The Strongest Gene - Chapter 689: I Am a Resonator!

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Chapter 689: I Am a Resonator!

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This was in fact quite simple. Since threats were everywhere at ground level, would it be defenseless up in the air? Evidently, that was not the case. As such, despite the discomfort, everyone had pretended to not know this. This had lasted until a certain idiot had personally tested this guess and confirmed that it was true.


That person started reconstructing his body decisively. However, since this time the entirety of his body was sunk into the quagmire, the amount of energy he expended was so great that it was nearly over his limit. After he was done with the reconstruction and turned around to see how far ahead he had been able to get, his face paled. His remaining energy was insufficient for him to continue on.

"What\'s up there?" someone asked.

His face pale, he glared at them and ignored the question. "Hmph." Looking at the seemingly endless quagmire and the energy left in his body, he inhaled deeply before deciding to give up on this.

"Hehehehe… I shall let you guys have that thing. I no longer want it."

He turned around and left. Surprisingly, when turning back, not a single step landed in the quagmire. After several steps, he was stunned and wondered if his luck had finally turned for the better. After hesitating, he turned around and tried to once again head in the stone\'s direction.


On the first step, he stepped into the quagmire.

"What the hell."

Without hesitation, he reconstructed his leg and immediately left. At present, those around who were watching on seemed to finally understand something. This damnable quagmire here did not seem to have any effect on those leaving. However, so long as one wanted to enter, each step ahead would be a step into a trap.

Everyone was astonished.

"What damnable place is this exactly?"

"Who the hell knows?"

However, it was still fortunate that no fatal threats had appeared so far. Even this quagmire was something that merely required some time to be solved. It would not be fatal. After resting and regenerating their energy, they would naturally be able to proceed on.

"At most, we will just waste some time," someone said.

One person sneered. "My energy recovery is very fast."

They started advancing slowly, not knowing that what they had just experienced was merely the tip of the iceberg. With great difficulty, they advanced amid the quagmire. Suddenly, the person at the front was struck by lightning, instantly granting him a spiky hairstyle.

That person: ???

Subsequently, numerous odd things dropped from the sky without stop.


Cell phones…


Anything one could think of could descend upon them from the sky.

From the speed and momentum of the drop, it was obvious that these things had started dropping from outside the atmosphere.

Swish! Swish!

Numerous things rained upon them with a dreadful speed, causing them to wonder how these things remained fine despite dropping at such high speed through the atmosphere.

Everyone cursed in rage. "Screw this!"

The rage intensified when a certain person\'s head was smashed by a chamber pot. In his fury, he remarked, "What the hell? Why would a chamber pot drop down from the sky?"

Bang! Bang!

With their strength, these things naturally couldn\'t deal harm them. However, this increased the exhaustion rate of their energy, especially so since these things seemingly possessed some homing technology, capable of dropping right on them without missing. This happened to all of them except Chen Feng.

Speechless, Chen Feng looked on as numerous things dropped from the sky. To avoid suspicion, in a low-profile manner, he intentionally moved toward a certain item that had fallen down. He picked that item up and noted that this was a heavy nameplate forged with a unique metal. It had a gorgeous design, similar to those one would normally place on office tables. These words were written on it: "System Technology"—Ban Zhu.

"Huh? Isn\'t this the name of that chairman that also escaped to outer space?"

Chen Feng was astonished at this realization. In short, these things had fallen from outer space? It couldn\'t be that the Fate Stone had destroyed a battleship just so it could create some hurdles for these people, right?

Or perhaps…

That battleship had long been destroyed, and this debris had been drifting about in space until this moment when it started dropping thanks to the stone?

As for the reason these things remained intact despite the fall, Chen Feng did not contemplate it at all. If luck was truly at work here, everything was possible.

Bang! Bang!

The rain of random things continued. None of them dared to move about recklessly, only forcefully defending against these things.

"Leave, leave fast!" Spirit urged. For Chen Feng, this was the perfect opportunity to dump this group of people. In any case, none of the hurdles here were aimed at him. While everyone was stopped, Chen Feng could charge forth and be the first person to obtain the reward. However, Chen Feng did not seem to be in any sort of rush.

"What are you afraid of?" Chen Feng said with a smile. "Spirit, if it is truly something related to Luck Aura, will there be a difference if we go now or later? If it belongs to us, it will belong to us. I might as well take this chance to gain more understanding of the strength of these people. After all, there are resonators amid them as well…"

"Resonance…" Spirit pouted as she heard this. Was Chen Feng still worried about this?



Those resonators were still hiding themselves.

"No rush." Chen Feng beamed as he looked at those people. "When the number of people decreases, they will no longer be able to keep hiding."

Spirit nodded. "Mhm. Let\'s expedite the speed at which the number of people here decreases. The moment they reveal themselves, revealing their strength and abilities, we no longer need to fear them."

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Naturally."


Up in the sky, suddenly, the dropping items changed. Initially, only small and scattered items had dropped. Now, huge electronic appliances were dropping from the sky. Refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and even air conditioners were dropping down upon them from outer space. Could one even begin to imagine what this felt like?

Nobody had any clue as to how these things remained intact through the fall. With raging flames wrapped around them, with terrifying might, these things aimed straight at the people there…


Their expressions changed greatly.

This speed…

They were confident that even with this speed, these things would not be able to hurt them. However, amid the quagmire, if they were hit, they would sink even deeper…

Bang! Bang!

Numerous burning electronic appliances dropped from the sky, instantly causing confusion among the people that had just recovered their energy. Moreover, for some unknown reason, these appliances had seemingly gone through some unknown process during their fall, causing even these awakened ones to be unable to destroy them.

Ka! Ka!

A lot of them had half their body sink into the quagmire.

Shua! Shua!

The only thing they could do was reconstruct their body with a huge amount of energy.

Reconstructing half their body was completely different than reconstructing a single leg. The more body parts they needed to reconstruct, the more the energy exhaustion would be multiplied. After this, a huge number of them were nearing complete energy exhaustion.

"This damnable quagmire…"

One person cursed in rage and could only retreat. Several others saw this and left quietly as well. There were also some who, despite wearing miserable expressions, were still persevering on. The temptation of a god\'s aura was sufficient to cause a huge number of people to lose their reason and become crazy.

However, this was merely the start of what was to come. Since an unknown point in time, the empty air around them had filled with warped air and cracks. A certain awakened one was nearly sucked straight into the spatial current through these cracks.

"What the hell is this?"

"This is impossible!"

Fear surfaced on his face the moment he saw what it was. "No spatial power has been detected here. If so, why has a spatial current appeared here?"

That\'s right. There was no spatial power here. Otherwise, making use of the spatial power, these experts would have been able to reach their destination easily. In that case, why had spatial currents appeared here, then? Was space collapsing here? This…

Some were doubtful. "Illusion?"


A dummy was tossed over, and instantly, the dummy was sucked away into the spatial current.

Everyone\'s eyes widened. During that very instant, a familiar power had been felt. That was spatial power in the form of a singular-direction spatial current. This was something that had come into existence accidentally when others had been unleashing spatial abilities at other places that just so happened to tunnel right to this place, creating the spatial currents here.

"So these are created by the spatial abilities used in other places…"

"A mere coincidence huh?"

At this realization, they all heaved a sigh of relief. However, some of the more quick-witted ones among them instead had unsightly expressions on their faces. Based on the things that had happened so far…

Shua! Shua!

Subsequently, numerous spatial currents appeared right beside them, trying to suck them in with a terrifying pulling force.

"What the hell is this?"

"Damn it!"

Their expressions changed greatly.

Bang! Bang!

Finally, they couldn\'t hold it in anymore and started attacking these spatial currents, collapsing them. Alas, despite their success in getting rid of these spatial currents, there was not much energy left in them.

Soon after, another group of people quietly left. Once again, the number of people here dropped greatly. At this time, finally, someone noticed the oddity that was Chen Feng, as earlier, no spatial currents had appeared beside him at all. Granted, this could be attributed to luck. However, here at this place, things were supposed to work differently!

Every single person there seemed to have had a spatial current aimed at them, yet the same did not appear to be for Chen Feng.

A person\'s eyes flashed coldly. "I noticed you long ago. You are very fishy, moving at a rhythm that is completely unlike the others here. None of those dropping things or spatial currents were aimed at you! Who exactly are you?"

The rest fixed their gaze on Chen Feng as well.

This fellow was indeed unlike the others here.

Chen Feng sneered. "Me? Children, do not provoke a power you don\'t understand. The present me has yet to recover fully and does not have any intention of making a move on you juniors… Do not force my hand!"

Intense killing intent started emanating out of him.

The person that had asked the question was alarmed. "You are a resonator!"

Chen Feng snorted. "Hmph!"

That person shook his head soon after. "No, that\'s not right. Even if you are a resonator, whose power are you resonating with? Even if you are a resonator, you still shouldn\'t be so weird!"

Chen Feng looked at him. "How are you so sure?"

"Why?" That person sneered coldly. "Because I am a resonator as well."