The Strongest Gene - Chapter 691: Center of the Lake

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Chapter 691: Center of the Lake

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Amid the quagmire, Chen Feng looked at the two resonators like he was looking at two idiots. The mood of the initial situation, where everyone had been questioning each other, had completely changed due to these two\'s argument. However, none of them were fools. They were able to realize what the problem was soon enough.

"There is no point in us arguing this way," Thomas said.

Wu Liang nodded. "True." They each had their respective faith. This argument was totally pointless.

"Hehe." Smiling, Wealthy Zhao said, "The quagmire here is filled with danger. Although we are all rivals, there is no point in starting a fight now."

"Yeah," Sakata Chuunibyou agreed.

Thomas and Wu Liang exchanged glances and agreed as well.

Thomas sneered. "Hmph. This damnable Chen Feng is the one starting things. Truthfully, among everyone here, I fear you the most. Even during the Primordial Era, the power of luck was extremely terrifying."

The rest had solemn expressions as they heard this. Since luck was something one could not see and predict, it was the most terrifying of all.

"Were you the one creating chaos with luck earlier?" Wu Liang asked with a pensive expression. As the rest heard this, their moods became solemn. True. Even if Chen Feng was making use of luck to create chaos, who could detect it? Was Chen Feng the one inducing them toward conflict with each other? The mere thought caused fear to rise in their hearts. Instantly, everyone focused their attention on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hands repeatedly. "No, truly, I did not. I truly did not induce any chaos. In any case, would it even work against the two of you? I can prove myself," Chen Feng said.

Wu Liang sneered. "How are you going to prove it?"

"Simple." Chen Feng sighed. "This is not how luck is supposed to be used. At present, I can only use it to avoid some disasters, nothing else. As for your conflict earlier… Sigh, I have truly heard of the legend saying that the Sword God is much stronger than the War God," Chen Feng said with a bitter smile on his face.

"Bullshit. Our War God is obviously the stronger one," Thomas rebuked angrily.

"You are the one bullshitting. What the hell does the War God count as?" Wu Liang cursed in rage.

Thomas sneered. "I reckon that effeminate Sword God does not even have a penis!"

"F*ck you. Say it again if you dare."

Chen Feng: "…"

Wealthy Zhao: "…"

Sakata Chuunibyou: "…"

The two continued arguing for a long time before noticing how silent their surroundings were and noted that something wasn\'t right. Next, they looked at Chen Feng and said, "What the hell. Are you messing with us again?"

"No, I truly didn\'t," Chen Feng said with a big smile on his face. "My point is, I truly didn\'t use the power of luck. That thing is only used to avoid disasters. How can I use it to trick others? My power is fortune, not bad luck!" Chen Feng shrugged. "The grudge between the two of you originates from your very selves…"

The argument between the two earlier had proved his point perfectly. The rest exchanged glances and found what Chen Feng said to be agreeable.

Chen Feng continued, "If you do not believe me, you guys can try it as well. It is truly very simple. You guys only need to say that War God is more…"

"Shut up!" Wu Liang and Thomas said at the same time.

Chen Feng shrugged innocently. "Fine."

"Hmph!" Wu Liang snorted and stopped questioning Chen Feng.

"Hehe." Wealthy Zhao tried to resolve the dispute. "Don\'t be too anxious. Since Chen Feng has not messed around with us, how about we work together for now? This quagmire does not seem simple. If we start fighting right now, I suppose that, ultimately, none of us will be able to enter. Therefore, let\'s cooperate temporarily. It will not be too late to start fighting after we discover the item left behind by a god."

The rest exchanged glances and agreed with this proposition. "Fine."

"If so, the first thing we need to deal with is this quagmire." Wealthy Zhao looked at Chen Feng.

"Let me give it a try." Chen Feng tried leading them out. Indeed, with him leading, the frequency at which they stepped into the quagmire was reduced greatly. They finally left this quagmire.

Wealthy Zhao and the rest were amazed. "The power of luck is indeed powerful."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. It actually succeeded…

Everyone believed that he had used the power of luck. He was the only one who knew clearly that he hadn\'t done anything.

"If that thing is truly helping you, we can go there directly. What is the point in bringing all these people along? If they go there as well, they will be our competitors," Spirit urged.

Chen Feng: "…"

That mysterious stone was even more anxious than he had imagined. However, since the stone was so anxious, why had it not come to Chen Feng itself? Duma had once said that this stone was extremely dangerous and had vanished by itself before as well. As such, it should be able to move, right?

Chen Feng\'s glance swept past the others around him. Are you afraid of these people?

Was this fear due to the power of resonance?

Countless thoughts flashed through Chen Feng\'s mind, yet he maintained the same calm expression. They continued heading toward the center of the forest. Suddenly, howling sounds arose from around them, and numerous huge and dreadful-looking monsters appeared. All of these monsters were awakened ones!

Thomas sneered. "I knew there would be mutated beasts here."

"We will be relying on you both, then," Wealthy Zhao said with a smile.

"Fear not."

Thomas and Wu Liang moved together.

Swish! Swish!

A terrifying combat power erupted, and in a short few minutes, the ten-odd awakened beasts were all killed.

Wealthy Zhao narrowed his eyes. "The strength of you two… I reckon you both have recovered around 50% or 60% of your strength, right?"

"Nope," Thomas said calmly. "Presently, I am only at level 10 awakened at most."

"I am around the same as well," Wu Liang said. The rest of them\'s moods sank. Level 10 awakened…

That\'s right. As resonators, even if only 50% of their strength was recovered, they were sufficiently strong to deliver a crushing defeat to all awakened ones. Just look the two of them that were already as strong as a level 10 awakened before full recovery. It was no wonder that the two of them had been able to easily defeat the 10-odd awakened beasts. Presently, they were at the peak of the awakened realm, level 10 awakened.

As the beasts were already dealt with, they continued heading toward the center of the forest.

Somewhat surprisingly, the soil beneath them, which was supposed to be loose and wet mud, had become hard now. When stepping on the ground, it felt like they were walking on normal ground instead of mud. The scenery before them was clear and had wide open spaces in front of them.

"This place…"

They stopped walking and increased their vigilance. They were already used to the numerous lurking dangers in this forest. What was up with this seemingly empty piece of land here?

Wu Liang was filled with doubt. "Just like that, we can reach the middle of the lake directly?"

Thomas was filled with doubt as well. "I guess so?"

"Let me take a look." A random ray of light shot out of Chen Feng\'s hand into the ground.


The ground trembled, yet no damage was dealt to it.


Yet another ray of light shot out of his hand. This time, it was a red flash that instantly vanished in the distance, not returning.

"Mhm… The ground is extremely solid. There should be no monsters hiding underground. No barriers have been detected up to a certain distance ahead either. We have not been locked in. Therefore, I reckon that there are no obstructions here," Chen Feng said after pondering for a bit.

They started guessing. "Perhaps… this is the same as our previous guess. This is a place of inheritance for awakened ones prior to that era."

Chen Feng nodded in agreement. "That is possible."

Just like that, they approached the middle of the lake carefully. Regardless of what they guessed, they still maintained absolute vigilance. Surprisingly, there were truly no more obstacles stopping them. Their entire journey proceeded smoothly, and soon, they reached their destination.

There, a mysterious yellow stone was flickering with light. The light was in fact the aura of a powerful god that kept drifting around the air, causing all their hearts to flutter.

Their hearts jolted furiously. "Just like this, we found it?"