The Strongest Gene - Chapter 721: Dark History of the Primordial Era

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Chapter 721: Dark History of the Primordial Era

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Bang! Bang!

An intense power of misfortune surged out. At the salt lake, wind and rain interwove together, and the mirror-like lake cracked as tides shot up nonstop. In the sky, thunder roared and lightning flashed, seeming incredibly dreadful. Facing such a disaster, Chen Feng stepped forth and, under everyone\'s gaze of shock, like a little boat, Chen Feng intruded upon the calamitous world that seemed capable of turning heaven and Earth upside down at any moment.

Bang! Bang!

"This guy…"

"He really entered by himself…"

"I can feel godly power seething within. This is a disaster."

Everyone\'s heart fluttered as they saw this.

"Fear not. He is the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess."

"Yeah." Everyone recalled this. "If it\'s the Luck Goddess…"


The waves were as violent as ever. Everyone gazed over expectantly. In the midst of that terrifying environment, Chen Feng\'s small figure was akin to a tiny boat that could be destroyed at any moment, swaying about without stop. But it was this very swaying figure that stood tall without collapsing. The terrifying disasters, the astonishing phenomena, the violent godly power, not a single one could even touch him.


"How powerful!"

"Worthy of being the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess indeed!"

"Looks like we have followed the correct person after all."


Everyone was overjoyed. The terrifying disasters of the lake had been blocked by him alone. At this time, within the chaos, Chen Feng was frantically absorbing the power of misfortune. The Luck Goddess\'s attacks were like a baptism to Chen Feng, who was accepting all the misfortune without stop.

Ultimately, calm returned to the lake once again. The disasters vanished, and the sky became sunny and cloudless again. The reflection of the sky was visible on the lake\'s spotlessly white mirror-like surface, as if heaven and Earth had joined together, leaving only a tiny crack behind. On that crack stood Chen Feng, looking so very quaint when merged with his surroundings. The disasters from earlier were like nothing but illusions.

"It\'s… over?"

"I think so. The disasters were initially heading toward us. However, he stepped forward and instead ended those disasters."

"I saw it clearly. In there, he was merely waving his hand around softly. With each wave, part of the disasters disappeared. The Luck Goddess is already this powerful?"

"How strong!"

Everyone was shocked.

"Worthy of being Chen Feng indeed…"

"Huh, I thought his name was Wang Feng?"

"One was his name during the Primordial Era, one is his present name."

"Oh, okay."

Everyone accepted this explanation. In truth, this was quite an interesting alliance. Half of them were the supporters of the Luck Goddess, while the other half was the supporters of the Misfortune Goddess. Thanks to Chen Feng, both sides had joined together to protect (screw) the Luck Goddess.

With the disasters gone, the group of resonators started advancing once again. Regardless of whether they wanted to protect or eliminate the Luck Goddess, they were all presently overwhelmed by their emotions and filled with confidence in this operation, since the goddess they were supporting was powerful enough.

At the same time, the Luck Goddess could still feel the aura that made her jittery. Zhou Ye\'s aura seemed to have become even stronger.

"Blocked yet again?"

She frowned. This abandoned son of a god had actually reached this level? Leading all the resonators, they were getting nearer and nearer to her.

"Looks like I have to think of something."

The Luck Goddess focused her gaze. She had no idea her disasters had been absorbed by Chen Feng. However, after several failures, she was already aware that such methods were ineffective against Zhou Ye.

"Has he gotten a hold of some karma-defying divine tools?"

The Luck Goddess started guessing.

If so…


Light swirled before her. The godly power of luck emanated out from her. Instantly, a myriad of possibilities appeared before her eyes.

Mhm… this one, then.

"Let everything stop here," The Luck Goddess said coldly.


A huge amount of the godly power of luck surged out. A terrifying aura started rippling out. At this point, the group led by Chen Feng had already traversed a large portion of the lake. They had initially been expecting more disasters to appear. Surprisingly, none had appeared.

"How smooth."

"There is no longer any danger."

"Is this thanks to Chen Feng as well?"

"Haha, worthy of being the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess indeed. This feels way too good. No wonder so many people were willing to submit to the Luck Goddess during the Primordial Era. This feeling…"

Everyone was filled with excitement. This completely unobstructed manner of traveling truly felt too good. Chen Feng and Zhou Ye were the only ones that exchanged glances with a frown.

"You haven\'t been…" Zhou Ye could not sense any godly power around Chen Feng.

Chen Feng sighed. "Nope." He had initially been looking forward to the free misfortune power. Unexpectedly, this Luck Goddess was able to react so speedily. It seemed like his absorption of misfortune would have to stop here. He checked the amount of misfortune he had accumulated: 1,800 points. Somewhat higher than the initial pitiful 100 points the Misfortune Goddess had had.

Chen Feng was regretful. "Too low."

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"

Since she had awakened from her serious injury and after spending countless years in recovery, she had only recovered 100 points. This Chen Feng fellow had scammed over 1,800 points in such a short period of time, yet he was complaining that it was a low amount?

Chen Feng was all smiles as he comforted her. "Calm down, it will all be yours sooner or later."

The Misfortune Goddess: "…"

Zhou Ye frowned. "I\'m afraid things will be troublesome now." He had never looked down on the Luck Goddess. If she had kept sending disasters their way, it would have been fine. This sudden calm instead caused his heart to be on alert.

"That\'s for sure." Chen Feng curled his lips. "I suppose she has already realized that normal methods will not work on us. As such, she is preparing to do something big. Mhm… Based on my understanding of her…"

Chen Feng looked at the sky. Apocalypse? No. The disasters she had sent their way earlier had not been much different than an apocalypse. Thus, with how luck worked, only one possibility was left. Chen Feng instantly understood.

Zhou Ye thought of the same possibility as well. "You are saying…" At this time, the alliance was still advancing carefully and was getting nearer to the forest. At present, the reflection of the forest could already be vaguely seen. Suddenly.


Lightning filled the sky.

Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. Here it comes!


A huge claw ripped the sky apart, forcefully tearing apart the sunny and cloudless sky. From the opening, a giant fierce-looking creature slowly crawled out. It had a huge body reaching several hundred meters in length. On its body were dense scales, and a terrifying aura was being emanated out of it. Naturally, these were not the scariest aspects of this beast. When this giant creature appeared, when everyone got a clear look at it, everyone was truly shocked.

Their expressions sank. "This is…"

A deafening howl resounded. "Howl—" For the first time, the true appearance of that fierce giant creature was revealed.


Everyone was alarmed. That\'s right. This here was a primordial dragon!

Chen Feng was speechless. "So you guys even had such life-forms during the Primordial Era?"

"…" Zhou Ye gave Chen Feng an odd glance, wondering why Chen Feng would say that if he was from that era as well. However, looking at this terrifying dragon, he soon forgot his doubts.

"Where else did the legends of dragons come from?" Zhou Ye answered with a bitter smile.

Chen Feng shrugged. "I thought it was merely big lizards or something like that…"

"That is because, back then, during the Primordial Era, one particular dragon that was incredibly ugly committed a huge crime and was expelled from the dragon tribe. Unable to pass on its bloodline, that particular dragon raped a huge lizard, performing an act that was also known as the greatest disgrace of the Primordial Era. Subsequently, numerous weird life-forms came into being, such as the so-called wyverns. Naturally, all these life-forms are also known as fake dragons."

Chen Feng: "…"

What the hell? Such a dark piece of history exists?

Chen Feng pointed. "How about this dragon here, then…"

"Naturally, this is a true dragon." Zhou Ye smiled bitterly as he looked at the gradually approaching dragon. He could feel that this dragon had yet to recover to its peak. However, even without being fully recovered, it was already stronger than everyone here.


The primordial dragon descended. A terrifying aura arrived together with the dragon. Almost immediately, two comparatively weaker resonators started coughing blood from the pressure emitted by the aura, almost dying then and there. Zhou Ye had a solemn expression on his face.

"This time… I think we have truly encountered some huge trouble."