The Strongest Gene - Chapter 690: Say That Again If You Dare?

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Chapter 690: Say That Again If You Dare?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Everyone\'s heart jolted furiously.

Resonance… there were actually so many resonators here?

That person sneered. "Now, tell me. Which lord\'s strength have you resonated with? I have never seen any lord with such a weird power. Even resonance should not be able to allow you to ignore all these weird occurrences."

By the side, a person suddenly said, "I agree."

Just like that, they all focused on Chen Feng. If Chen Feng could not clear their doubts, they would most certainly not allow Chen Feng to move together with them and might even join hands to eliminate him.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Is that so?" From this development… it seemed like things were about to get interesting.

"If there\'s no choice, we can just leave now," Spirit proposed. At this time, their best option would be to leave these people. Chen Feng was sure that if he decided to leave them now and rush straight at the fate stone, he would be able to move forward smoothly, as all these people here would be stopped by numerous hurdles. Chen Feng would most certainly be able to obtain that stone.

However, Chen Feng was able to sense an odd trace of anxiousness here. That\'s right, anxiousness, and not his; rather, it was the stone that seemed to be getting rather impatient. It was compelling Chen Feng to rush over there. It was way too anxious, making Chen Feng feel like something was abnormal here.

What\'s the rush?

Furthermore, this current situation he was facing could very well be the work of that stone as well. If luck was truly trying to help him, things would not have changed so suddenly. With Chen Feng\'s understanding of luck, he knew that there were other methods to accomplish the act of helping him forward better. But the way this stone was operating… was too impatient—and childish, in a way. It was merely employing brutish methods to accomplish its goals, completely unlike the grace with which Luck Aura operated.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. Why are you in such a rush?

Before answering these doubts of his, he would absolutely not rush boldly toward that stone. If that was not the fate stone and was a fake stone instead, what should he do then? Was the counterparty intentionally faking a fate stone to lure him over to obtain his fate stone instead? This might be true as well. Toward anything related to the Primordial Era, related to gods, Chen Feng had to be extra careful.

"What\'s up?" Spirit asked curiously. Her master was giving her a different feeling.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Nothing." He did not have any time to explain to her. In any case, leaving was not an option. Rather, he regarded those who were questioning him and said, "If so…who are you guys, then? Nearly all the awakened ones have been eliminated from the race. I reckon none of those remaining are simple characters. I have my own method of avoiding damage. How about you guys? Hehe… which of us that still remains here is a simple character?"

Those people sneered. "Hehe."

"Ah?" Some awakened ones raised their heads and looked at the people talking to Chen Feng, then at the sneering spectators. Suddenly, a terrifying realization dawned upon them.

"All of you… are resonators…"

Their faces greened from the fright. They had initially believed that at most, there would only be one or two resonators here and that they would still be able to make some gains amid the chaos. But from the looks of things…

"S-sorry. I will retreat now." An awakened one left immediately.

Another awakened one smartly decided to flee. "L-lords, goodbye."

The rest exchanged glances and could only smile bitterly before leaving one after another. It was as Chen Feng had said. At present, awakened ones were no longer qualified to remain here. Ultimately, only five remained.

The person that had first questioned Chen Feng asked with a cold gaze, "You have yet to answer my question. What is up with you? If you can\'t give me an explanation, I\'m afraid we will have to deal with you."

Chen Feng smiled. "Hehe. Before asking about the power of others, should you not first introduce yourself? Perhaps you guys are merely thinking of figuring out what my power is before targeting me, getting rid of a competitor?"

Suddenly, that person sank into silence. After a long time, he said, "I am Wu Liang, a resonator of Lord Sword God. The attribute of my power is incomparable sharpness."

Chen Feng: "…"

Sword God… what the f*ck? Such a god exists? But then, apart from those major powerful gods, there are other minor gods in existence as well. In any case, there are numerous gods in existence, each with their own believers.

Chen Feng looked at the other three. "What about you guys? For the sake of fairness, it is better for us all to speak out."

"I am Sakata Chuunibyou, resonator of the Dimensional Goddess. My power is unequaled passion," a resonator with a young appearance said.

"I am Wealthy Zhao, resonator of Lord Prosperity God. My wealth is my greatest strength," a middle-aged resonator said.

"I am Thomas, resonator of Lord War God. My power is incomparable boldness," a golden-haired resonator said.

Each of them briefly introduced the god they resonated with. However, when the last person finished his words, everyone looked at him uniformly.

War God!

A War God resonator was actually here as well! There had been countless gods during the Primordial Era. However, there had only been a few truly powerful ones, and War God had been one of them.

Thomas smiled proudly. "Hehe."

What stupid names are these?

Chen Feng was speechless. He had originally believed that with the descent of the primordial, the Genetic Era would enter a period equivalent to fantasy novels, with numerous seniors appearing, each using archaic sounding words, such as "thee," "thou," "shalt," and so on. Surprisingly, these seniors were of such a style.



"It\'s now your turn."

Wu Liang fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. Chen Feng\'s performance earlier had been way too bizarre. Even though he hadn\'t actually done anything, the act of not acting was the very thing that had caused him to stand out from everyone else.

Perhaps Chen Feng could hide this from those awakened ones, but it was not possible to hide from these resonators.

"Hehe." Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Did these four not already provide him a template with which he could introduce himself?


He inhaled deeply before saying, "Me, Chen Feng, fortune teller."


Everyone was dumbstruck.

"Oh, sorry." He coughed before continuing, "I am way too used to such a way of introducing myself. I am Chen Feng, resonator of Lord Luck. Luck is my strongest strength. Hence, here…" Chen Feng pointed at the ground below his feet. "These things are rather ineffective against me."


Everyone\'s eyes widened.

Luck… it was actually the power of that god!


Instantly, all the hairs on Thomas\'s body shuddered. During that era, it had precisely been those damnable gods—the Luck God being one of them—that had joined hands to seal the other powerful gods, such as the War God, causing the end of the Primordial Era. From the beginning, they had already been enemies.

Chen Feng glared at him. "Bro, calm down. If we fight right at this moment, those three will be extremely pleased."

Instantly, Thomas calmed down.

Wu Liang was doubtful. "Since you can ignore the quagmire, why haven\'t you entered?"

"I can\'t outrun you guys," Chen Feng said calmly. "If you guys were to instantly activate the power of resonance, you guys would definitely be able to stop me, right? I am not that stupid."

Wu Liang\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "So you intended to conceal yourself till the very end?"

Chen Feng sneered and said, "Don\'t tell me you were not thinking of the same? Anyway, in the legends, Sword God was the god with the strongest combat strength, right? You…"

As Thomas heard this, he became furious. "Bullshit! Our Lord War God is the actual strongest god!"

"Piss off," Wu Liang said impatiently. "Our Lord Sword God was merely disinterested in competing for that title against your War God. Who cares about those stupid titles of you fellows of the West?"

"Pfft. Apart from being mysterious, what kind of reputation did your Eastern gods leave behind during the Primordial Era?" Thomas rebuked. "A weakling is a weakling. Why are you being all sour about it?"

Wu Liang was furious. "Who are you calling sour?"


Holy shit, it seemed like these two resonators, for the sake of their respective idols, no, their respective gods, started cursing at each other?

So this was how the believers of the gods had behaved during that era? Chen Feng started contemplating deeply.


He imagined a scene where a god was seated high upon the throne. Prostrated before the god were countless believers, cheering and yelling with glow sticks in their hands.

"Bro War God, I choose you!"

"Oppa War God, saranghae!"


Chen Feng was truly somewhat dumbfounded at the way these resonators were behaving.

"What the hell does your Sword God count as? Sauntering about every day in some stupid robe like some woman, hanging out with numerous goddesses every single day like a gigolo. Heh, rather than being Sword God, I think he should call himself the Slut God," Thomas said with disdain.

Wu Liang sneered. "Hehe, what about your War God? Keeping that huge bush of a beard on his face all the time and sauntering about with a little hatchet and swinging it around blindly with those stupid-looking tattoos like some retard? And that egg-looking bold head and that fur clothing like some uncivilized savage, does he not feel embarrassed calling himself a god?"

They started glaring at each other.

"What? Say that again if you dare?"

"So what if I say that again?"

Chen Feng: "???"