The Strongest Gene - Chapter 704: Sorry, My Dearest Master

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Chapter 704: Sorry, My Dearest Master

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The Luck Goddess inhaled deeply as she said, "You have long seen through my identity."

"I did have some guesses," Chen Feng explained calmly. "I merely thought of that as a possibility."

The Luck Goddess was furious. "And thus, you have exploited me?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "No. Spirit is different than you. She is pure at heart, one truly worthy of the title of \'goddess.\' As for you… who knows what you are. In any case, the believers of the Sword God and War God claimed that you\'re a bitch." Chen Feng curled his lips.

Luck Goddess: "…" She inhaled deeply. "I am Spirit! Spirit is my true name. As for the spirit body…forget it. For you commoners who will forever only know to worship gods high on a pedestal, you guys will never be able to understand us gods. In any case, we are not clones, or perhaps two different consciousnesses as per your understanding. We have always been one," the Luck Goddess said.

Chen Feng merely replied with a sneer. "Hehe."

"Your brainwashing method is indeed rather formidable. I know of what you did. I want to kill you, yet I can\'t bring myself to do it, as if you are an extremely important person to me." The Luck Goddess shut both her eyes. This bizarre feeling she was feeling was causing her extreme discomfort. Hidden with this mess of an emotion was also a trace of joy? This damnable Chen Feng…

She knew that regardless of what happened in the future, she would not be able to change the past, change what she had experienced with Chen Feng. Even if she was clear that Chen Feng was exploiting her, brainwashing her, she still looked for an excuse to forgive him. How… lowly!

She heaved out a long sigh.


Suddenly, she started muttering to herself. "I am Spirit. Spirit is me. Although I have indeed experienced all that, and I can also forgive you for that, as a god, I cannot allow my sanctity to be sullied. I am a god! I am one of the strongest gods of the Primordial Era! I have my own destiny!"


A faint radiance swirled around. Chen Feng was somewhat startled as he saw this. The way this was progressing… did not seem right?

The Luck Goddess kept muttering the same words to herself.

The bizarre godly power boiled before starting to flicker and, finally, with a loud boom, everything returned to normal again.

"Hello, Chen Feng." The Luck Goddess opened her eyes once again. They were bright yet detached.

"Just now…" Chen Feng studied her eyes and instantly understood what had happened. "You sealed your own emotions?"

That\'s right. Seal. After finding out that she could not bear to act against Chen Feng, after deep contemplation, the Luck Goddess had decided to seal her emotions. This was her dignity, the dignity of the Luck Goddess.

The Luck Goddess spoke serenely. "I am a god. I will not permit myself to capitulate to a lowly human." She repeated the same words she had said earlier, yet this time, her words were filled with detachment.

The Luck Goddess\'s gaze was ice cold. "When the day comes where my seal is removed and my emotions are reinstated, I will probably regret this. I will also hate myself, and I will miss you. But for now… I must kill you."

Chen Feng focused his gaze on her eyes as he asked, "Can you bring yourself to do it?"


Could her emotions truly be fully sealed? With his relationship with Spirit and their shared experiences, even without emotions, the Luck Goddess wouldn\'t kill him, right?


A terrifying godly power bloomed, and once again, the Luck Goddess tried to make a move against Chen Feng.

Alas, it was truly as Chen Feng had guessed. Even with her emotions sealed, she still couldn\'t bring herself to kill him, as it was precisely as she had said: she was Spirit and Spirit was her. Even without emotions, her memory was still there. How could she bring herself to kill him?

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

He had indeed gambled correctly! Toward the end, she still couldn\'t bring herself to act against him. Surprisingly, though, the Luck Goddess merely stared at him silently for a moment before suddenly laughing. This was an incredibly sinister laugh without any emotion.

Chen Feng felt his scalp go numb. "What are you laughing about?"

"I recalled something," the Luck Goddess explained. "I do not need to kill you. What I am worried about is how you will affect the future, this world, or even me with your control over the power of luck. In that case, why must I kill you? I only need to…"

She waved her hand.


A faint radiance flashed as a terrifying godly power surged out.


Chen Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"I do not need to kill you. Since we have such a good relationship, I would regret killing you. Mhm… Therefore, I only need to retrieve the power that belongs to me. I can allow you to continue living on. When the seal on my emotions is removed, I will probably return to comfort you." The Luck Goddess had a faint smile. "Am I right, my beloved little master?"


Her tiny hand pressed lightly against Chen Feng\'s chest.


A terrifying power surged forth. At this instant, the formidable and mysterious power was completely extracted by the Luck Goddess. As for the Luck Goddess, her figure became more and more distinct.


The faint gold power kept flowing out. Finally, all the power was gathered into a single clump before entering the body of the Luck Goddess. Instantly, the illusory figure of the Luck Goddess became solid.


Chen Feng, half kneeling on the ground, coughed up another mouthful of blood.

The Luck Goddess caressed Chen Feng\'s face slowly and said, "Sorry. I can\'t kill you. My feelings will not allow that. Therefore, this is my only option. You are an extremely important person to me. As such, I will allow you to retire from the soon-to-come Primordial War. This war… You do not need to participate. After all, it is way too dangerous for you to participate in the coming war of the gods. Your luck value originates from me. Without luck value, you are nothing. I reckon this is something I will agree with even after I have regained my emotions."

The Luck Goddess made the most proper choice. She was certain that regardless of whether it was the true her or the current her with sealed emotions, both would agree that the correct choice was to remove Chen Feng\'s power over luck so he could distance himself from the coming terrifying war.

The Luck Goddess\'s lingering voice sounded beside Chen Feng\'s ear. "Therefore, be obedient and take your rest. With my godly power of luck, you will be a legend of humanity, a true legend, a legend that has lost all his previous strength…"


With a stagger, Chen Feng collapsed to the ground.


With a flash of gold, the Luck Goddess vanished.

"Chen Feng! Fast, get a doctor!"

The people of the Genetic Union felt something wrong and rushed over. The seriously injured Chen Feng was taken out, and after emergency treatment, he was able to regain his consciousness.

"How is he?" the deputy president asked, deeply concerned.

The medical personnel sighed. "He lost all his power, only leaving behind the empty shell of an awakened one. I suppose he is presently a level-three awakened."

The deputy president was confused. "Empty shell?"

"Mhm. In short, he remains in the awakened realm but is no longer able to use any of his abilities. All his abilities have seemingly collapsed together with a certain power. The present Chen Feng should be the same as the other master producers. He should have extremely weak combat power."

The medical personnel smiled bitterly. The deputy president\'s heart trembled. Same with other master producers? He was clear on how terrifying Chen Feng was. He was an existence capable of unleashing the power of resonators even when he was a mere level-three awakened. He was the undisputed number one human. Yet now… he had lost all his power?


The deputy president clenched his teeth. "Contact Senior Duma! Perhaps only Senior Duma will be able to help."

He had no idea what had happened to Chen Feng exactly. However, Chen Feng was the pillar of support for humanity, and no mishaps could be allowed to happen to him.