The Strongest Gene - Chapter 696: Luck Is on Our Side

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Chapter 696: Luck Is on Our Side

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Sakata Chuunibyou\'s body chilled as he recalled the legend. "I seemed to have heard of a similar legend…"

Wealthy Zhao wiped his cold sweat. "I heard of the same legend as well. Although it did not explain things clearly, if it is compared with what we are seeing here…"

Chen Feng calmly continued, "Perhaps my power is enticing it, or perhaps my power will grant it the greatest improvement in strength. Therefore, it has been focusing on fusing with me, since at present, it still isn\'t particularly powerful. However, after devouring and fusing with my power… which of you guys will be able to escape?"


The rest took in a mouthful of cold air in shock. As they analyzed Chen Feng\'s actions thus far, what he said seemed to be right? He had been dodging the stone all this while!

Wu Liang was filled with doubt. "Are you telling the truth?"

"If this were a lie, I would have fused with the stone long ago. Why else would I still be here talking to you guys?" grumbled Chen Feng.

Wu Liang sank into silence. True, this was an undeniable fact. If that stone was truly something good, when the moment it had first charged at Chen Feng, he would have fused with it. Would the rest of them have then stood any chance? Moreover, the actions of that stone had also caused all their hearts to chill. As a treasure, should it not stay there obediently while others fought over it? Why was it coming by itself? This scene by itself was dreadful enough.

Chen Feng spoke coldly. "It possesses its own consciousness, a sinister and powerful consciousness."



Seemingly understanding Chen Feng\'s words, the stone started flickering frantically. As the rest saw this, the fear in their hearts deepened. This mysterious stone was indeed not an ordinary item.

"Those suddenly appearing mutated beasts, that leopard still watching on there… do you all believe that it is a mere coincidence that they are all here?" Chen Feng said coldly. The rest thought about it and gained an understanding shortly after.

Wu Liang was ashen faced. "We have all been tricked!"

Wealthy Zhao was furious. "This is actually a trap set up for resonators."

"Damnable stone," Thomas cursed.


Once again, the stone started glowing.

They all maintained their calm. "What is it saying?"

"Please wait a moment." Chen Feng shut both his eyes and asked Spirit the same question. Since Spirit was similarly a consciousness birthed from the fate stone, perhaps she could understand what this fellow was trying to say.

"Oh… I don\'t quite understand the specifics of what it\'s saying, but I get the general meaning. It is saying that as a divine item of luck, it is only here to select the chosen seed of heaven. It bears no malice," Spirit translated, somewhat at a loss.

"All right." To the rest of them, Chen Feng translated, "It seems to be saying that it is the chosen seed of heaven. For us to be devoured by it, we should all be deeply grateful?"

Mysterious Stone: "???"

Was this translating?



It raged and started shining brightly.

"See, I have indeed guessed correctly."

Spirit: "…"

However, this stone being able to communicate somewhat surpassed his expectations. If he could get Spirit to communicate with this stone… However, after giving it some thought, Chen Feng gave up on this thought. If his guess was correct…

He shook his head.

"Spirit." Chen Feng spoke solemnly. "Remember. Never ever communicate too much with this stone. Its power of luck is too powerful, so powerful that you might be influenced as well."

Spirit nodded her tiny head resolutely. "Mhm. Don\'t worry."

After her previous experience, she had vowed to do her best here. She definitely would not do anything contrary to Chen Feng\'s wishes.

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. "That\'s good, then."

At present, seeing as how there seemed to be no progress, the leopard started approaching them slowly. The terrifying aura gave them all an intense sense of oppression.

"How ridiculous." Thomas entered his resonation mode. "Looks like we have no choice but to fight it out."


The rest entered their resonation mode as well.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Planning to use force?" It seemed like after seeing how it would not be able to fuse successfully, the stone had finally decided to deploy the leopard and fuse with him forcefully.

Thomas laughed sinisterly. "Looks like we have to work together once again."

The actions of the leopard had verified Chen Feng\'s guess. Now that there were no longer any doubts, since this stone was indeed not something good, they should just destroy it. For something like this, the stronger it was, the faster the god behind it would reawaken.

Therefore… they had to destroy this stone.

Thomas had a vicious expression on his face as he said, "Before the War God reawakens, I will not allow another god to reawaken!"

Wu Liang sneered. "What a coincidence. I am of the same opinion."

The two exchanged glances and laughed. Regardless of their grudges, at present, they all shared the same goal: to eliminate this damnable stone.

Naturally, their only hindrance was the leopard.

Wealthy Zhao took in a deep breath. "The aura of resonance… Although you possess the complete power of a resonator, I feel like your aura isn\'t particularly powerful. Perhaps you are not a resonator of the same batch as us? You are a newly broken-through resonator. That\'s right. That is the only way for you to be a complete resonator before the rest of us have recovered our strength. You have no need to recover your strength because you are a brand new resonator!"

Suddenly, they all gained understanding. So this was a brand new resonator?

Wu Liang laughed. "In other words, level-one resonator?"

"Yeah. Even though it is already a resonator, at level one, it can only borrow a feeble amount of its god\'s power." Thomas laughed viciously. "Although the four of us have yet to fully recover, we can still easily defeat it."


Their gazes became savage. Since they were already sure of their target, now would be the time to…

Right at this instant.



The glowing stone seemed to be furious for real now. Perhaps due to the provocation of these people, or perhaps because it had figured out that fusing with Chen Feng was no longer possible, it resolutely gave up on chasing after Chen Feng.


It flickered, and before anyone could react, it charged backward, heading toward the leopard.


Instantly, the stone was embedded in the leopard\'s forehead.


A dreadful radiance shone brightly.

The feeble resonance aura of the leopard started soaring and instantly broke through four minor realms, immediately reaching level-five resonator.

The leopard howled, so loud even the deaf would be able to hear it.


Their expressions sank. "Damn it." Level-five resonator… With their present unrecovered strength, could they deal with this? Even with the five of them?

Wealthy Zhao spoke calmly. "Fear not. Let\'s first look at the power it actually resonates with. Even at the same level, depending on the strength of the god they resonated with… the result of the battle will be different."


The rest regained their calm. The powers of gods were not necessarily used for battle. Resonators of the War God and Sword God were incredibly powerful. Even the rest of them were resonators of rather powerful gods. That\'s right. There was also Chen Feng here, a resonator of the Luck God. They had the resonators of several major gods here. If so, what should they be afraid of?

Thomas sneered. "Luck is on our side."

The rest gave Chen Feng a glance and agreed with this sentiment.

Although their opponent was powerful, this was a battle they might not necessarily lose.

Chen Feng laughed dryly. "Hehe." He was truly curious: if these people figured out that their current opponent was the actual resonator of the Luck God, would they feel like beating him to death?