The Strongest Gene - Chapter 706: The Only Way

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Chapter 706: The Only Way

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"Have you forgotten? Luck has a great influence on transmigration…" Kong Bai muttered.

Hearing this, Chen Feng came to an abrupt realization.

True! With the Luck Goddess\'s influence…

Kong Bai shrugged as he explained, "We will not be able to transmigrate to the past. Duma said that anything you do now will potentially lead you to extreme danger. It will be for the best if you just stay here and rest while focusing on gene production." This was the most he could do for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng took in a deep breath. "I understand." He tried contacting everyone else, but all of them rejected him. The reason for this was extremely simple: it was already very lucky of Chen Feng to have been able to survive the Luck Goddess. With his present situation, if he still dared to act recklessly, things would truly be extremely dangerous. One could say that if he dared to move out once again, he would definitely die.

Therefore, nobody would allow Chen Feng to leave, as this time, their opponent was a god, the Luck Goddess. Before the Luck Goddess, all of Chen Feng\'s miracles in the past were reduced to mere jokes. Therefore, nobody would help him this time.

The last person he contacted was Qin Hai. "Qin Hai…"

Similarly, Qin Hai replied with a sigh, "Sorry. I can\'t watch on as you go and throw your life away."

"I can\'t sit here waiting for death and doing nothing," Chen Feng replied solemnly.

Qin Hai spoke solemnly as well. "I know you are not resigned to this. Therefore, tell me. So long as you have a method that will work, I will help you without hesitation, even if it involves looking for that Luck Goddess."

Chen Feng sank into silence.

"See… Even if we allow you to leave, you can\'t think of a method either. The only thing you can do is keep trying amid the numerous dangers, or perhaps you will go and look for the Luck Goddess, or even other gods…" Qin Hai sighed. "This will never work, especially with the Luck Goddess interfering."

Chen Feng could not refute this. He knew that Qin Hai was right. With the interference of the Luck Goddess, it would be impossible for him to succeed unless he could coincidentally encounter another god…

Only a god would be able to face a god. Alas, even if a different god awoke, Chen Feng would most definitely not be able to encounter that god thanks to the Luck Goddess running interference. This was like a never-ending circle of dead ends.

Chen Feng had once had control over the power of luck as well. Therefore, he was way too aware of how terrifying luck could be, especially with the amount of luck value the Luck Goddess had. One could say that if she wanted to eliminate the world, she would be able to accomplish that easily. Before the other gods woke up, the Luck Goddess would remain this world\'s sole god.

Chen Feng was perplexed. "What should I do?"

"Wait," Qin Hai answered. "When the Misfortune Goddess awakens, I reckon she will be extremely willing to help you regain your strength due to your relationship with the Luck Goddess."

Chen Feng was speechless. "…" True, that would probably be his only chance. However, how long would he have to wait?

Next, he went online. During the period he had been unconsciousness, the initial wave caused by his crippling had slowly calmed down. At present, everyone was more worried about what Chen Feng would do in the future. However, everyone seemed to unanimously think that Chen Feng would focus on gene production, since this was what Chen Feng was best at and the only way he could still contribute to this world.

How about Chen Feng leaving, going to the outside world again? Forget it. All of humanity was against him going out.


Chen Feng turned his attention to gene production. He was aware that the only method he could still rely on to become stronger was gene production. However, gene-production methods for awakened ones were way too different from normal gene production, as producing genes for awakened ones mainly relied on one\'s consciousness. But the present Chen Feng did not even fulfill that requirement.

That was because, since the collapse of his illusory world, he had not been able to see that miniature person within him. The present him had nothing.

He clenched his fists tightly. "I must regain my initial strength." Gene production? No, it would not work at all. All his gene productions in the past had relied on luck. Now that he no longer had the power of luck and had even become hostile with the Luck Goddess, gene production was no longer possible for him. He couldn\'t achieve success in this occupation where luck played an incredibly crucial role.

If luck stayed forever hostile to him, he was certain that he would not meet success in anything he did in this entire life of his. This was the worst thing about his present situation. Therefore, after contemplating the matter, he found that Luck Goddess had indeed sealed all his options.

"Therefore, I can only wait for the Misfortune Goddess?" Chen Feng muttered mockingly.

What if the Misfortune Goddess did not manage to awaken? Or perhaps, what if she was already dead? Chen Feng stood up and gazed ahead, seemingly trying to look at what the future had in store for him.


How about staying here and focusing on gene production? He could focus on those gene reagents with a high success rate, or perhaps industrialize the gene-production industry, or maybe innovate the industry? No, these would never work. Thanks to the hostility of luck, he would never be able to successfully come out with something new.



He would be nothing but a crippled legend. Slowly, he would retire from even his position as a gene producer and go into retirement. With his shares in the Genetic Union and the Gene Production Association, he would be able to retire comfortably. If, one day, peace finally arrived, he would be able to cheer for it. And if, one day, the world was destroyed, well, he would die together with the world.

This was the future awaiting him. A future where, in this new era where resonators and gods appeared, he could only wait as others decided his fate. From now on, everything in this world would have nothing to do with him.

"I am truly… not resigned to this."

A strong feeling of indignation arose within him. He looked at his present body, which wasn\'t particularly strong, and clenched both his fists tightly. Had he still been too kind after all? If, back then, in that black room, he had trained Spirit even better…


He laughed bitterly. Forget it. After all, he was not as cruel as the Luck Goddess. Even if he had known what he should do to survive, he still would not have allowed himself to be too cruel to the pure and innocent Spirit.

"I no longer want to have anything to do with you, nor will I submit just like this."

He inhaled deeply and decided that he would look for a chance to go out and take a look at this wide world.

Perhaps he would be able to encounter an awakened god and regain his strength? Regardless of whether the god he encountered was a good one or an evil one, so long as that god was hostile toward the Luck Goddess, everything would be fine. Even if the possibility of success was only one in ten thousand, he would not give up on it.


Suddenly, Chen Feng blanked. He studied the screen attentively, looking at the earlier dialog between Duma and the deputy president. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he thought of a certain possibility, a possibility capable of allowing him to reverse everything!

"Misfortune Goddess… That war…"

Chen Feng had a pensive look on his face. Shortly after, he contacted Duma and the rest and gained greater understanding of that war. He also gained more understanding of the death of the Luck Goddess back then, and he found out how, finally, everyone had died together during that final war.

"Back then? Everyone died. But… protecting humanity? That was not the case. Back then, the Luck Goddess\'s side was merely defeated, causing her to lose her mind and drag everyone to death along with her. It was not a war between good and evil. Rather, it was merely a war due to the grudges of some gods. As for the Luck Goddess… since she was too powerful, only the Misfortune Goddess could deal with her. Therefore, the two ultimately perished together in that war…"

These were all the clues Chen Feng had obtained thus far. Toward the end, the Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess had died together, causing the destruction of the entire world. Died... together…

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of a certain possibility.

Could it be…