Is this your plan?"

Earlier, Chen Feng had worn an expression of absolute confidence, causing everyone to believe that he had a special technique capable of stopping this battle. Unexpectedly… this was his so-called plan? Wasn\'t it common sense that the core of a god could not be destroyed? This Chen Feng fellow…

By this point, they were already speechless. To send Chen Feng into the forest, they had exhausted all their energy. The Luck Goddess\'s next attack was already underway. It seemed like they would die for real this time.


The godly power descended.

Their hearts chilled. "It\'s over."

As for the Luck Goddess, with a sneer on her face, she prepared to kill them all. However, at the last moment, she instinctively glanced over at Chen Feng and was instantly shocked by what she saw.

Her expression changed greatly. "Chen Feng, what are you doing?!"

Everyone else looked over as well. There, above the indestructible fruit, a pen-shaped thing had been taken out by Chen Feng. Next, he aimed the pen at the hole in the fruit, then inserted the pen.


A familiar inserting sound could be heard.