The Strongest Gene - Chapter 687: I Felt My Heart Beating

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Chapter 687: I Felt My Heart Beating

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In Lugang Town, a light beam soared up straight into the clouds. The terrifying radiance and boundless aura spread and were felt clearly by nearly all the awakened ones worldwide.

"What is that?"

"A resonator of legend?"

"No, that doesn\'t seem to be the case. Even a resonator should not possess such powerful strength. From the looks of the aura, it might be a god?"

"The aura of a god?"

Everyone was alarmed. It was impossible for this aura to be unleashed by a god for real. However, since this was indeed the aura of a god, it signified that it was quite possible that a legendary godly tool was what was unleashing this aura.

Or perhaps…

An inheritance left behind by a god.

At the thought of this, everyone could no longer remain calm, including those awakened ones who were still in the midst of recovery.

"An item left behind by a god…"

"This aura…"

"If I can obtain it…"

Everyone started forming their own plans. Since chaos was about to erupt, nobody could know for sure what the future would be like. If at this time they could greatly increase their strength, perhaps they could truly build a strong foundation in this coming new era.

"I am definitely going to obtain this thing," a person said with a resolute gaze.

"No matter what it is, I must obtain it," another person said.

"Looks like… I can leave seclusion in advance." A resonator who had yet to recover his full strength walked out of his cave.

At the same time, countless people headed toward Lugang Town. Everyone had the same goal: to obtain the item left behind by a god.

At present, the Genetic Union had just completed their investigation of Lugang Town. This was an ordinary small town. Strictly speaking, the exact place that this had happened not within the town. Rather, it had happened in a forest near the town. Within that forest was a huge lake, a lake where, originally, a mysterious stone had floated and later suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason. This time, it had reappeared again, causing such a big scene.

The deputy president spoke slowly. "Based on our investigation, that so-called leftover item of god is in fact that stone."

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. So it\'s that stone! If it was that stone…

He contacted Duma immediately. After contemplating in silence for a while, Duma merely shook his head and said, "Something like this will only be obtained by the one fated to obtain it. Your strength will not matter."

Chen Feng contemplated as he sensed the stirring Luck Aura within him. Fate…

He could clearly feel that the moment that stone had started erupting with this aura, Luck Aura had begun shining brightly. Perhaps, this was the opportunity for his Luck Aura to finally complete its upgrade. The moment he obtained the stone, Luck Aura would finish upgrading!

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. Next, he would be able to rise in power in the coming aura of chaos with his Luck Aura. At the thought of this, Chen Feng inhaled deeply. It seemed like he would have to go compete for the stone as well!

The deputy president transmitted some information to him. "This is the information pertaining to Lugang City. We have a branch there as well. Although that branch isn\'t particularly strong, they can still provide you with some assistance. At present, a lot of people have already headed there. Based on the official statistics, at least several dozen awakened ones had appeared there. It is now an extremely dangerous place."

Chen Feng was astonished. "Several dozen…" The Genetic Union had been subduing awakened ones all this while, yet there were still so many out there?

The deputy president shrugged. "There\'s no helping it. Some awakened ones are extremely intelligent and hid themselves immediately upon awakening. After all, as long as they don\'t act recklessly, their aura will never leak out. As such, such awakened ones are impossible for us to locate. But this incident might be a good chance for us to subdue even more awakened ones. We already have some awakened ones ready in secret. As for the thing…"

The deputy president sank into contemplation. He had no idea what exactly the thing that was said to be left behind by a god was. However, if it was truly something important, there a huge number of experts would compete over it. As such, it would be pointless no matter how many people he deployed over there. With Chen Feng\'s present strength, they would not be able to out-compete him. They might as well retain their strength.

"I will get them to be on call at Lugang Town," the deputy president said after giving it some thought. "If you have anything you want them to do, you can command them at any time."

"Mhm." Chen Feng nodded and paused, then said, "It is for the best if the people of the Genetic Union do not get involved in this. Resonators might appear this time."

The deputy president\'s expression changed greatly. "Resonators!" Had the time come for such terrifying enemies to appear?

Chen Feng shook his head. "There is no need to be afraid. Although they will appear there, their strength is probably greatly weakened as well. At most, they will be at around level eight or nine awakened… I will give it a try when the time comes. It is better if the newbie awakened ones of the Genetic Union do not go forward and throw their lives away. At that time, get them to focus only on the level-one or -two lone awakened ones. That will be sufficient."

The deputy president nodded with a bitter smile. "Understood." Only now did he realize for real the depths of the hidden currents of this incident.

Awakened… Resonance… Perhaps the appearance of this stone was also the start of the chaotic era? There, a huge battle would definitely erupt. At the thought of this, the deputy president deployed several dozen awakened ones. Their only mission was to maintain stability in Lugang Town, nothing else.

Chen Feng was astonished. "They are not there yet?"

"Mhm. Based on the news we received, that radiance is still enveloping the entire forest. Nobody is able to approach. All the awakened ones are waiting for a chance nearby," the deputy president explained.


Chen Feng shut his eyes.


He was sure that this stone was definitely related to the Fate Stone.

"Spirit, can you feel anything," Chen Feng asked Spirit.

"Mhm…" Spirit had a perplexed expression. "When that thing appeared, I seemingly felt my own heartbeat. However, I am obviously a mere body of consciousness…"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Is that so?" Indeed, Spirit could feel it as well.

Chen Feng smiled. If his guess was correct… "Looks like an upgrade is imminent for you."

Soon after leaving the Genetic Union, he arrived in Lugang Town. The instant he stepped into Lugang Town, the radiance enveloping the forest started trembling, instantly removing the seal around the forest.

"It has opened!"

"Hahaha, this is precisely what I have been waiting for."

"Has it finally started?"

Countless people charged in emotionally, wanting to obtain the item before others. Only Chen Feng stood outside with a smile on his face.

Indeed… his guess was correct! At present, he could clearly feel the faint trembling of his Luck Aura.

It still couldn\'t be used. However, it was reacting quite intensely to that stone. Facing a different direction, his Luck Aura would have a reaction of a different intensity. With this, his Luck Aura could be used as a compass of sorts. Through its reaction, he could clearly feel the location of that mysterious stone.

Have you been waiting for me all this while? Or perhaps… you have been waiting for Luck Aura?

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. "Things are going to get interesting."


With a leap, he entered the forest. The instant Chen Feng entered the forest, the water of the lake started surging rapidly, giving rise to 100-meter waves that swept everywhere like a tsunami.


The earth trembled.