The Strongest Gene - Chapter 672: Dream Recall

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Chapter 672: Dream Recall

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

These fellows…

Qin Hai\'s heart jolted furiously when he saw them. The auras of these fellows surpassed Chen Feng\'s and Duma\'s by far. Their auras also surpassed all the mutated life-forms Chen Feng\'s group had ever encountered. These were definitely not regular awakened ones.

Bang! Bang!

With two mere steps, those gigantic life-forms were already nearing them. For these fellows, distance was not a problem. If Qin Hai\'s guess was correct, these gigantic life-forms were not even the elites of the Primordial Era. Rather, they were merely the vanguard.

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. "It seems like we are finished."

"Is that so?" Kong Bai narrowed his eyes, energy swirling in his hand in preparation. Even without the demonic mirror, he still had a powerful ability. But he truly had no idea if his transmigration ability would work here or where it might bring them.

Bang! Bang!

Finally, those gigantic primordial life-forms reached them. However, the expected questions did not come. Nor were these fellows even bothered about Chen Feng\'s group. They couldn\'t even care enough to give Chen Feng\'s group a look. Just like that, they stepped down lazily.

That\'s right. Stepped down. From their perspective, a single step was no different than stepping on some bugs. There was nothing special about this act.

Perhaps for these primordial life-forms, Chen Feng\'s group was truly no different than bugs.


A foot was raised. Instantly, the world around them darkened as the shadow of the foot graced them. That gigantic foot gave them a feeling of desolation. This wasn\'t solely because of the size of the foot; the entire world around them seemed to be changing as this foot hovered above them. Was this the power of a primordial life-form? They trembled at the thought of this.


Slowly, the foot pressed down. The entire world around them seemed to be compressing, everything being stepped on by that foot. A boundless pressure assaulted them, preventing them from even dodging this step. The terrifying force of the step pulverized all the space around them, rendering them incapable of even moving.

"It\'s over."

They shivered as they looked at the incoming foot. All along, they had prided themselves as geniuses in the human world. Who would have thought that a day would come when they would be squashed to death by a primordial life-form\'s foot like they were nothing but bugs?

Qin Hai and the rest tried their best to block this attack, but even after exhausting all their power, the only thing they could resist was the mere force of the foot\'s descent, rather than the foot itself.

"Are we merely fighting his feet odor?" complained Xu Fei. The rest merely rolled their eyes.


The gigantic foot was right above their heads, almost stomping on them. The space around them started cracking due to the intense compression.

Their hearts chilled.

"Here it comes!"


Instantly, the defense they had erected with all their power crumbled. It hadn\'t even lasted a millisecond under the foot. Behind them, Chen Feng had never stopped waving his hand.

Shua! Shua!

When the foot had begun descending, the speed at which Chen Feng was waving the pen had increased. Just as the foot reached their heads, Chen Feng waved his pen downward.


Suddenly, a familiar aura emanated out.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. "Here it comes!" This was the feeling! Previously, in the present, when he had waved the pen, it had been exactly this feeling, as if the power was at his beck and call.


That loud and clear sound, like the cry of a pendulum clock, resounded throughout the world. At this instant, regardless of whether it was the Primordial Era or the Genetic Era, this sound could be heard.

"You have gone crazy!" sounded a cold and furious voice. This was the Dream Recall Bell. Instantly, Chen Feng understood. Earlier, when they had first entered the Primordial Era, the "kill" they\'d heard had in fact been the voice of this bell.

Chen Feng smiled. "Indeed, I am."

"You activating the symphony of resonance will thoroughly awaken the Primordial Era!" The Dream Recall Bell sounded urgent and furious at the same time. "You will destroy everything. The primordial aura will fully descend upon the Genetic Era, and it will be irreversible."

"So what?" Chen Feng sneered. "It is still better than my current predicament, right?"

Chen Feng had always avoiding the descent of the primordial. But now… he did not seem to have any better options. The formidable power of this pen was seemingly capable of activating the symphony of resonance. This was proven by the reaction of the Dream Recall Bell, the fear it displayed.

Chen Feng had been trying not to do this all this while.

The moment the primordial descended, nobody would be able to predict what would happen next. However, if he did not do this, the entirety of the Genetic Era would instead be erased from history. If the Dream Recall Bell was able to unify the world during the Primordial Era, how would the later Genetic Era come into being? The entire future would change.

As such, without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng activated the pen.


Once again, that formidable power emanated out.

"Kill him!" resounded the sharp and urgent voice of the Dream Recall Bell.

Alas… it was already too late.

Present time, Genetic Era.

When the power of resonance appeared once again, all the big shots merely watched on coldly with no shred of emotion. Some even found this ridiculous. This jesting power had returned once again. And next, coldly, they watched as that power surged up, pierced through the barrier, and shot straight into the clouds.


Only at this instant did all the experts feel alarmed. Even after the power had already pierced through the clouds, they were still there, staring blankly.

The barrier… had been broken? Just like that? With no signs of it happening beforehand? Oh, right, there had been a sign. But then, they had been teased too many times before and had merely decided to ignore the sign. But this was the very first time the power had erupted fully. They raised their hands, trembling.


A familiar power surged into their hands. Their strength had returned! That unique era had descended once again!


"My strength has returned…"

"Hahaha, this is the power of resonance… Hahahahaha!"

"Resonance… has finally appeared!"

Countless people were in ecstasy. A terrifying power engulfed the entire world. Numerous formidable powers erupted, akin to numerous pillars of lights that shot straight to the clouds. These formidable powers had interrupted all the powers of the Genetic Era.

At the Land of Legacy, Duma sighed. He stretched his hand out.


A power much stronger than what he\'d had in the past appeared in his hand.

"Resonance… has appeared."

Duma sighed. His strength had been reinstated now. However, he did not know if he should curse outright or feel anxious, as that damnable era had still descended in the end.


His figure vanished, appearing in Mysterious Town instantly. Since the power of resonance had appeared, the Dream Recall Bell no longer posed any threat.


He pointed midair, and his attack landed on the Dream Recall Bell.


A petrifying power surged out of his fingertips. On the previously unrivaled Dream Recall Bell, cracks started appearing.

In the Primordial Era, the entire Dream Recall Dynasty started collapsing. The attack heading toward Chen Feng vanished for no apparent reason, and the foot that was about to step on them vanished midair. A weird undulation engulfed the entire world.

"Chen Feng!!!"

Accompanied by the mournful scream of the Dream Recall Bell, this primordial world became illusory and started collapsing.

Bang! Bang!

The sky, the earth, everything dissipated away.

Before the past was fully changed, the present still held priority. As such, the moment changes occurred in the present, all the changes the Dream Recall Bell had done to the past started vanishing as well.

"No! My dynasty…"

Along with the Dream Recall Bell\'s mournful scream, the world fully collapsed.

Bang! Bang!

Light swirled around, returning Chen Feng\'s group to the present.