The Strongest Gene - Chapter 715: Salt Lake

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Chapter 715: Salt Lake

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Thomas\'s eyes shone. "The resonators have decided to join hands. The awakening of the Forest Goddess will require time. With the Luck Goddess exhausting her strength to help the Forest Goddess awaken before she herself is fully recovered, she will be further weakened. We are planning to use this opportunity to interrupt the awakening and send the Forest Goddess back into slumber."

Chen Feng was somewhat speechless. "That works?"

"Of course."

Thomas and the rest were agitated. A group of resonators fighting the Luck Goddess, just imagining this scene was sufficient to cause excitement.

Chen Feng poured cold water on their boiling blood. "You guys are not allowed to go."

Thomas\'s eyes widened. "Why?"

Chen Feng sneered. "Are you going there just to throw your life away?"

"How is that throwing my life away?" Thomas could not accept this. "With so many of us resonators, there is no need to fear the Luck Goddess. Moreover, this is a weakened Luck Goddess who has exhausted her strength trying to awaken the Forest Goddess. Not only interrupting, if possible, I trust they will even want to…" Thomas\'s eyes gleamed coldly as he said, "…Slay a god!"

Chen Feng shook his head. "Ridiculous." These idiotic fools had no idea how powerful the gods were, especially the Luck Goddess.

Thomas shrugged. "I know that it is not possible. Therefore, I only intended to interrupt the awakening ritual." He trusted that a mere weakened Luck Goddess would not be able to withstand the onslaught of so many resonators.

Chen Feng sneered. "That is indeed how things seem. However, are you sure that all the resonators are truly united?"

Thomas\'s eyes widened. "Huh? What other choice do they have?"

Chen Feng gazed in the direction of the surging gold. "How stupid. Have you never considered the possibility that not all the resonators intend to interrupt the ritual? I am not sure what the situation was during the Primordial Era. But in this new era, the Luck Goddess was the first god to awaken."

"What\'s so special about being the first…" Halfway through his sentence, Thomas gained understanding. True, she had been the first god to awaken.

This time, the people looking for her would not consist solely of those trying to interrupt her. There would also be quite a number of people who wanted to serve her. As such, at that time…

Thomas inhaled a mouthful of cold air in shock. "It will instead be a chaotic war between fellow resonators?" When that happened, with what the Luck Goddess was capable of, she would only need to lightly provoke them using what she was best at and she would be able to cause all the resonators to mutually annihilate each other without even showing her face. Or perhaps… she could use her power to ensure that those who were against her would die in the fight.

Thomas\'s heart chilled. "Holy shit." He exchanged glances with Wealthy Zhao, realizing that they had indeed underestimated how terrifying the Luck Goddess was. They had especially neglected how good she was at toying with the emotions of people. Facing the other gods, they would only need to consider their combat power, but facing the Luck Goddess… They all smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Therefore, you guys don\'t need to join in. In any case, the result would only be your deaths. Let others go mess around there."

Wealthy Zhao guessed something from Chen Feng\'s words. "Are you going?"

Chen Feng smiled. "Of course. I am the man of the Misfortune Goddess. It has been quite a while since I last meet the Luck Goddess… In fact, I quite miss her."


Thomas and the rest merely laughed dryly at Chen Feng\'s stupid dramatic reaction. Ultimately, it was decided that Thomas and the rest would stay at the Genetic Union. As for Chen Feng and nearly all the resonators worldwide, they swarmed toward the site of the Forest Goddess\'s awakening.

At a certain salt lake. This was the area nearest to that awakening site. A large number of resonators were already here looking toward the flickering gold, as a formidable power seemed to be coming into being there.

"When the gold radiance is at its most intense, that will be our time to attack."


"As for the route to take, go through the salt lake."

"Can\'t we go directly instead?"

"No, since the Luck Goddess has decided to do such a dangerous thing, she has certainly sealed the route nearby. How could she allow easy entry? To enter, this is the only possible route."

"Why did she not seal this salt lake as well?"

"The lake is too big. Hehe, the Luck Goddess\'s power is limited. If she truly sealed the lake as well, her seal would probably be pitifully weak. Any random resonator would be capable of breaking through it."

"Do we enter now?"

Some resonators were able to see through the general situation with a single look. It was quite simple. To enter the site of the awakening, they only needed to go through this lake, this unique lake whose surface was as clear as a mirror.

"The Luck Goddess will probably have some traps set around here. She is, after all, still a god…"

"With how weakened she is, so what if she is a god?"

Some were filled with vigilance, whereas some were sneering. In the first place, the community of resonators was a chaotic one. All resonators were lone rangers. Even now, when they had all gathered together for a common interest, they each had their own personal agenda.

As for Chen Feng, he merely watched on silently. Two goddesses and countless resonators… This would be quite the interesting trip. This was indeed an immense salt lake. However, if they went through it in a straight line, the distance wouldn\'t be too far. However, if the Luck Goddess had indeed done something here with her godly power, things might turn out rather scary.

Due to some coincidences, a huge number of people would encounter mishaps here at the lake. For a regular person, this was merely misfortune. In her present weakened state, would she waste her power to create misfortune, a domain she did not specialize in? No, she would not. At present, she didn\'t have much godly power left. Even with several hundred million luck value, after transforming it into godly power, it wouldn\'t amount to much.

Furthermore, she still needed to awaken the Forest Goddess. As such, she would definitely not waste her godly power easily. If so, this salt lake… Chen Feng narrowed his eyes as he thought of a possibility. He suddenly recalled his experiences during his younger days. After having his luck sucked dry by the Fate Stone, his life had become incredibly difficult. Numerous unfortunate incidents had kept happening to him as the Fate Stone had replenished its power without stop.

"In short, the Luck Goddess is planning to absorb their luck."

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped as he realized this. However, the flaw in doing this was rather obvious.

First, she would not be able to absorb much luck even with this. This was clear from how it had taken her twenty years of absorbing luck from Chen Feng to be able to activate the Fate Stone.

Second, even without their luck, these resonators wouldn\'t be affected much. Perhaps they would suffer from some bad luck. However, it would not be able to threaten them. After all, if not having any luck was truly life threatening, Chen Feng would have truly died for real all those years ago.

Therefore, despite having had his luck sucked dry, despite the absolute bad luck he had suffered, Chen Feng had still been able to live on tenaciously. Would such a weak effect be useful against resonators? Nope.


Chen Feng looked at this lake. Unless this lake was already an extremely dangerous place in the first place, a place where, with a tiny bit of effect from luck, death would come knocking. Chen Feng had a deep understanding of the power of luck. If this was truly the case, the Luck Goddess would only need a tiny bit power of luck to kill everyone here. Naturally, those that were able to luckily escape the calamity could very well be those who were willing to serve her.

Chen Feng was filled with admiration. "Worthy of being the Luck Goddess indeed." With her first step, she would kill off a big portion of these resonators. With her second step, she would cause internal strife among the survivors. Ultimately, perhaps not a single one would be able to survive to see her. How deep the Luck Goddess\'s schemes went was apparent here. Of course, all this was without taking Chen Feng into consideration. But now, with Chen Feng here…

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. "Hehe." It was truly unfortunate for the Luck Goddess that he was now the master of misfortune.


Chen Feng stared ahead. It would be quite easy if he wanted to allow these people to cross this lake. He trusted that the power of misfortune would be able to counteract the power of luck, making the world a beautiful place. However, this was not his goal. Stopping the awakening of the Forest Goddess was only his secondary goal. What Chen Feng truly wanted was to make use of this incident and this place to grow.