The Strongest Gene - Chapter 676: Awakened System

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Chapter 676: Awakened System

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Research Agency, all the researchers were crazily working overtime. In the laboratory, more than a hundred people surrounded several awakened ones and were studying them without stop. Each of the researches had a fanatical look in their eyes as they nearly flayed these awakened ones just for research purposes.

"Erm…" One of the awakened one felt a chill and said, "We are only here to help with your research after receiving an assignment from the Genetic Union. Don\'t go overboard."

A fatty research director squeezed out a smile from his fat-filled face. "No, we won\'t."


This smile did not reassure the awakened ones. Rather, it frightened them further. Fortunately, this did not last long. After merely two hours, the researchers came out with their latest research result.

"Rough analysis of the awakened power system is complete."

"How about the levels of strength?"

"We are done creating a numerical evaluation method for it. As for the name… since Chen Feng, as the first awakened, called this realm \'awakened,\' we shall continue using this term."

"How about our communications with the Stormtech Company?"

"Don\'t worry. Senior Luo Yuan has given us the highest level of assistance. Our database has already been submitted. They will update their servers to generate the newest power classification. So long as the update is completed, anyone with a communicator will be able to use this latest added function on it."

"That\'s good. Get the people of their company to prepare properly for this."


Soon, the people of the Research Agency were done with their preparations.

With the arrival of the primordial, what did the people fear most? The unknown. As for these researchers, their job involved removing the unknown, making it known. Studying several dozen awakened ones, they tried their best to research an awakened of each ability system to create a better comprehensive compilation of the awakened system. And now, they had completed their research.

They were able to figure out the strength levels of awakened ones. To make it easier to understand, they had classified the awakened realm into ten levels. First-level awakened were those who had just entered the realm. At present, most of those who had broken through from beyond A class were in this level. This was also the level Chen Feng had been at when he had just broken through a while back. This was the realm of a newly awakened, a realm where one had completed their body reconstruction. That was all.

As for the second-level awakened, this was those that had grasped the usage method of basic awakened energies or powers.

After completing the body reconstruction, one was finally able to use the true power of an awakened one. They were capable of delivering ordinary genetic warriors a crushing defeat. This was the characteristic of one at the second level. This was also the level where one was finally considered a true expert.

Next, levels three to ten corresponded with one\'s improvement in the usage of awakened powers. Through nonstop comprehension, one would slowly increase in strength. As for resonance, it was rumored to be a realm capable of utilizing the power of gods.

"Let us stop here for now."

"Mhm… We have yet to completely research the resonance system. As such, it is still not suitable to include it in the communicator update. We can only complete the research after obtaining more data regarding resonance."

"That is natural."

Thus, the Research Agency submitted the results of their research.

At the same time, the Stormtech Company updated their servers and database. With this, everyone using a communicator would receive a prompt to update their communicator.


Patch notes: Enabled the scanning and analysis of the strength of awakened ones. After this update, one will be able to analyze the true strength of an awakened one by scanning the person with the communicator.


Everyone exclaimed in astonishment.

"So fast!"

"The Stormtech Company is indeed amazing."

"I reckon this is the work of the Research Agency."

None of them had expected that it would only be a single day from the descent of the primordial before they were already so clear on everything about the awakened realm.

"Ten levels of awakened…"

"Awakened ones are actually this powerful?"

"I wonder if nuclear weapons or laser weapons can destroy these people?"

"That\'s something of a stretch, right? In any case, the costs involved in manufacturing such weapons are extremely high as well. I reckon the weapon manufacturers are probably not willing to even do this in the first place. So long as the Genetic Union has everything under control, they will most certainly not do anything. Unless, of course, they themselves are the target of an attack. That would be a different story."

"Sigh, that\'s true. After all, not all companies are like Stormtech. By the way, wouldn\'t it be good if Stormtech produced weapons as well?"

"You are being too wishful… Even back then, when he founded the company, Senior Luo Yuan stated that he would not allow anyone from his company to manufacture anything related to weapons. All this while, all their projects have centered around providing services related to the communicator. As such, they will not overstep their bounds and manufacture something else."

"Senior Luo is still the smart one. Just you wait and see—when the world regains peace, these weapon manufacturers will definitely suffer, as the Genetic Union will most likely not let them off."

"I thought these weapon manufacturers had long gone extinct?"

"How is that possible? So long as disputes exist, weapons will exist. This fact applies to the cold weapons of the past, the subsequent era of gunpowder weapons, and the energy weapons of the present."

"That\'s quite true. However, they seemed to have come out with a new product today?"

"Yeah, I heard that as well. Seems like a lot of people have purchased those weapons, something said to be able to counter awakened ones."

"Is that for real?"

A lot of people were discussing discreetly. Everyone was clear on the future awaiting these weapon manufacturers. In any case, the weapon manufacturers were even clearer than others. As such, their intention was to reap a huge amount of profit while they still could.

Previously, it had been the war between the humans, ancients, and devils. Although at that time the world had seemed peaceful, a lot of people had still felt threatened. As such, they had all tried increasing their strength. This was especially true for those remote cities.

How should they best increase their strength, then? Recruitment? Gene reagents? Nope. Energy weapons were the answer. Only with powerful energy weapons could they feel safe. However, after humans and ancients made peace, weapon manufacturers started to suffer. They were almost cleaned out of existence. Fortunately for them, now the so-called awakened ones had suddenly appeared. Humanity seemed to once again be in imminent danger.

As such, weapons capable of countering awakened ones became the most popular weapons, even if the weapons could only resist a single attack from an awakened one, even if these weapons were extremely large and cumbersome.

Countless people were purchasing these weapons, to the point that the supply could not meet the demand. Facing crisis, the wealthy were extremely generous with their money. Naturally, due to this, yet another batch of wealthy decided to leave the planet this time. With their families and all their resources, they took off in a battleship.


Battleships soared. Toward this, the people were already numb.

Although they had yet to discover a planet capable of supporting human life, with the present level of humanity\'s technology combined with genetic abilities, it wasn\'t hard to create a simplified ecosystem within a battleship. Alas, when the numerous battleships reached outer space, they started feeling like something did not seem right, as this place seemed way too silent.

"Huh? Where are the battleships that left earlier?"

"No idea."

"Before leaving, I clearly checked and confirmed that they are all staying here."

"Have they gone invisible?"

"That\'s not possible. There were several thousand such battleships here…"

They were all horrified. Previously, numerous wealthy people had arrived here. How was it possible for all of them to have disappeared like this? Even if there had been an accident, the wreckages of their battleships should be somewhere here as well, right? Yet at present, this place was completely empty. They could vaguely feel that something was wrong here.

"Retreat! Return into the atmosphere immediately!"


They prepared to retreat immediately.

Alas, right at this instant, a resplendent blue radiance bloomed before their eyes.


A noiseless undulation emanated out.

All everyone could hear was a seemingly endless booming by their ears. With their eyes opened wide, they stared ahead with disbelieving expressions as the blue swept past them, engulfing and destroying everything. Instantly, outer space regained its previous tranquility. Noiseless, formless, as if nothing had ever happened here.