The Strongest Gene - Chapter 713: Tsundere Goddess

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Chapter 713: Tsundere Goddess

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His hands started glowing. At present, he was way too weak. As such, he had to make use of this power as best as he could.


He had a pensive look on his face. Luck and misfortune were related to each other. In short, if Chen Feng could be sure of the probability of someone experiencing a misfortune, he could make the probability a reality…

For example, slot machines.

He tried it out. This had been a favorite hobby of his in the past. To verify the power of his luck value, he had tried lotteries and slot machines, confirming that Luck Aura indeed worked. And now he needed to test his power of misfortune.


As he willed it, slowly, the power of misfortune surged out of him.


He bought all the credits available in the shop and started using the slot machine. Mhm… After over ten thousand attempts, he failed to win even a single prize as the extremely happy slot machine boss looked over his shoulder.

Chen Feng had a pensive look. "Is this the simplest operation method of misfortune?"

What if he changed his goal…

He urged inwardly.


He switched the target of misfortune from him to the slot machine boss, and next, an astonishing thing happened. For ten-odd attempts in a row, he continuously won the first prize. Instantly, the boss\'s expression darkened.

He wanted to interrupt Chen Feng. "Erm…"

Chen Feng waved his hand, not allowing the boss to speak. "Shut up."


From the looks of it, even though he was using the power of misfortune, he could use this unique method to do what he had done with Luck Aura. There was nearly no difference.

For example, during battles.

Misfortune was a power that brought forth all negativities. It was destructive in nature. However, if misfortune was used on his opponent, would it not allow certain abilities with low activation chances to activate? For example, God Punisher?

In short, anything that was unfavorable for the enemy could happen. Wasn\'t this just a different version of Luck Aura, then? Although the minute details of their operation were somewhat different, the final result was the same. At least from an onlooker\'s point of view, everything would be the same. Luck and misfortune, two completely opposite powers with an extremely intimate relationship.

"In short, the reverse of misfortune is luck."

"If used appropriately, misfortune can achieve the same effects as luck. Naturally, obtaining the exact same result will exhaust much more misfortune than luck would have. Similarly, if luck is used appropriately, the same effects as misfortune can be achieved."

His previous usage of Luck Aura to grant his enemies misfortune had, in effect, been accomplishing what misfortune was supposed to accomplish. To grant misfortune upon his enemies, a much larger amount of luck had been required.

Finally, Chen Feng understood. The power of luck was much better in supportive roles, but if one wished, they could exhaust a huge amount of luck to achieve the same effects of misfortune.

For example, the apocalypse!

When numerous coincidences aligned correctly, absolute destruction could be brought forth. As for the power of misfortune, it was good at destruction. However, if one was willing to exhaust a huge amount of misfortune, one could also accomplish what luck could.

For example, unleashing God Punisher.

His successful activation of low-probability abilities was in fact a stroke of misfortune for his enemies. Therefore, luck and misfortune could be seen as two different programming languages. If one wished to use one programming language to achieve what the other programming language was better at, it would still be possible, but it would take much more effort.

For example, if one used Java to build an operating system, or if one used C to build a website, and so on.

"If that\'s the case, this is much easier to understand."

Chen Feng was in agreement with this new hypothesis of his. In fact, during his previous life, he had been a holder of the grade-two certificate of the National Computer Rank Examination. As such, thinking about the powers of luck and misfortune this way made it much easier for him to understand.

Right now, the power of the Misfortune Goddess was way too lacking, at least when compared to a regular god. It was nearly negligible. In a way, she had even less godly power than a resonator. As such, Chen Feng was not able to set up a proper standard for his current power of misfortune. He had no choice but to set up his own standards, to divide the present total godly power of misfortune by a hundred, treating it as 100 points of misfortune power.

Even so, the effect of this misfortune power was much better than the luck value he\'d had in the past. After his tests, he found that through numerous methods, such as switching the target of the misfortune, he could make himself lucky, such as when buying into lotteries. However, such usages exhausted around three to ten times more power than when he had used his power purely for bringing misfortune. In fact, the reason for this exhaustion was because the exhaustion rate was dependant on the number of targets he switched to achieve the desired "lucky effect." This was, in truth, a rather complicated process.

"Therefore, to save the misfortune power, I must try my best to use the misfortune power for what it\'s truly best at, rather than using it blindly."

At this realization, he sank into contemplation. His present power of misfortune was too low in amount. As such, saving it up was necessary.

After understanding the basic usage method of misfortune, Chen Feng set his sights on his illusory world. The illusory world that had stopped moving after the extraction of luck from him once again started operating as he directed the power of misfortune into it.


A faint power of misfortune glowed within the world. With this, all his abilities recovered once again. Regardless of whether he could still use luck or not or whether he could still erupt with his strongest might, at the very least, he had finally regained his own power. What he cared about most was in fact…


He punched out. Within his consciousness, a certain miniature person moved at the same time.


The might of a level-nine awakened was displayed.

"I am back."

Chen Feng was overwhelmed with emotion. After some twists and turns, he had finally regained his strength, and he was even stronger than before. In the coming chaos, with his recovered strength, he would be able to stand tall. Coupled with the power of the Misfortune Goddess, he would fear no one. At least, this would be the case until all those resonators recovered.

"I must increase my strength as quickly as I can."

He was exceptionally calm. Before the resonators recovered, he had to become stronger. Before those damnable gods awakened, he had to have in his possession an even stronger godly power. He wasn\'t too clear on the events of the Primordial Era. However, this time, in this era, he would not allow this world to suffer annihilation.

With sharp eyes, he vowed that this era… would become his era, the era of Chen Feng! Naturally, before setting forth toward this grand undertaking, he needed to first solve a small issue: his wristband had been spoiled. This thing that was supposed to be impossible to destroy had actually been broken by him. This caused even him to be speechless.

Was I in too intense a fight recently? he wondered. And thus, he requested a new wristband from the Genetic Union. Next, his new wristband broke as well!

He frowned, completely confused.

Was he so unlucky that he got several defective products in a row? He refused to believe that such a coincidence actually existed. The quality of the Stormtech Company\'s products was rather high.

"Well, I might as well buy a new one with my own money."

He spent his own money and bought a new one.


Shortly afterward, the new wristband broke as well. This truly rendered him speechless. He gazed at his broken wristband and had could vaguely guess what had happened. And thus, once again, he bought a new wristband. As expected, it broke yet again.

"What the hell?"

He rolled his eyes. Without needing to even think, he knew what the issue was.

"There, there, Old Misfortune, even if you are unhappy with me, you do not need to take such petty revenge on me, right? In our grand undertaking of becoming stronger, the assistance of others is still required. As such, these wristbands can\'t keep getting broken, right? This will delay our undertaking. Can we stop playing around like this?" Chen Feng advised earnestly. And then he bought a new wristband.


Once again, it broke.

Chen Feng: "…"

"Are you perhaps unhappy with the title I have given you?" Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

Misfortune Goddess: "…" So you are aware that the title you gave me is way too unpleasant to hear?

"Fine, I won\'t call you Old Misfortune. How about I call you Old Fortune? No, that\'s no good. It seems to clash with luck… How about… Dearest Misfortune? Little Misfortune?" Chen Feng asked after giving it some thought.

Misfortune Goddess: "…"

This guy was truly mental.

Chen Feng admitted defeat. "Fine, fine, Lord Goddess," Chen Feng said respectfully. "Is this respectful enough, o noble Lord Goddess?" And then he bought a new wristband.


It broke again. This time, he was truly stupefied.

"Even Lord Goddess won\'t work?" Chen Feng\'s head ached. "What the hell? Lord Goddess, can we talk this out? Can you not act impetuously like some teenage girl? Fine, I forgot that goddesses are, after all, female. I take that back. Sorry."

Misfortune Goddess: "…"

Her consciousness, residing within the pen, watched this amusing scene.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "I am truly helpless now." He had tried numerous methods yet was incapable of getting his wristbands to stop breaking.

His head ached. "This won\'t do…" Finally, he understood that despite how weak she was, the Misfortune Goddess was still a god, an existence one could not provoke easily. Look, slight unhappiness on her part was already sufficient to cause one\'s head to ache greatly.

Chen Feng gave up. "Forget it." He went over to the ancient race and asked for an ability capable of transmitting messages through long distance as a substitute. Before they had started using the wristbands, these abilities had been the ancients\' main communication method. With this, this incident ended.

During this period, Thomas\'s group had also considered properly and had ultimately decided to join the Genetic Union, thus starting a busy new life. As for Chen Feng, he was working hard on getting better at controlling the power of misfortune.

Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly... until a few days later, when a gold radiance suddenly engulfed the entire world, a terrifying godly power rippling everywhere. Nearly every resonator raised their head, looking in the direction the gold had come from.

"That damnable Luck Goddess is creating trouble again!"