The Strongest Gene - Chapter 716: May the Goddess Be with You

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Chapter 716: May the Goddess Be with You

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the salt lake, as the gold radiance surged to its peak intensity, the resonators started moving out. Cautiously, they traversed the salt lake. Slowly, they moved above the mirror-like lake surface. Surprisingly, they did not encounter any danger.

"Huh? One can actually step on the surface of the lake?"

"It seems like we won\'t sink…"

"In any case, be extra careful."

"Some people are trying to fly over. They seem perfectly fine up there."

"Hehe, the moment everyone loosens up will be their moment of death."


They continued on, maintaining their vigilance. At this time, the Luck Goddess, who was opposite the salt lake, took a glimpse at them and felt somewhat odd. This should not be the case. She had obviously absorbed all their luck. At this time, shouldn\'t these fellows be all completely unlucky?

In fact, this application of bad luck was rather similar to HIV. Usually, minor diseases like the common cold were common and nonfatal, but the moment one was infected with HIV, all these minor diseases would become extremely fatal. As such, once she had absorbed all their luck, every single thing these people had done could very well bring them the utmost disaster. This was especially true since they were all traversing this dangerous salt lake.

After all, this was her specially selected recovery site. However, why was nothing happening yet? The Luck Goddess was filled with doubt.

The Luck Goddess looked at those cautious resonators and wondered, "Is it because these resonators are all too cautious?" That might be the case. After all, they were all resonators possessing godly power. As such, it wouldn\'t be too easy for them to suffer from bad luck.

"Mhm… Perhaps I can expend a bit of godly power on them."

The Luck Goddess understood clearly that this would be effectively the final straw that collapsed the camel. She would only need to use a tiny bit of her luck power to cause these damnable bugs to completely collapse.


She wriggled her finger slightly. A faint radiance emanated out. Luck power, activate!


Gold enveloped her. At this time, all the resonators were still advancing cautiously. Chen Feng, however, was noiselessly approaching a pale resonator. He had had his attention on this resonator for quite a while. Look at that pale face, one look and anyone would know that he was lacking in stamina… Mhm, no, one look and anyone would know that he was too nervous. What did this signify? This signified that he did not quite wish to participate in this encirclement at all. Chen Feng had seen way too many of such unwilling participants in the past.

There would always be those events that, nominally, people were free to decide whether or not to participate in. Nevertheless, if one truly decided to not participate, one would face the scorn of others. As such, one would still be ultimately forced to participate unwillingly. Mhm… Surprisingly, this was true even for the community of resonators. These unwilling participants would be the perfect target for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng approached him noiselessly. "Hey, bro."

"…" That person looked at Chen Feng coldly before saying. "I am not interested in guys."

Chen Feng: "…"

What a humorous resonator.

"What do you think of the Forest Goddess\'s awakening ritual?" Chen Feng asked faintly.

That person laughed. "Hehe, same as everyone else."

"Hehe." Chen Feng smiled and stared ahead into the distance. "Do you know what place is this? If one wishes to pass through this salt lake... With some bad luck, it is extremely easy to die here. Mhm… This will be quite true for the enemies of the Luck Goddess." Seeing this guy\'s expression change slightly, Chen Feng pointed ahead. "Look at that person…"

There, a certain resonator was flying at a low altitude.

"What do you think will happen if the Luck Goddess decides that he should be the unlucky one?" Chen Feng asked calmly. At the same time, he silently stopped absorbing misfortune from that person and even returned the misfortune he had previously absorbed from that person to him.


Suddenly, the lake surface below that person cracked.


With a loud sound, a huge mutated life-form shot out of the lake and swallowed that person in a single gulp.


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath in shock.

"That… a monster at the peak of the awakened realm?"

"Holy shit."

"The monsters here are already this strong?"

Everyone was horrified. A monster at the awakened realm would normally possess strength greater than the resonators here. If they had all recovered their original strength, they naturally wouldn\'t fear it. However, at present, they were weak enough that these peak-level awakened monsters could insta-kill them. This was especially true for these terrifying monsters with unique builds that one could not measure with common sense.

Chen Feng gave a profound smile. "See…" The heart of the person he was facing chilled. How would there be such a coincidence? The moment Chen Feng spoke of that person, that person was gone?

"Hehe." Noiselessly, Chen Feng handed over a small card. "This is the contract of a god. Do take a good look at it."


That person flipped the card open, and instantly, his expression changed greatly. On the card, the Luck Goddess\'s plan was written. The first step was to recruit resonators. As for her second step, those unwilling to submit would die… Mhm, an example was the earlier fellow.

That person was horrified. "You are…"

Chen Feng smiled happily. "Let me introduce myself. I am Wang Feng, the spokesperson of Luck Goddess."

"Luck Goddess…" Finally, that person\'s expression changed greatly. At the same time they had all joined hands to go against her, she had actually planted spies within them? Was this not horrifying?

"You are not the first, nor will you be the last," Chen Feng said calmly. He looked at that person. "Therefore, tell me your choice."

That person chilled as he heard this. Did this not signify that within this group of resonators, this person was not the only follower of the Luck Goddess? If there were also others… with those they had recruited included…

"That person was recruited earlier." Chen Feng looked at where that resonator used to be and smiled profoundly. "He disagreed. Hence, he had to die."

The resonator\'s heart chilled as he heard this. In the first place, he wasn\'t particularly firm in his will to go against the Luck Goddess. After all, the affairs of the Primordial Era were way too far in the past. For them, the resonators of minor gods, it truly did not affect them much.

He looked at Chen Feng and sighed deeply. "What should I do?"

Chen Feng smiled mysteriously. "Very simple. Sign the contract of a god. Trust me, following our noble Lord God, you will become part of the first faction, the strongest faction, in this new era. You will definitely not regret this."


Noiselessly, the two finished signing the contract. Naturally, this brother here did not notice that the god written on the contract was "Lord God we all believe in and resonate with."

That person stared blankly at Chen Feng. "Done, just like that?"

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Of course. Congratulations on becoming part of us. Mhm, for the subsequent journey, with the care of Luck Goddess, you will not have to worry about anything. However, during the final battle, you guys will need to contribute."

He nodded. "Understood." Since he had already made his choice, he would not regret it.

His decision to follow after the Luck Goddess wasn\'t because of these few words this Wang Feng had spoken. Rather, after taking everything into consideration, including the success of this awakening ritual… The Luck Goddess\'s camp would have two gods before any of the other gods awakened. Such a superiority wasn\'t one that could be overtaken easily.

"Very good." Chen Feng feigned an indifferent expression and asked, "Now then, based on your understanding, which of these fellows here is also uncertain about this mission and would be willing to become our companion?"

"There are indeed some such people here," that person replied.

Chen Feng smiled emotionally and said, "Excellent. May the goddess be with you."