The Strongest Gene - Chapter 683: Template

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Chapter 683: Template

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The next day, the awakening gene reagent started selling. After being verified by several dozen masters of the Gene Production Association, this gene reagent had no problems. Moreover, the success rate of a peak beyond A class\'s breakthrough using this gene reagent was terrifyingly high. The awakening gene reagent started being mass produced, and once again, Chen Feng\'s reputation soared.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

"A legend is indeed a legend…"

"True. Previously, he created the beyond X gene reagent, allowing everyone to enter beyond A class from A class. Now, he has created the awakening gene reagent. What kind of freakish talent is this?"

Countless people broke through one after another, and the ancients enjoyed the benefits of integrating with humans. Countless peak beyond A class ancients broke through into the awakened realm. With the help of the Gene Production Association, the strength of the Genetic Union skyrocketed.

So long as one had talent and a healthy mental state, the Genetic Union would provide countless gene reagents, pushing that person into the awakened realm.

On the first day, three people entered the awakened realm.

On the second day, 10 people entered the awakened realm.

On the third day…

On the fourth day…

The strength of Genetic Union increased rapidly. Following this, those free awakened ones were either subdued or recruited en masse by the Genetic Union, temporarily remaining under the Union\'s control.

The deputy president was still anxious. "I reckon these fellows will not behave themselves. Although they have temporarily agreed to work for the Genetic Union, with the existence of primordial fragments, a problem might arise at any time."

"This is easy to solve."

The Research Agency gave the issue some thought. Two days later, they brought forth an extremely unique wristband.

The deputy president was puzzled. "What is this?"

The staffer sneered. "Hehe… This is something created by both us and the Stormtech Company. It is capable of sealing the power of primordial fragments. If they dare act wantonly… we can seal their strength at any time. Naturally, this is merely a supplementary communicator wristband. Here, we still have some other equipment that can be used to control them. You guys can take them. There are numerous switches on it. Sealing, unsealing, punishment, and numerous other functions are available."

"So powerful?"

When the deputy president received the delivered equipment, he was shocked. The Research Agency had actually developed to such a level already? Indeed, despite the progress in genetic abilities, the power of technology should never be looked down on.

"Can they take it off by themselves?" the deputy president asked.

The staffer smiled profoundly. "Of course they can. However, the moment the communicator wristband detects a large amount of strength being used on it… boom! As such, those wearing these wristbands should know what they ought to do and what they ought not to do."

Soon, the sealing communicators were being used. With the full assistance of the Research Agency and the Stormtech Company, more and more awakened ones opted to enter the Genetic Union, helping stabilize the general situation of this world.

Toward these joiners, the Genetic Union have them extremely generous rewards. As for the seal… so long as they did not betray humanity, the seal on the communicator would never be activated.

All over the world, numerous new factions appeared. With the descent of primordial, numerous astonishing occurrences appeared everywhere, resulting in mass chaos. However, this chaotic situation had been forcefully stabilized by the Genetic Union, truly an inconceivable feat.

"In any case, they are still all humans after all," the deputy president lamented. That Chen Feng kid was normally one who would do anything to fight for his own benefits, yet now at a time like this, he had not requested any sort of compensation for what he had done for humanity. Even the cheapskate Research Agency was cooperating without thinking about their own benefits.

"Issue them a gratitude letter. The Research Agency, the Gene Production Association, Chen Feng…" the deputy president told his assistant. "Oh, right, don\'t forget Stormtech Company as well."

In this chaos, the Stormtech Company\'s contribution could not be neglected.

"Hopefully, everything can be stabilized as soon as possible."

The deputy president was still deeply worried.

For now, the problems that had cropped up from the appearance of all those awakened ones had been temporarily solved with everyone\'s joint effort. But how long could this last? One ought to know that above the awakened realm was the resonance realm as well as the gods that had yet to appear.

The deputy president stared into the distance. "How long can this peace last?"

Gene Production Association.

After creating the awakening gene reagent, Chen Feng had discovered a certain issue, an issue everyone in the Gene Production Association was worried about.

For awakened ones, gene production skills were completely ineffective.

That\'s right. Gene production was completely useless for awakened ones. This was because during awakening, everyone would reconstruct their body, forming a body of pure energy. Such a body was not something that could be changed or affected easily.

As such… gene reagents were useless for these people. At present, the most powerful gene reagent they had was the awakening gene reagent. This seemed like the perfect ending for the gene producers in this coming new era.

"I suppose the time has come for us to be washed out of the annals of history," a certain master said suddenly.

A different person smiled bitterly. "Is that so?" In this new era where awakened ones were everywhere, what could gene producers do? With their gene production skills, the Genetic Era began. Yet it was this very Genetic Era that now abandoned them, rendering them useless. This was truly quite lamentable. However, something like this was the natural progression of history. It was inevitable. Since genes were no longer useful for awakened ones, the path of gene production would be gradually phased out.

In the future, awakened ones, resonance, and even more powerful existences would appear. They would be completely helpless. This was what they worried most about.

"Progress is inevitable. Gene production has left a deep mark in the annals of history and contributed to humanity. This is already sufficient."

These were the words of a certain master producer. Alas, one couldn\'t help but notice the desolation in his voice. Had the time arrived for gene production to slowly disappear?

Instinctively, they all looked at Chen Feng. After all, among all of them, Chen Feng was the only one who was both an awakened and also a gene producer.

Chen Feng noticed this problem as well. "Let me think about it."



Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of an issue. The bodies of all awakened ones had been reconstructed. Even after destruction, the body could be recovered in a short time period. Since the entirety of the body was constructed of energy, gene reagents would be ineffective.

Of course, some of the more simplistic recovery gene reagents seemed to work fine. However, no matter what gene reagent one used, one would no longer be able to alter the essence of their awakened body. An example of such essence-altering gene reagents were gene reagents that helped in breaking through, gene reagents that helped to increase the quality of one\'s body, and so on.

Since an awakened body was formed of energy, the provocation of gene reagents would be useless. Or perhaps, even if the body was indeed changed, the change would only be temporary. The moment the energy body reconstructed itself, the changes would vanish.

With this, any sort of improvement one obtained from a gene reagent would be pointless. This was the very question they need to answer. What exactly was the foundation of the reconstruction of an awakened body? Chen Feng sank into contemplation as he pondered this.

Since the body could be reconstructed without stop, there ought to be a template that the body abided by. Only then would the body be able to reconstruct upon destruction. However, where was this template stored?


Chen Feng\'s brain spun rapidly. It was definitely impossible for the body itself to serve as the storage of the template. If so, what about one\'s consciousness…


Chen Feng immersed himself in his consciousness and started searching for the template. Finally, at the depths of his sea of consciousness, he found a miniature version of himself that looked exactly the same as him. This was the very template!

"I see."

Chen Feng gained understanding. So this was the essence of an awakened one? Interestingly, the sight of this reminded Chen Feng of a certain term he had once read in cultivation web novels. For these miniature persons, the term would be "nascent soul."