The Strongest Gene - Chapter 717: Bro, Give Me a Chance

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Chapter 717: Bro, Give Me a Chance

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Within the forest, the Luck Goddess was looking at the salt lake with doubt. Those annoying resonators were shrinking their distance to her. Naturally, that was not the main issue. The main issue was that, so far, only one of them had died. She had absorbed all of their luck and had even used her luck power to deliver them misfortune, but only one had died.

This was rather horrifying. She knew that these resonators had all awakened quite a bit earlier than her and had rather formidable godly powers. However, regardless of how powerful they had become, they were still mere resonators.

The Luck Goddess sighed. "Have I underestimated them?" It looked like trying to kill them with the dangers of the lake would not work. In that case, she would have to do it the traditional way, by causing internal strife. She believed that these fellows were definitely not of one mind. She shut both her eyes and sensed the godly power of luck she had plundered from Chen Feng earlier. This amount would be sufficient to achieve what she intended.


Her hands started glowing. At this time, on the salt lake, Chen Feng\'s plan was progressing smoothly as well. With the assistance of his new comrades, the number of people he had recruited kept increasing. He had forcefully dug out a hole in this anti–Luck Goddess alliance.

"You want to gain more understanding of the Luck Goddess?"

"Hehe, our group is rather packed with people now…"

"That is true!"

"So I heard your Lord God is one that is quite friendly with the Luck Goddess?"

"Are you interested in being part of the strongest primordial faction?"

"Hehe. I am the spokesperson of the Luck Goddess…"

Chen Feng traversed amid the group of people. However, as he got in contact with more and more people, there was finally a time where, before he could finish his discussion with a certain resonator, that resonator shouted, "Bastard, so you are actually the follower of that slut Luck Goddess!"

Chen Feng: "…"

He checked the record he had on his hand and could only lament that this was quite the scam.

From the record he had obtained from that little bastard earlier, this fellow should be a resonator of a god extremely friendly with the Luck Goddess? At this shout, the others who, Chen Feng had yet to communicate with, grew alert.



"So there is a follower of the Luck Goddess creating trouble here?"

"Courting death!"

"Kill him."

Countless people stood up in anger with a vast momentum. As for those who had signed the contract with Chen Feng, they walked out at this time as well.

"Try touching him?"

"Hehe, a new era is coming. Who still cares about the primordial?"

"In this era, the Luck Goddess is the number one expert."


"How idiotic…"

The group around Chen Feng all sneered. It was also at this point that those people realized that from an indeterminate time, an alliance for the Luck Goddess had been established. This was truly dreadful.

"You guys are courting death!"

The others were furious. The reason they had come here was to deal with the Luck Goddess, yet this had happened instead. As for the person pushing for this anti–Luck Goddess alliance, Zhou Ye, he felt incomparably insulted at this moment.

"You all…"

Zhou Ye\'s heart was raging with fury. He was relatively strong among the resonators and was the organizer of this alliance. The only reason he had even worked so hard was because his god had been killed by the Luck Goddess back then. Naturally, gods did not die for real. However, because of that bitter battle, even after awakening, his god would not be able to recover his original strength.

This was the harshest of punishments for a god. Therefore, Zhou Ye had taken the initiative to contact everyone and go against the Luck Goddess, to avenge his god. Moreover, there were quite a few resonators with the same opinion as him. Some of them were those whose gods were enemies of the Luck Goddess, while some merely did not wish to see the Luck Goddess become the strongest god of this era.

In short, for various reasons, they had all gathered together. Yet now… They were only getting started, yet these people had already betrayed him.

"Ka! Ka!"

Zhou Ye clenched his fists tightly, godly power emanating out from his hands.

Zhou Ye was furious. "You all… deserve death!"

Those around him were furious as well. Looking at the resonators around Chen Feng, they said, "Since this has happened, let us first kill you all!"

"Come at me! Who\'s scared?"

"You bunch of idiots. Do you guys not realize who will be your biggest patron in the future? Waiting for your gods to wake up? Yeah, sure, I am sure it will not be too late then."


Those around Chen Feng said, "If anyone else is interested in joining, we will welcome you. Do not worry about our enemy\'s strength. Don\'t forget that we have the Luck Goddess on our side."

As a result of his words, five or six resonators joined them. With this, the members of both factions were clear for all to see.

"Good, very good."

Zhou Ye\'s killing intent intensified. Both sides glared at each other while boundless godly power started surging around them. A battle seemed to be imminent. In the middle of all this, Chen Feng was completely confused. He had initially planned to use the name of the Luck Goddess to scam someone. Unexpectedly, this early on, something had already happened.

What in the world? He was somewhat stupefied. This confusion was further reinforced when he saw how the people around him were all so ferocious, ready to battle at a moment\'s notice. This was developing way too fast. Hold on… too fast? Abruptly, Chen Feng thought of something.

Under normal circumstance, even if both sides were to battle, the battle would not start this fast. Deciding to fight it out right here on the salt lake without taking their own benefits into consideration? In such a dangerous location? There was only one possibility for this: Luck Aura was working its magic!

Finally, Chen Feng understood. It had to be the power of luck. After being agitated by their own emotions, these people were neglecting the truth that should have been easily discovered. Under the effect of the power of luck, they had all started tearing at each other.

"Hold on!" Chen Feng howled, interrupting them.

Instinctively, everyone looked at him. "Mhm?"

"It is fine if you guys want a fight. However, can I be given a chance to say something?" Chen Feng said with a smile. "See, we all fight for our own goals. You guys are all well aware of how dangerous this salt lake is. Therefore, before the battle, give me a chance. If I can fulfill your goals before the battle, perhaps this battle can be avoided? Am I right? Look… I know that back then, the Luck Goddess did a lot of things that had angered all of you. However, no matter what, that is all in the past. That era has already been buried, and the Luck Goddess has changed greatly as a person. Therefore, if possible, we should establish a new cooperative relationship. As for what the Luck Goddess did back then, you guys can put forth your requests and I will try my best to fulfill them. What do you guys think?" Chen Feng spoke earnestly. "Trust me, give me a chance to talk this out. I guarantee you all will be satisfied with the result."

"Hehe." Zhou Ye sneered. Talk? "How ridiculous. Do you know that apart from those swayed by you, everyone else here truly hates the Luck Goddess? Moreover, these people are the true experts, either the followers of gods that were enemies of the Luck Goddess or those whose families perished due to that incident in the Primordial Era. Such hatred is not something you can dissolve."

Zhou Ye did not think much of Chen Feng\'s proposal. In this world, there were a lot of disputes that could not be solved with a mere transaction.

"Without trying, who knows?" Chen Feng was as sincere as ever. "Perhaps you do not find this agreeable. However, how about those around you? Do you not want to give them a chance? Trust me… If I indeed disappoint, it will not be too late to battle then," Chen Feng said.

Zhou Ye and the rest exchanged glances before looking around and seeing that some were indeed tempted by this.

Zhou Ye had no choice but to make a compromise. "Fine."

"One minute per person in a private setting," Chen Feng said with a smile. "Naturally, for safety reasons, you guys can be in charge of the barrier. Trust me, I will give you guys a satisfactory answer."


Zhou Ye and the rest agreed with disdain.

Zhou Ye was the first to walk out. "Let me be the first to meet you." And thus, under everyone\'s eyes, he created a barrier of an independent space in the form of a room. Next, both he and Chen Feng entered to start their negotiations.


Only a short one minute would be given.