The Strongest Gene - Chapter 707: The Missing Apocalypse

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Chapter 707: The Missing Apocalypse

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

On the Twin Horns World, a pitch black radiance was swirling about. An elder was gazing up at the starry sky. "Has contact been established with that child?"

The underling shook his head. "No." Ever since the teleportation portal was destroyed and the captain went missing, they had not been able to make contact. Even though they had obtained some extremely terrifying news regarding the human world… a lot of them were still unwilling to give up just like that.

"In my memories, the human world should be a low-tier martial world, right?"

"Based on my deductions… their strength should be much weaker than ours…"

This was their initial opinion. However, the words the captain had left before his disappearance had caused them great suspicion. They no longer dared to leave this world. This had remained true until today.

"It might be false news sent by some human…"

"It is also quite possible that the captain has long fallen under their control."

The elder spoke calmly. "I no longer want to wait. Whatever the case, we have to look at it with our very own eyes."


The rest were agitated as well. Regardless of what the human world was like, they needed to have a look themselves.

"How goes the deduction of the coordinates?"

"We found them. Based on the coordinates provided last time, we were able to deduce an even more suitable position. This time, we will not teleport straight onto that planet. Rather, we will arrive in outer space outside the planet."

"Mhm… Very good. Let us begin, then."


A terrifying radiance swirled around. The twin-horns race, which had long finished their preparations, started teleporting once again. Based on the coordinates they had received previously, they had determined the perfect location for their teleportation. This time, they would not come in contact with the humans. Rather, they could observe the humans first.


The empty air started shining brightly, and an immense teleportation portal appeared there. The sky was ripped apart as the twin-horns race gathered before it.

"It is open!"

"Let\'s go!"


With their preparations done, they all charged forth. However, right at this instant, the portal turned red, and an astonishing aura abruptly descended.

All the twin-horns members were stunned.


This aura…

This sky…

"Has something happened at the human world?

One of them pointed at the sky in alarm. "What is that?"

There, where the portal had opened, a red radiance with a long trail was descending with boundless might. Tearing through space itself, that thing was headed straight toward the Twin Horns World.


"Damn it, this is a comet!"

The elder looked at the sky, his expression finally changing. Comet! A peculiar comet!

They screamed in alarm.

"Quick, shut down the portal."

"We are too late!"

"Stop the comet!"

Alas… it was already too late. With the might of the apocalypse, the comet descended upon them. Nobody was capable of stopping it.

"How can this…"

They merely stared on blankly at the sky. Before them was an expanse of nothing but red. The first time they had tried entering the human world, their plan had instantly been foiled with their vanguard getting caught, losing contact with the entire team.

The second time they had tried entering the human world, before even entering, a calamity had come crashing at them.

How could there be such a coincidence? The moment they opened the portal was the exact moment the comet was passing through? That shouldn\'t happen, right? That was such a huge comet! How could such a huge comet travel past that planet?

With the terrifying might of this comet, it was definitely an uncommon one. How could the humans have not noticed its approach, causing the comet to, in a sick coincidence, travel straight into the portal opened by the twin-horns race? They were all stupefied. Even when the comet arrived, they were still clueless as to what had happened.

The elder sighed. "Damn it…" He knew that their tiny Twin Horns World could not survive such an impact.

The elder prostrated on the ground. "Lord… we beseech your assistance."

At the same time, the rest of the despairing twin-horns race prostrated on the ground as well. They muttered without stop, praying to their lord. Above them, that comet continued its descent.


An immense shockwave engulfed the entire planet. The entire Twin Horns World was ravaged by the red comet. Suddenly, amid the boundless red, a figure appeared. Indifferently, the figure\'s hand lifted, forming an energy ring and defending against the crashing comet.


The comet took a detour and turned around, returning to space. It was actually flung away! The red blanket vanished, leaving a bunch of twin-horns members and the surface of the planet greatly messed up.

"Thank you, Lord." The elder was extremely agitated. Their lord, the omnipotent god, had finally awoken!

The lord\'s head shook. "I heard you calling. I made an exception to come out of my seclusion. This has caused immense exhaustion on my part. You guys need to cultivate properly so I can reappear again soon. This thing"—the lord left behind a leaf—"will be helpful in rebuilding this place."


After finishing these words, the lord vanished.


The twin-horns race kowtowed to the lord. However, after the lord went back into seclusion, they looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do with this half-destroyed world.

Energy… This world was now exhausted of energy!

In this Twin Horns World, each cultivator supplied their lord with the power of faith, since here, everyone was a devoted believer of that lord. Unfortunately, the energy contained within this world was finite. It had been a very long time since the Twin Horns World\'s population had increased, and it had been a very long time since any of them had improved in their cultivation.


That world!


The elder looked at the leaf in his hand. In this bluish-green leaf, a dense vitality radiated. This was something they could use to rebuild their homeland.

The elder narrowed his eyes, suddenly recalling something. "This thing… Is there anything remaining of what Chen Feng left behind on this world back then?"

The underling nodded. "Yes. We have some of the clothes he wore when he first came here."

The elder smiled. "Very good. We only need an item from that world."

Soon, the clothes were brought over. With a sharp gaze, the elder placed the leaf gently on top of the cloth. In his eyes, countless inscriptions flashed into appearance. Next, a powerful power of deduction started operating as the leaf glowed green.



Around the clothes, a half-illusory world started appearing.

Chen Feng…

Ancient race…

Genetic Era…

First in the world…

Gene reagent…

A huge amount of astonishing information appeared.

Finally, the elder howled with laughter. "Hahahaha! So it turns out that this is what the human world is like? So this is your world\'s strength? Chen Feng is in fact the strongest there?"

Finally, he understood. There was no such thing as a terrifying human world. All along, that damnable Chen Feng had been tricking them. He was sure that their vanguard captain had been captured by Chen Feng before being used to mislead them, leaving behind such a message to them. The reason he had done this was that the human world was truly too weak…

As for the comet earlier? Merely a coincidence.

Naturally, if Chen Feng knew what was happening here, he would definitely have told them that the descent of the comet was no coincidence. Rather, the twin-horns race had intercepted the comet in place of the humans.

The elder howled with laughter. "Hahahahaha! Keep preparing the invasion. The human world shall soon be ours."

Awakened ones everywhere? Chen Feng wasn\'t an ordinary person? Screw all of that.

The twin-horns elder shouted, "This time, we will fully enter the human world."


They were all filled with anticipation. They knew that the moment they finished their preparation would also be the moment that they invaded the human world. That wide and vast world would belong to them! The humans, that weak race that was bad at cultivating, were not qualified to live on such a planet.

Damnable humans, wipe your ass and await our conquering! Hehehehe…