The Strongest Gene - Chapter 680: We Will Meet

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Chapter 680: We Will Meet

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Above Kong Bai\'s head, the cave entrance was surprisingly less than five meters away. Even more surprisingly, there were two cave entrances instead of one.

Kong Bai blanked. "Huh?" This was a mobile cave?

"Try looking even higher up," Chen Feng said.

Instinctively, Kong Bai looked up. There, above the two caves, he saw a lofty mountain and a huge pair of eyes. A familiar appearance could also be seen on the cliff. This... was actually a face!

Kong Bai\'s expression changed greatly. "Shit!" The so-called cave was in fact a nostril. Hold on, in that case, their present location…

Kong Bai lowered his head, and instantly his hairs stood on end. If his guess was correct, this soft "land" they were standing on was in fact…

"Congratulations. You have guessed correctly," Chen Feng said with a smile.


Kong Bai\'s body chilled. Finally, he understood why Chen Feng had told him to transmigrate. Right now, they were on the body of a giant. The cave he had intended to cultivate in earlier was the giant\'s nose. As for this bouncy and soft place they were standing on…


A pair of gigantic cold eyes locked on to them. Right now, this female giant was rather furious. These two damnable midgets had dared wake her up from her sleep, even causing her to sneeze.


The female giant\'s killing intent surged.

"S... sorry," Kong Bai said while trembling with fear.

The ice-cold female voice boomed out. "Humans…why have you appeared here? Why have you appeared in my world?"

Chen Feng was astonished. "You actually know of humans?" This giant actually had knowledge of humans? Moreover, she was also using a language they were familiar with.

"Naturally. After all… humans are the ones awoke us this time… After all, this is a constant fixed during the Primordial Era back then," the female giant muttered.

"Primordial… awakened…" Chen Feng\'s expression changed greatly. "You are not a female giant!" He dragged Kong Bai. "Leave, quickly!"


Kong Bai was puzzled.

Nevertheless, he decided to trust Chen Feng without the slightest hesitation this time, as even he himself could already feel a sense of crisis. Now was the time to leave!

"Thinking of leaving?"

The female giant waved her hand, blockading their surroundings.


A power far surpassing the realm of awakened surrounded them.


Kong Bai\'s transmigration failed.

"What the hell is this?"

Kong Bai was horrified. He had transmigrated countless times before and had encountered countless dangers and enemies. However, he had never encountered something so astonishing. There was actually someone capable of stopping his transmigration?

This time, the enemy wasn\'t slowing time or something like that. Rather, his entire transmigration process had been stopped altogether.

Damn it! Chen Feng cursed inwardly.

Chen Feng transmitted his thoughts to Kong Bai: "Continue trying and transmigrate immediately the moment you discover a chance. Let me deal with the rest."

"All right." Kong Bai suppressed his shock and started seeking a chance to transmigrate.

"I am more and more interested in you humans…" the female giant said, an expression of interest on her face. "Although I don\'t know what you two are trying to do, I can feel the flow of space and time…" She laughed happily. "Moreover, even as part of the weak human race, you two are actually capable of appearing suddenly in my nose. How interesting."

With this smile, Chen Feng and Kong Bai almost bounced off her body.

Chen Feng looked straight at her. "You have to let us go."

The female giant looked at him inquisitively. "Why is that?"

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Because I am the one who awoke resonance. If I die here, everything will disappear."

"Oh?" The female giant smiled faintly. "Are you sure? The power of resonance is already active, and the descent of the primordial has already begun. Killing you now will change nothing."

Chen Feng sneered. "Hehe. Did you not sense the flow of time earlier? In fact, we came from the future, changing the past, present, and future. This is how certain select existences were able to create those divine tools, resulting in the awakening of the primordial. Past, present, and future. Not a single one can go missing for this reality to be true. If we die here…" Chen Feng looked straight at her. "The past and future will most certainly change after we cease to exist. With that, the divine tools will not come into being. History will most certainly change once again. Are you sure you want to take this risk?"

The female giant was somewhat speechless. "So that\'s the case." She could sense the unique aura about this human. She could also accurately deduce from his aura that he was indeed the one who had awakened the power of resonance.

"What a coincidence," She muttered to herself. Despite her illustrious identity, she lacked understanding of matters regarding transmigration and time travel. The female giant was curious. "Why have you decided to awaken the primordial?"

"Since the world had sunk into a crisis, it was my only option." Chen Feng pondered and continued, "Moreover, the three methods I used to awaken the primordial also served as an insurance that you people will not be able to hurt or even trap me, else you all will descend into the long slumber once again. Due to this, in a way, I am considered unequaled, right? When all of you descend upon the world… I will no longer encounter any dangers, as you all will protect me!" Chen Feng proudly said.

The female giant nodded. "I see." If this was his goal, this human was truly quite the schemer.

"As such, you must let us off now," Chen Feng said calmly.

"I can let you go. But I don\'t have to let him go, right?" The female giant smiled faintly. "One has to pay a price for provoking my honor. Let your friend stay here to entertain me."

Chen Feng sighed. "Are you sure he is not one of the crucial components ensuring the creation of those divine tools?"

The female giant sneered. "I am sure. Do not think that I am so easy to trick. On his body, I can\'t feel any trace of the aura of fate. The descent of the primordial is completely unrelated to him."

"But he is ugly," Chen Feng lamented. "Look at his face. Do you really want such a face by your side?"

At this, the female giant glanced over at Kong Bai\'s face. Instantly, she started to hesitate.

Kong Bai: ???

However, soon after, the female giant reacted.

"It doesn\'t matter. I can just pretend he is some livestock. In any case, he is just a toy for me to play around with when I\'m bored," the female giant said indifferently.

Chen Feng: "…"

Chen Feng\'s head ached. "Indeed, theoretically, I am the sole person responsible for the descent of the primordial. However, he is the one who has mastered transmigration. I can\'t transmigrate by myself. If you insist on trapping him here, I will truly have no means of leaving."

"I see." The female giant cast her senses toward Kong Bai\'s power before nodding in a disappointed manner. "I have been wondering why you brought such an ugly person around. So it turns out that he is useful this way."

Chen Feng sighed. "Yeah. Otherwise, who would wish to pollute their own eyes this way?"

Kong Bai: ???

"Fine." The female giant stopped blockading them.

Chen Feng gave Kong Bai a kick. "Go!"


Without hesitation, Kong Bai activated his transmigration. Right at this instant, the female giant came to a sudden realization. "That\'s not right. To ensure the creation of the divine tools, you only need to affect the past, not the present…"

Instinctively, she tried to lock the two down again. Alas, it was too late.


The figures of Chen Feng and Kong Bai started fading.

She focused her gaze on Chen Feng\'s fading figure. "You dared to trick me?"

"Goodbye, o majestic..."—at this, the smile on Chen Feng\'s face vanished—"god."


The two vanished completely.

"Humans… interesting." The female giant regained her calm. She stood up, readjusted the position of her enormous body, and said, "We will meet again soon."