The Strongest Gene - Chapter 686: Chen Feng’s New Strength

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Chapter 686: Chen Feng’s New Strength

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The testing equipment buzzed without stop, but it was ignored by Chen Feng.


He formed a semicircle with his hands before slowly moving his hands away as he slowly calmed his aura. In his sea of consciousness, the miniature person performed the same motions as him, slowly moving his hands away.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. So… this is resonance? He gazed at the hole that had appeared in this equipment that was supposed to be capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened and knew that his guess was indeed correct. So it turned out that the so-called resonance was in fact the act of triggering resonance with the miniature person within oneself.

However, as Chen Feng gave this some thought, he still felt that something wasn\'t right.

Resonance… was it not the resonance of power? Shouldn\'t resonance be something that would only arise when a resonator\'s power resonated with the power of a god? What was up with that miniature person? Or perhaps… What did that miniature person represent?

Chen Feng shook his head. "Forget it." It did not matter what the miniature person was. He needed to first see how strong this resonance was.

Chen Feng summoned the deputy president over. "Is there any stronger testing equipment?" In fact, Chen Feng was extremely unfamiliar with the people of the Genetic Union. But he had this deputy president here he could boss around, and that was sufficient as far as he was concerned.

The deputy president shrugged. "Um, no. This is already the latest creation of the Research Agency." Creating equipment capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened and slotting a testing chip onto the equipment had already taken all of the Research Agency\'s effort.

"Huh? Why did this thing break? What scary gene reagent are you producing this time?" The deputy president did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw the hole there. His head aching, he said, "I reckon I will get scolded by them for this again."

"Calm down. I don\'t need the same piece of testing equipment. Just tell me, how can I find something that can endure even stronger attacks?" Chen Feng asked.

"It\'s quite simple." The deputy president pointed at the testing equipment that had a hole in it and said, "Just get two of these, put them together, and they will possess a defense that is roughly the same as a level nine awakened. Unfortunately, this equipment is too valuable. As such, the Research Agency will not provide us with more no matter what."

"Is that so?" Chen Feng said pensively.

The deputy president shook his head. "There\'s nothing to be done about it. If you really need it, I can go apply for it."

In fact, the number of people using this equipment was quite low in number. Under normal circumstances, using the tester installed on one\'s wristband was already sufficient. Most of the time, this equipment was only used to test the strength of one\'s abilities. At present, the number of awakened was still not too high, and very few awakened abilities were in circulation. As such, most of the awakened ones had no abilities that they could actually put forth to test.

"There\'s no need for that," Chen Feng said after pondering the matter.


He inhaled deeply. The miniature person within him started synching with him.

The awakened power started flowing within his body. Not needing any sort of abilities, Chen Feng merely waved his hand horizontally in a serene manner.


A horizontal line shot out. Next, the testing equipment capable of enduring the attack of a level six awakened was instantly split in two. With this simple-looking attack from Chen Feng, it was slashed apart.


The deputy president\'s eyes widened. He was completely dumbstruck.

Sla-slashed apart? He looked at the hole in the equipment and suddenly realized something. "This… this is not something you corroded with a gene reagent. Rather, it is a hole you left with your attack?"

He was startled. He had initially believed that this hole had been created by Chen Feng using some gene reagent. Surprisingly, Chen Feng had actually blasted this hole in the equipment with his own strength. What did this signify? One ought to know that at present, even their level-five president could not even leave a dent on this equipment. Yet this Chen Feng was capable of…

The deputy president\'s mouth was stuck agape for a long time. Next, he watched on blankly as Chen Feng stacked the two pieces of slashed equipment together, creating a double-layered testing equipment that was shorter than before. Just as the deputy president had mentioned previously, being stacked like this, this equipment would possess a defense equivalent to a level-nine awakened.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

At present, to sync with his miniature person, he needed to first calm his mind. This time, he was able to maintain his calm, synching with the miniature person within him perfectly. Next, he fixed his gaze on the testing equipment and slowly stretched his hand out.


What is he trying to do? Could it be…

The eyes of the deputy president widened. At present, he was completely at a loss. He was able to realize the meaning behind Chen Feng\'s series of questions soon enough. Chen Feng was trying to test his attack on the defense of a level-nine awakened.

"It can\'t be, right?"

The deputy president was filled with hope and fear at the same time. He watched on as Chen Feng calmly pointed with his finger. There was no flashy-looking ability, nor were there any spectacular special effects from this attack.


Just like that, the stacked equipment was instantly penetrated.


The deputy president blanked.

Succeeded! He actually succeeded!

This Chen Feng kid that had been gradually forgotten had once again created a miracle, reaching such a level of strength. After all, that was the strength of a level-nine awakened! In the levels of awakened, each subsequent level was much scarier than the previous level. The present Chen Feng was five levels higher than their president. If so, how strong was he, exactly? None of them had an answer.

"A pity…" Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. He had clearly sensed that this time, he had only managed to forcefully pierce through the stacked equipment with some difficulty. Moreover, the hole in the piece of equipment stacked at the back was much smaller than the hole in the front, nearly negligible. The back was also pierced, yet the hole was only as small as a needle, whereas the hole in the front equipment was as big as a finger. This signified that Chen Feng\'s present strength was level-nine awakened.

"Level nine awakened…"

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. In other words, as a level-three awakened, he could reach level-nine awakened after resonance?


The deputy president almost banged his head on the wall to death upon hearing this. Already a level-nine awakened, yet he still felt that it was a pity?

He was truly speechless. "Your strength…"

Chen Feng waved his hand. "It is better for this news to not be released. Otherwise, the others will become dispirited. If there are any missions you guys can\'t complete, just hand them to me secretly."

The deputy president could only force a smile at this. "All right." What Chen Feng said was right. If this news was spread, a lot of people would be dispirited indeed. The deputy president could only lament that a legend was truly a legend, after all.

Perhaps, from the moment Chen Feng had become a legend, he had already been an insurmountable existence. Suddenly, the deputy president thought of the previous legendary existence before Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan!

It was quite a pity that the guy was completely uninterested in gene cultivation and was only focused on business. Ultimately, he had founded his Stormtech Company, his way of contributing to humanity. The deputy president gazed at the wristband on his hand. True, when he thought of how the Stormtech Company would provide assistance unconditionally whenever humanity encountered disaster, what more could he say about them? That Luo Yuan was also a legend, similar to Chen Feng. Both were contributing to this world silently.

"Now that we have mentioned missions…" The deputy president paused and said, "There is truly something we need your help with."

Chen Feng looked at him. "Oh?"

"Something has happened at a certain location. There, all life-forms have gone berserk and have become stronger all of a sudden. Primordial auras can also be felt there. It\'s a place even the president feels an intense sense of danger," the deputy president said with a bitter smile.

Chen Feng became curious. "Did Duma not go there?"

"Senior Duma left some things for us to use to judge if anything that appears has the power of resonance. If it does, we are to immediately let him know. However, we tested and noted that there is no aura of resonance there." The deputy president pondered and continued, "Therefore, we believe that the existences there are probably at the higher end of the awakened realm."

Chen Feng nodded. "I see. Send the coordinate to me, then. Let me pay that place a visit."

"All right." The deputy president was happy to hear this. However, just as he was about to send the coordinates to Chen Feng, the earth trembled suddenly and a terrifying and formidable aura surged, piercing straight into the clouds.


The terrifying aura spread far and wide. Nearly all the awakened ones in existence could sense the extreme threat it posed.

The deputy president\'s expression changed greatly. "That place… This is from the same place I told you about."

He had always been worried that something would happen there, and now, something had indeed happened there.

Chen Feng was startled. "This…" He was rather uninterested in these erupting powers. What caused him shock was the fact that the moment he sensed that aura, his Luck Aura, which had stayed dormant for a long time, suddenly started moving again.