The Strongest Gene - Chapter 703: Damnable Chen Feng

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Chapter 703: Damnable Chen Feng

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the Genetic Union, the sudden terrifying radiance erupting from the training room attracted lots of attention. This radiance even attracted countless resonators, and their auras swept past this area.

"What is that?"

"Holy shit, this level of strength…"

"Damn it, have the resonators become so powerful that the gods have awakened in advance?"

"Gods? Could it be…"

Countless people were alarmed. Everyone was aware that as resonators appeared, the usage of godly powers would increase in frequency. This would sooner or later start awakening the gods. However, they had never expected that this day would come this fast.

How long had it been? They all wished that they were mistaken, yet that surging godly power… No ordinary person could create something like that, only the gods.

"The world will fall into chaos."

Everyone sighed.

Everyone focused their attention on that aura. Perhaps they were unable to stop the awakening of the gods. However, they should still keep themselves informed. At this moment, countless eyes were focused on the Genetic Union.

"What\'s going on?"

The deputy president was extremely agitated. Why did this Chen Feng create a mess every time he returned here? It hadn\'t even been that long since he\'d entered that room, yet the attention of countless resonators had already been attracted. Those auras that had been sweeping by… Although those resonators had yet to fully recover their strength, they were still terrifying enough to cause his heart to flutter.

His underling appeared to be at a loss. "N... no idea."

"Is Chen Feng fine?" the deputy president asked urgently.

"His life signal is still extremely stable, even stronger than before, if I must say. Although we do not yet have much understanding of awakened ones and resonators, it is quite possible that Chen Feng is breaking through," the underling guessed.

The deputy president heaved a sigh of relief. "That would be good." He could only watch on as that terrifying aura bloomed, hoping that everything would be fine.

At this time, the similarly shocked Chen Feng was looking at the two identical people there, looking on as godly power started swirling around the two before transforming without stop. He could feel the entirety of his power starting to go out of his control.

No, that wasn\'t right.

To be precise, only the power related to luck and Luck Aura were going out of control.

Shua! Shua!

His luck power transformed, ultimately changing into godly power and swirling around beside Spirit.


If he did not understand even now, he would be a fool. Even way earlier, he had made a similar guess about Spirit\'s identity. However, he had never expected that the truth was in fact much more shocking than he had imagined.

Indeed, his guess was correct. It was no wonder that…

At this moment, all his doubts were cleared.

The mysterious consciousness spoke calmly. "During that primordial battle, all the gods fell. As for my power, I entrusted it to the fate stone. However, due to that battle being too desperate back then, the fate stone was separated into two. One fell asleep together with me, while the other wandered around the universe together with my spirit essence."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "In short… that fate stone I fused with…"

"That\'s right." The mysterious consciousness tranquilly explained, "It wandered about the various worlds for a long time. After it was formally activated, it brought you straight to this world, the world it belongs to. This is also the reason for your transmigration. As for the so-called Luck Aura upgrades… That was merely the processes of me recovering my spirit. During the first upgrade, my spiritual body recovered. That was when Spirit awoke. As for the second upgrade… it granted my spirit body true authority over the godly power of luck. Therefore, I came."

Chen Feng shut both his eyes. Indeed. So this was the truth. This mysterious consciousness, or to be more precise, this person here was the Luck Goddess!

Spirit\'s eyes widened. "I… am your spirit?"

"Naturally," the mysterious consciousness said with a smile. "Perhaps you have some negative opinion of me. However, it does not matter. When you recover your memory, you can fuse with me…"


She pointed midair. Instantly, Spirit\'s big eyes became blank, and her pupils started glowing with a flickering radiance.


Once again, a terrifying radiance swirled around her. Her memory started recovering.

"Awaken," the Luck Goddess muttered.

What exactly was a spirit? In fact, the spirit was one with the god.

When the spirit encountered the main body, the only course of action was to fuse. As such, there would be no conflicts, as the two were one in the first place. The spirit was the main body and the main body was the spirit.

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. "Spirit…"

Luck Goddess looked at Chen Feng indifferently and said, "You should be content with this. You are but mere dust amid the myriad living beings. Due to me, you reached your present height. With your present accomplishments, your life has not been wasted. Unfortunately, I am sorry to inform you that you know way too much about luck. As such, I will have to erase you after this."

Evidently, the moment she finished the fusion would also be the moment of Chen Feng\'s death.


A faint radiance bloomed. Soon, her fusion with Spirit would be completed. When Spirit once again opened her eyes, those blank eyes were once again filled with life. With the godly radiance shining upon her, she started syncing with the Luck Goddess. Slowly, the two bodies overlapped, transforming into one. The Luck Goddess was Spirit and Spirit was the Luck Goddess.


The Luck Goddess finished the fusion and instinctively waved her hand to erase Chen Feng. Next, with astonishment, she found that no matter what, she couldn\'t bring herself to do it. Her pupils shrunk, suddenly recalling the special training session previously, the special training session Chen Feng had held to temper Spirit\'s consciousness.


She had actually spent half a month in a little black room for that special training session.

"Master, what are we doing?"

"Special training."

"But… this is so embarrassing…"

"Only this way will it be effective. Do not forget how a certain someone betrayed me not too long ago."

"Sigh, I am so so sorry."

"Don\'t worry about it. I don\'t mind. However, to ensure that your willpower is even stronger, we must employ such a training method. You have to work hard, okay?"

In her maid attire, Spirit raised her tiny fist resolutely. "Mhm!"

"Who is your master?"

"Chen Feng!"

"Who do you serve?"

"Chen Feng! Hey, no. Using the word serve is way too embarrassing."

"Have you been thinking those dirty thoughts again?"

"No way!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Hmph!"

If this had been any other day, Chen Feng would have used Wang Yao to stop Spirit\'s feelings from growing unchecked. But he had made an exception, allowing such a perverse form of affection to grow.

One time, two times, three times…

Time flowed differently in the illusory world. If even in the real world half a month had passed, how much time had passed in the illusory world?

One year?

Two years?

It would remain a mystery.

Only Chen Feng knew how long they had spent growing their affection, and only Spirit knew what she had experienced during that period. For the somewhat innocent Spirit, that period of time was also her happiest period ever. Even after her fusion with the goddess, even now… that fact remained.


A terrifying godly power swirled around the Luck Goddess\'s hand, yet she truly couldn\'t bring herself to kill Chen Feng. Spirit\'s experiences were in a way her very own experiences. There was no such thing as a separate consciousness. When her true body was completed, only one remained. Everything that had happened to Spirit had happened to her as well. This experience for her was like an experience of the past, an experience after the loss of her memory.

This damnable Chen Feng…