The Strongest Gene - Chapter 711: What a Scam

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Chapter 711: What a Scam

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In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was lazily looking at the four resonators, waiting for their decision.

"I will follow you," Thomas said after taking in a deep breath. He indeed found submission preferable. Although he possessed valiant combat power, his combat power was the most unstable. Therefore, the moment a probability manipulator like Chen Feng set eyes on him, he would have no way out. That damnable Luck Goddess…

"Thomas!" Wu Liang was anxious. Just like that, Thomas had been scared into submission? They were a group of four resonators. Was there a need to fear the lone Chen Feng? Even if parts of their abilities couldn\'t be used due to the issue of probability, they still had in their possession a huge number of other powerful abilities that were not reliant on chance. There was no need to fear Chen Feng.

Thomas inhaled deeply. "Have you forgotten about the Luck Goddess?"

Wu Liang and the rest: "…"

True. The Luck Goddess. Regardless of how they tried to dodge this fact, they could not ignore that in this unique era, as the first god to awaken, the Luck Goddess was the strongest existence. There were absolutely no contenders.

Suddenly, Thomas\'s seemingly useless brain started working. "What do you think will happen if we kill Chen Feng?"

Wu Liang and the rest: "…"

The fact that Chen Feng still had control over the godly power of luck was sufficient to prove that all the talk about Chen Feng being crippled was nothing but a big lie. As for the relationship between Chen Feng and the Luck Goddess… As they thought about what Chen Feng had said, their hearts chilled.

"I will follow you as well," Wu Liang said with a bitter smile.

Wealthy Zhao was also scared into submission. "Same."

"…" Sakata Chuunibyou smiled bitterly before shrugging. "I will stay at the Genetic Union as well, then."


Around them, the eyes of all the onlookers widened. From the moment Chen Feng had gotten himself involved, they had been worried that something bad would happen. Surprisingly, Chen Feng had been able to easily turn the situation around, subduing these four resonators instead?

How in the world was this even accomplishable?


As they thought about the fact that the Genetic Union had just obtained four resonators, and those resonators\' strength… The deputy president became completely agitated. The other awakened ones exchanged glances, in ecstasy as well. They had always been curious about resonators but had never been able to gain more understanding about them. If, this time, they could take this opportunity to deepen their understanding, it would definitely bring them great benefits. In any case, the significance of these four joining was not to be taken lightly.

"Excellent." Chen Feng looked at them with a wide smile. "Since you have decided, it\'s time to sign the contract."

Everyone blanked. "Contract?"

"Of course," Chen Feng said with a smile. "You guys didn\'t think that I would simply station you all at the Genetic Union just like that, right? Don\'t worry. Although it is a contract, the contents of it… Well, just follow me."

Chen Feng spoke a bit with the deputy president before bringing the four of them to the training room.


He pointed midair. Next, a translucent figure appeared midair. This was an ability he had just learned, a rather powerful one.

"This is the contract of a god," Thomas and the rest called out in alarm when they saw this. The contract of a god! As the name implied, this was something only available to gods. As resonators, even if they could utilize the power of gods, they were ultimately borrowers. As such, they could only use them for specific abilities. Only true gods with true godly powers could use their godly powers to set up laws, laws in the truest sense.

"You are actually capable of the complete utilization of godly power."

Wu Liang and the rest were thoroughly alarmed. If, earlier, they had still had a shred of doubt in their hearts, right now, they were completely subdued. Godly power! Chen Feng was actually capable of using true godly power! This signified that when he utilized godly power, he wasn\'t borrowing, nor was he resonating. Rather, he was truly using godly power as his own power. If so, his relationship with his god…

Holy shit!

"Amazing." Wu Liang was filled with admiration. This Chen Feng was precisely a god\'s male companion as spoken of in the legends. Once upon a time, when he had been much younger, he had also once thought of being a male companion of a god. Unfortunately, as he had grown in age and strength and gained a deeper understanding of the gap between god and man, he had given up. He had never seen anyone accomplish this feat. But now he finally saw someone that had accomplished this feat, even if this "companion" status had been achieved using a rather "special" method.

"Admirable." Thomas had thoroughly submitted as well. During the Primordial Era, he had once heard about people with exceptional courage who dared to "do" it with snakes, or the braver ones who "did" it with ghosts, and some that had even "done" it with caterpillars. However, he had never seen someone that had "done" it with a god!

"We will sign it."

Sakata Chuunibyou and the other guy lacked the slightest hesitation as well. If they could follow such an amazing boss, perhaps their future would not be too bleak.

"Splendid." Chen Feng tossed the contract over to them.


A faint radiance started swirling about.

In fact, the content of this contract of a god was rather simple. In short, with the laws of godly power bearing witness, Thomas\'s group of four would temporarily place themselves under the command of Chen Feng. However, there were also extra clauses providing a guarantee that Chen Feng would not send Thomas\'s group of four to their death as he wished and that he would ensure their safety. If Chen Feng dared break this contract, his link with the Luck Goddess would be thoroughly severed.

This contract…

Thomas and the others exchanged glances and reached a conclusion that this contract was acceptable. A contract of a god was not to be broken. The moment one broke it, they would truly suffer the consequences as detailed in the contract. Furthermore, the contract of a god would only come into existence if the detailed punishments were deliverable by the laws.

For example, as the believer of the Luck Goddess, if Chen Feng dared to go against this contract, the contract would severe his connection with the Luck Goddess, rendering him a crippled resonator.

Wealthy Zhao confirmed the contents of the contract. "Acceptable." At present, Chen Feng\'s greatest backer was his relationship with Luck Goddess. Therefore, his sincerity was apparent by the inclusion of this clause in the contract.

"Let\'s sign it, then," they all said after exchanging glances.


Their respective godly powers emanated out, signifying that the moment any of them broke the contract, their respective godly powers would be removed.


A terrifying radiance swirled around. The officiating of the contract began. Alas, as the radiance of the contract swirled about, Thomas and the rest felt like something was wrong. The color of this godly power…

Was the Luck Goddess a dishonest god? The answer was yes. However, regardless of her nature, her godly power had always been that of a majestic gold. Yet now, the radiance being emanated out of this contract was purple… a rather sinister-looking purple.

"Something seems wrong."

Wu Liang was startled. Just as he was about to withdraw his godly power from this contract...


Radiance swirled about and instantly completed the signing ceremony.


On the contract, radiance swirled about before leaving behind a shining purple imprint, an imprint acting as the witness of the completion of the signing of this contract. Wu Liang and the rest gave the imprint a glance, and instantly, they all bore the expression of people that had eaten a mouthful of poop. That imprint was in fact the insignia of the Misfortune Goddess!


They looked at it, on the verge of collapsing.

Why? Why was it the imprint of Misfortune Goddess?

They all blanked. They looked over at Chen Feng. Looking at his calm expression, their hearts chilled. Could it be that all along, Chen Feng had been a user of the Misfortune Goddess\'s power? No, back then, he had obviously been a user of the power of luck! They were thoroughly dumbfounded.

Perhaps they had guessed wrong?

Wu Liang gulped and cautiously probed, "Erm… Chen Feng, this contract… looks like a contract of the Misfortune Goddess?"

Chen Feng spoke calmly. "Yeah, it is indeed her contract."


Their hearts trembled.

Wu Liang cautiously probed, "Erm… but you and the Luck Goddess…"

"That was in the past." Chen Feng gazed at the sky with a sullen expression before sighing deeply. "Unfortunately, we broke up."

They were all dumbstruck. "Bro... broke up?"

You not only got together with a god, you even broke up with her? Hold on, if he truly broke up with her, then their relationship…

"Sigh." Chen Feng had a bitter and hateful expression. "I never expected that her love for me would turn into hatred… Sigh. It is all my fault for being way too outstanding a person… For both the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess to fall in love with me at the same time…" Chen Feng let out a bitter smile. "Although the Luck Goddess is indeed very adorable and petite, after thinking about it for a long time, I ultimately decided that I still prefer the hot and sexy elder-sister types… That near perfect body, that gentle disposition, she is my true love," Chen Feng said with a loving expression on his face.

Wu Liang was dumbstruck. Thomas and the rest were dumbstruck as well. Holy shit, what in the world? As they carefully recalled the appearances of the Luck Goddess and the Misfortune Goddess, their hearts ached terribly. In short, not only had he gotten together with the Luck Goddess, he had also subsequently kicked her aside because her chest was too flat?

They were all stupefied. It seemed like Chen Feng was merely blabbering nonsense. However, as they pondered what he had said, everything seemed right. Only this could explain why, as a user of the power of luck, he was now a user of the power of misfortune.

This was truly… too melodramatic! They started panicking. What caused their hearts to ache so badly was the fact that this time, they had chosen the wrong camp yet again! No matter what, in this new era, the Luck Goddess was the first to awaken. This signified that she already had the advantage and could very well grow into the strongest god. That was the reason they had decided to follow Chen Feng. Unexpectedly…

What a scam! They were too tired to even berate their fate. Why in the world was this bastard tricking them all the time? This was too excessive!