The Strongest Gene - Chapter 671: Why Are You Mute in This Crucial Moment?

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Chapter 671: Why Are You Mute in This Crucial Moment?

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The Dream Recall Army was as impressive as ever. Even those far away could still feel the earth trembling. They were all certain that the moment the races those primordial fragments belonged to were conquered would also be the moment they all vanished from history. The Primordial Era would be united under a single ruler, and they would disappear from history along with the Genetic Era. Qin Hai gazed into the distance. From those resisting races, powerful auras could be felt.

"The amount of rebelling races is higher than we expected," Chen Feng said.

Qin Hai shook his head. "They should be the races of the fragments that were not stored in Mysterious Town." Although the Research Agency and Genetic Union had been working hard to gather primordial fragments, they had still missed some. Despite this, their resistance still seemed pointless. The amount of these undiscovered fragments was too little, unable to make much difference. The Dream Recall Bell was too terrifyingly powerful. Its unique energy allowed it to be undefeated during this unique Genetic Era.

Kong Bai sighed endlessly. "It won\'t be long before history is totally changed."

"True." Xu Fei gazed into the distance. The two had only arrived here and couldn\'t even experience what the Primordial Era was like. They could only wait for their deaths.

Shua! Shua!

They could feel the auras of two resisting races vanish. Evidently, they had just been conquered by the bell.

"It won\'t be long," Qin Hai muttered.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Yeah." Suddenly, he thought of something. In the Genetic Era, apart from Duma, was he the only awakened one? The answer was both yes and no. Yes because it was impossible for a genetic warrior to break through that bottleneck, thus Chen Feng being the only awakened one.

No because when Chen Feng had controlled that pen earlier, he had clearly sensed other awakened auras. Even though those had seemed like mere white noise, he was certain. This proved that there were still a lot of experts in the world. Why were they not fighting back? Perhaps… they couldn\'t fight? Or perhaps… they were completely clueless as to what was happening?

Chen Feng\'s thoughts moved rapidly. Evidently, if those people were powerful enough, they would most certainly resist this. No, to be precise, they would most certainly appear in the Genetic Era. Yet none of them had appeared. Everyone was keeping silent.

What did this signify? They could not come out. Perhaps that barrier was the reason. The more Chen Feng thought about it, the clearer his thoughts became. Perhaps…

"This point in time…" Kong Bai lamented.

He was an experienced transmigrator. As such, he was quite knowledgeable about this. The point in time selected by the Dream Recall Bell was incredibly exquisite. Was the bell truly powerful? Yes. However, was it truly so powerful that it was undefeatable in the Primordial Era? Obviously, no. But now…

Since it was in fact located in the Genetic Era, that unique era where the sole awakened one was Chen Feng, a mere dabbler, the bell had been able to develop to such an extent. This was why the bell was so powerful, and this was also why the bell could even establish its very own dynasty.

It had selected an exceptionally good point in time, selected an exquisite opportunity, and controlled everything in the dark to alter the future, with nobody being able to stop it.


The earth trembled. Finally, the Dream Recall Army arrived. Chen Feng\'s group could see countless primordial beasts. Even a mere silhouette or a mere aura was sufficient to cause them to be petrified. This was the Primordial Era, an era experts were everywhere.

"In this case… I only have one choice left." Chen Feng exhaled deeply before taking out the pen. Seemingly due to that light dot his mother had left on him when he\'d been a baby, this pen had been bound together with him, imprinting into the depths of his soul.


He waved the pen. Some energy seemed to appear. However, perhaps due to his soul being in the Primordial Era while his real body was in the present, the power seemed to be in disharmony. That surging power seemed to be so very far away from him.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Too far away?"

He waved it one time.


He waved it two times.


He waved it three times.


A powerful energy seemed to be building up in the air.

The unique energy released by Chen Feng was akin to a shockwave. With each wave, it became stronger, became increasingly terrifying. With each shake of that power, the past and present seemed to shake.

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng was still waving the pen around. Right at this instant, a cold voice sounded near his ear.

"Kekekekeke... Looks like I have discovered some interesting kids?"

A huge black figure appeared in the sky. Both his wings were as dark as the night itself, and his face resembled a monkey. This was a life-form that resembled both a monkey and bat. This fellow\'s awakened aura emanated out without stop.


He streaked forth, grabbing at Chen Feng.

Qin Hai\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Stop him!" The present Chen Feng could not suffer any interruption.

Xu Fei\'s eyes gleamed ominously. "Understood." Indeed, the experts of the Primordial Era were too scary. However, this fellow here was a mere awakened one, yet he dared to act so wantonly? Granted, they were not even awakened yet.

Xu Fei charged forth. With his powerful physical body, he unleashed a formidable might. "Bang!"

"Die!" the monkey-bat life-form shouted. A ripple emanated out noiselessly. The prowess of this shockwave caused even Chen Feng to feel fearful. Alas, when this shockwave reached Xu Fei, it did nothing, as Xu Fei seemed to be immune to it. Thinking of using an ability on Xu Fei? How naive!

"Hehe." Xu Fei sneered and tanked the monkey-bat\'s attack before directly wiping the floor with the monkey-bat.

Qin Hai helped Xu Fei in suppressing the monkey-bat as well. "Seal!"

"Dear demonic mirror…" Kong Bai\'s voice sounded. Next, an intense consciousness locked on to the monkey-bat.



The monkey-bat was shocked senseless as he struggled frantically.

For an unknown reason, he felt an intense feeling of death from these fellows who did not seem too strong. This was a feeling he only felt before his lord.


A cold ray of light flashed forth. The monkey-bat widened his eyes, then his gaze became empty, dead.


Xu Fei heaved a sigh of relief. Earlier, when he had been suppressing that monkey-bat, his entire body had ached, his own bones nearly being crushed by the monkey-bat instead. An awakened one was still an awakened one, after all. It might look like they had dealt with the monkey-bat easily; however, they had in fact exhausted all their strength in that single battle.

Kong Bai was pleased. "Heh. That fellow was actually so ugly." An attack amplified by more than ten times had easily killed that monkey-bat.

Under his hard work, the attack power of his demonic mirror seemed to have increased as well. He laughed wildly as he speculated that before long, perhaps he could even easily defeat an awakened one.

Mhm… that was for sure.

However, before the three could be happy for long, the sky was enveloped in darkness.

They raised their heads and were instantly overwhelmed with shock. "What\'s that?"

Xiu! Xiu!

The dense mass of darkness in the sky was actually formed of ten monkey-bats.

Xu Fei\'s eyes widened. "Holy shit!" There were so many of them?

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. "Looks like these things are merely cannon-fodder scouts of the Primordial Era."

Cannon fodder…

That\'s right. These awakened ones that seemed so powerful to them were mere cannon fodder here. How sorrowful. The Primordial Era was actually this powerful.

They exchanged glances helplessly. "What should we do?" If there were only one of these monkey-bats, they could still try fighting, but with so many of them together… it seemed like they could only wait for their deaths here.

Kong Bai had no fear. "What are you guys afraid of?" He aimed directly at a monkey-bat he personally felt to be the ugliest among them and activated his demonic mirror without any hesitation. "Dear demonic mirror…"

However, the demonic mirror ignored him.

"Demonic mirror?" howled Kong Bai. "Why are you suddenly mute in this crucial moment? Where\'s the answer I asked for? Give me a reply. I demand to solo this group of ugly bastards!"

"What answer do you want?" the demonic mirror grumbled. "I even went to the extent of pretending to be mute. Do you truly want the hear the answer, to suffer humiliation?"

Kong Bai: "???" His eyes widened, and he stared at the enemies, unbelieving. "You are saying that those fellows are more handsome than me…"

"Hehe." The demonic mirror merely sneered, no longer saying anything.

Kong Bai was dumbstruck. Qin Hai and Xu Fei exchanged glances and could only smile bitterly. This fellow…


The distant monkey-bats finally neared them. At this time, they were finally able to clearly see that these monkey-bats were much stronger than the one they had killed earlier.

Xu Fei pointed behind them. "We don\'t even need to be bothered with thinking of a method to deal with them."

There, the Dream Recall Army had also arrived. Now, they were no longer merely silhouettes and auras—they were physically here. Those gigantic life-forms approached them one step at a time, causing the hearts of Chen Feng\'s group to fluster. With a single gaze from these life-forms, one would feel like one was better off dead.

These were the experts of the Primordial Era.