The Strongest Gene - Chapter 700: The Landing of Blame upon the Shoulders

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Chapter 700: The Landing of Blame upon the Shoulders

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Chen Feng let loose a long breath. He had originally believed that if, after scaring them away, he still had luck value remaining, he could stop the apocalypse. Now that he looked at it, it seemed like he had truly been too wishful.

At present, Thomas and the others that had escaped were thoroughly dumbfounded. Even if they were already so far away that they could no longer see the scene there with their naked eyes, they could still sense what was going on there.

Apocalypse, gone? Just like that? How was that possible? The scene earlier… That comet…


Suddenly, they realized what was happening. Could it be that they had all been tricked?

Wu Liang was stupefied.

Thomas was stupefied.

Wealthy Zhao was stupefied.

Sakata Chuunibyou looked like he was collapsing emotionally. Where was the promised mutual annihilation? Where was the promised madman?

"Screw you, Chen Feng!!!"

Numerous mournful howls resounded throughout the air. For the sake of fleeing, nearly all their power had been exhausted, to the point that they had even coughed up their blood essence to hasten their escapes. What if they did the same and rushed back there by coughing up some blood essence? It would be funny if this even worked.

"Ah ah ah ah…"

They were all furious. They knew that they had been thoroughly tricked this time.

"Godly power of luck…"

"Chen Feng…"

They gnashed their teeth in anger, vowing that the next time they saw this Chen Feng, they would turn him into mincemeat!

"The primordial has descended… We have plenty of time, Chen Feng. We shall meet again!" Thomas spat hatefully.

At this time, Chen Feng was at the center of the lake, gathering the leaves that were said to be able to isolate godly powers. After wrapping that stone with the leaves, he fled hastily. Way too many things had happened here. As such, he did not dare to stay here any longer. Right after he left, numerous godly powers swirled around before appearing there.

"Luckily I escaped fast enough," he muttered as he speedily left after throwing one last glance behind him.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous powerful auras appeared, and their powerful consciousnesses crossed each other in the air.

"Is this the center of the earlier apocalypse?"


"I can feel some resonator auras here…"

"Hehe, were they trying to destroy the world?"

A powerful consciousness projected forth this thought: "It has only been so soon after I reawakened, yet I have already had such a close call with death unknowingly? Screw that. We must look for those bastards and kill them. We can\'t allow them to act recklessly."

Not everyone here necessarily knew each other. However, this did not stop them from reaching a consensus that this world could not be allowed to be destroyed. After experiencing the tragedy during the Primordial Era where the battle of the gods had affected even them, causing them to die tragically for no apparent reason, they now treasured their lives greatly. With great difficulty, they were finally alive again, yet they had had such a close brush with death so soon after their reawakening?

"Understood. Let me look for the auras of those fellows."


A faint radiance swirled past as a powerful godly aura surged.

"Mhm… found them. Powers of five gods were found here… the War God, Sword God, Prosperity God, and Dimensional Goddess. There is also another rather faint aura, kind of similar to the aura of the Luck Goddess. On this corpse, traces of the godly power of luck can be felt. I suppose the resonator of the Luck Goddess is already dead. Therefore, those four should be the ones who attempted to create the apocalypse earlier."


The killing intent of other resonators surged.

"The moment we find them… kill without mercy! We must not allow them to destroy this world!"

"That is only natural."

Everyone understood what they had to do. All of them started using their respective methods to search for traces of Thomas and the other three. Evidently, they had no intention of letting these "lunatics who tried to destroy the world" off lightly.



The powerful auras unique to resonators swept around. Even Chen Feng, who had initially been in the midst of fleeing, no longer dared to move. These people were way too strong. When the resonators worked together, their mere consciousness sweeping around was sufficient to plant intense fear in one\'s heart. Chen Feng concealed his aura and hid in the nearby forest. This forest was densely populated by wild animals, and those resonators were presently looking for godly powers. As such, their senses merely momentarily stopped on Chen Feng before moving on.

Shua! Shua!

The terrifying auras swirled around and increased their search radius without stop. After a long time...

"Found them! War God, Sword God… heh, all four of them have been found."

"Kill them!"

Shua! Shua!

Numerous consciousnesses locked on to the four. Finally, the main bodies of these resonators moved as well, charging toward the four. At present, Thomas and the others, who had just finished a hasty retreat, were thoroughly stupefied. What… what in the world was going on now?

They could clearly feel themselves being locked on to by numerous auras. Thomas could even see with his naked eyes that, in the distance, a resonator was charging toward him. He wanted to ask this bro what was going on, but when this bro neared, an intense killing intent surged.

"The f*ck?" Thomas turned around and immediately fled. He presently didn\'t have much godly power left. He was definitely not these people\'s opponent. Similarly, Wu Liang, Wealthy Zhao, and Sakata Chuunibyou faced the same situation with strangers chasing after them for no apparent reason.

What was going on?

What happened?

Weren\'t resonators normally lone rangers? Why were they all working together? Could these fellows actually be members of the Genetic Union? But the Genetic Union clearly did not boast any resonators in their ranks, right? They were completely bewildered. They had no idea what was going on. Fleeing was the only thing they could do.

After fleeing for an entire day, finally, from the conversations of those consciousnesses, they figured out that these resonators had gathered together due to the earlier apocalypse. They all were of the opinion that Thomas and the other three were the lunatics of some heretical organization. Thus, the consciousnesses were working together to eliminate them four.

Thomas: "???"

What heretical organization? They should be hunting that Chen Feng fellow, right? And thus, Thomas, who finally found an opening, transmitted an intense thought to those consciousnesses, telling them who the real enemy was: Chen Feng, the user of the godly power of luck!

Alas, the only response he received was mockery.

"Hehe. The only trace of the godly power of luck we found was on that leopard, which was obviously killed by you guys. No other resonators of luck exist."

A certain resonator sneered. "Such a stupid explanation. Do you guys think that you can escape with this?"

Wu Liang did not dare to believe this. "No, that\'s not possible. Chen Feng is clearly the culprit."

A resonator sneered. "Ridiculous. Do you think the results of so many resonators\' investigations can be wrong?"

If this was only one resonator, there would be a possibility of a mistake. However, with the repeated inspection of so many resonators, they had confirmed that the only source of the godly power of luck there was that dead leopard. These four were most certainly lying.


At this, Thomas and the others were thoroughly stunned. No others were found? What about Chen Feng? Hold on, since when had the leopard used the godly power of luck? But there was no reason for this many resonators to lie to them!

But then, Chen Feng was obviously the one who had used the godly power of luck earlier? Thomas and the rest were completely bewildered. Could it have been an illusion? They started doubting their eyes. What in the world was going on?


Once again, the resonators\' attacks descended. Thomas clenched his teeth and continued his escape. They knew that regardless of what happened there, this blame for trying to cause apocalypse would without a doubt land upon them.

Curse it!