The Strongest Gene - Chapter 693: Who Are You?

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Chapter 693: Who Are You?

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All of them were alarmed. What was he doing? Even the stone was dumbstruck as it hovered there, unmoving. When it regained its calm and tried to once again charge at Chen Feng, with a twist of his waist, Chen Feng avoided the stone yet again.

All of them were stupefied. Bro, what are you doing?

They had clearly seen Chen Feng appear there utilizing some spatial current. Why in the world was he avoiding the stone now?

This fellow…

They were all bewildered as they looked at Chen Feng.

"What are you looking at?" Chen Feng berated them. "Why are you all still not stopping it?"

"Huh? Oh."

They reacted and immediately blocked the stone\'s path to Chen Feng, not giving it a chance to approach him. Next, the mood became rather peculiar.



Thomas and the rest exchanged glances and appeared rather perplexed. They were all old foxes with rich experiences, yet this was the first time they had encountered something like this. What exactly was this bro Chen Feng trying to do here? They were all clueless.

Sakata Chuunibyou scratched his head, confused. "Bro, you…"

The other three looked at Chen Feng as well, hoping that he would answer them. However, the present Chen Feng did not have any time to spare for them.

Spirit pouted, almost angered to tears. "What are you doing?" She had with great difficulty created this chance for Chen Feng to obtain that stone. Unexpectedly, during the most crucial moment, this master of hers had actually been pulling her leg. This was too excessive!

Chen Feng merely regarded her silently before suddenly asking, "Spirit, how long have you followed me?"

Spirit pondered and answered blankly, "A long time, I guess?" She had appeared with the previous upgrade of Luck Aura.

Chen Feng sighed. "Yeah. Since your appearance, regardless of whether there was any luck value, you have been by my side, analyzing and calculating for me. In a way, you are the one who has had the most interaction with me, even compared to that lazy bum Xiao Ying. You are also a capable companion of mine."

"Ah?" Spirit had a bad feeling. What was going on with Chen Feng?

"However…" Chen Feng suddenly used an odd gaze to look at her. "Do you still remember when you first appeared? You were rather foolish, no?"

"Ah?" Spirit recalled the scene when they had first met. At that time, she had not had a fixed form yet, nor had she had a name. Both had been given to her by Chen Feng. However, why was he talking about this now?

Chen Feng chuckled. "Both your name and form were given by me. There is also something of utmost importance."

"What?" Spirit asked blankly.

The smile on Chen Feng\'s face vanished. "Authority. Regardless of what you do, you need my authorization, even if it\'s the usage of one single luck value."


Instantly, Spirit paled.

"Yet just now…" Chen Feng took in a deep breath. "After Luck Aura was reactivated, you directly used luck value to create a spatial current. I can forget about the large amount of luck value exhausted without my authorization. Yet for you to toss me into a dangerous place like a spatial current, shouldn\'t you inform me first?"

Spatial currents were extremely dangerous. They only had a probability of one in a million to appear when someone was utilizing spatial powers. If a regular person was to enter a spatial current, that person would definitely die.

Spirit waved her hands repeatedly and said with shame, "S... sorry. I was too anxious. With Luck Aura, the spatial current was definitely safe for you. I… this is my fault. I was too anxious and was in a rush and did not consult your opinion. I am sorry. I will never do this again." Spirit was almost in tears.

Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile. "No, no. You have yet to understand where the problem lies."

"What?" Spirit was confused. What was the problem?

"There is no need for an apology. There is also nothing to be rushed. All along, there has only been one single issue." Chen Feng flashed her a wide smile and said, one word at a time, "Why, as a body of consciousness, are you able to utilize my power without my authorization? Why can you use Luck Aura without my authorization? Who gave you the nerves to do that?" His gaze fixed on Spirit, Chen Feng bellowed, "Was it that stone?"


Spirit was completely dumbfounded.

Chen Feng spoke coldly. "I need an explanation for your actions." This was the true issue he needed solving.

From the moment he first met Spirit, she had always been helping him behind the scenes. Every time she had used luck value, his authorization had been required. However, if she could actually use luck value without his authorization, had she been faking it all along when she\'d asked for his authorization all the time? This thought was rather scary!

If she hadn\'t been faking it, then why? Moreover, even after answering this question, there was an even more terrifying question to answer.

"I… I…" Spirit had a puzzled expression and was speaking incoherently. "Wuwuwu, I truly don\'t know. I was just feeling very anxious, and when I saw you in danger, Luck Aura suddenly reactivated, and instinctively, I used it. Surprisingly, it worked. I truly have no idea what happened earlier," Spirit said with a wronged expression.

She could not understand why this had happened from her mere act of helping Chen Feng.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Do you think I will trust your words?" He refused to believe that there would be such a coincidence.

"I… I…" Spirit was so anxious that her tiny face was flushed red. She wanted to explain yet found that even she herself found her explanation unsatisfactory. She truly had no idea how this had happened. "I am truly clueless," she said with a bewildered expression.

"Well then… back then, in Mysterious Town, why were you missing when my soul returned to the Primordial Era?" Chen Feng asked. "It is reasonable to say that as a body of consciousness, you should have returned to the past together with my soul. Yet that didn\'t happen. Why?"

Spirit was completely confused. "I… I don\'t know. What do you mean by soul returning to Primordial Era?"

Chen Feng: "…"

He had a feeling that Spirit would not lie. However, due to her using luck value without his authorization, he could no longer trust her, not without a proper explanation. Unfortunately, Spirit was behaving this way. He could assume that her failure to follow him back to the past was due to the suppression of the primordial power. However, the matter pertaining to authority…

Chen Feng could not believe that the one he had trusted most had been lying to him all along. This betrayal caused him to feel a bitter disappointment.

Chen Feng\'s tone became gentler. "Spirit, think properly. Why were you able to control Luck Aura?" Chen Feng started leading her on with his line of questioning. "In the past, you had to first ask for my authorization. By the way, have you ever used Luck Aura secretly in the past?"

Spirit lowered her head. "Yes. I tried, but I failed. That was when we first met. I tried to use it secretly only to find that I couldn\'t use it without your authorization."

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. Oh? If there was a comparison, this would be much easier to solve. In the past, she had not had the authority, yet now, she had the authority.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Just when Spirit had been anxious, Luck Aura had coincidentally reactivated. Coincidentally, Spirit could now use Luck Aura freely without his authorization. After using Luck Aura for so long, Chen Feng had stopped believing in pure coincidences. As such, if it was assumed to be something inevitable…

"Spirit, deactivate Luck Aura immediately," Chen Feng said suddenly.

"I don\'t know how to do that," Spirit said, bewildered.

"Just use your consciousness and will for it to be sealed," Chen Feng said.

Spirit was confused. "How?" How could she seal this thing?

"Seal!" Chen Feng bellowed.

In a frantic manner, Spirit pointed at Luck Aura and shouted, "S... seal!"


Suddenly, the aura of Luck Aura vanished.

Luck, sealed.

Spirit\'s eyes widened. "Ah? S... sealed?"

Even she herself did not dare to believe this. She stared at her hands, then at Chen Feng, suddenly realizing that she could never explain herself after this. How had this…

However, at this, Chen Feng\'s trust in her instead increased. "Don\'t worry. Now, continue after me." Chen Feng spoke slowly. "Luck Aura, activate."

"Luck Aura, activate," Spirit said while stammering.


The familiar radiance shone once again. Luck Aura was reactivated.



Spirit was thoroughly dumbstruck. So she had this power in her?

She started sobbing. "I… I… Sorry. I truly had no idea."

"No, I believe you," Chen Feng said with a gentle smile.

"You… you believe me?" At present, Spirit was doubting even herself.

"Naturally. This is probably an ability we obtained after coming near that stone. Therefore, this is an ability you did not possess before this." Chen Feng shook his head. "That is why you were able to use it subconsciously earlier."

"That\'s what happened?" Spirit was still puzzled. She was normally good at deducing things, yet she was utterly confused when she herself was the subject of the deductions.

"Then…" Chen Feng shook his head. "I only have one final question."

Spirit looked at him. "What?"

Chen Feng sighed. "What exactly is your true identity? Let me rephrase my question: who are you?"