The Strongest Gene - Chapter 669: Dynasty

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Chapter 669: Dynasty

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In Mysterious Town, Chen Feng\'s chrysanthemum chilled as he saw the tender gaze Qin Hai was using to look at him. Just as he was about to conclude that Qin Hai had indeed been "bent" as well, Qin Hai said, "Since I have appeared here, that means you have successfully stopped history from changing?"

Chen Feng scratched his head. "Oh, yes."

Qin Hai heaved a sigh of relief. "That\'s good, then. My mind blanked earlier. Next thing I knew, you were standing there motionless. I figured that you had to be changing history again. Since I am still standing here helping you, it shows that there have been no changes in history. My memory is still intact. This proves that we have been successful this time as well."

"Mhm…" Chen Feng recalled his act of drugging Qin Hai\'s father and felt somewhat guilty. "I… guess so?"

"Which timeline did you go to this time?" Qin Hai asked.

"The point in time when your parents got married," Chen Feng answered.

"I see." Qin Hai pondered. "I did hear that something dramatic happened during their marriage. I suppose that was what they were talking about. In any case, everything has been solved smoothly. It is said that when my parents encountered some mishap, my godfather rescued them. My godfather subsequently became the strongest expert of the Qin family."

"Godfather…" Chen Feng pondered. Holy shit. The so-called godfather was that man, right? Qin Hai\'s father had been truly amazing to have been able to find a way to keep his man at the Qin family after all.

"Although my memories seem intact, I keep feeling like something is wrong." Qin Hai sank into contemplation.

Chen Feng: "…"

Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng and asked, "I can\'t decide what\'s wrong with only my own memories. Can you tell me if anything has changed?" As the one who had personally participated in this incident, Chen Feng should have retained the original memory. As such…

Chen Feng sighed. "Are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes," Qin Hai answered resolutely.

"All right. The general situation had remained the same." Chen Feng pondered and summed it up: "There were only some changes regarding some minute details. During my battle with the bell, some negligible details changed."

Qin Hai was still feeling doubtful. "For example?"

Chen Feng sighed. "For example, your father was originally not gay."

Qin Hai: "…"

Chen Feng sighed deeply. "Originally, you had no godfather either. This godfather was in fact your father\'s lover."

Qin Hai: "…"

These were the so-called negligible changes?

"There\'s more…" Chen Feng was about to continue.

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. "Forget it." In any case, the Qin family was no more. They should let the dead rest in peace. Since it was all in the past, there was no need to keep thinking about it. There was no need for him to know all this. At the very least, the general direction of history had not changed. That alone was sufficient.

Chen Feng raised his head. "This place…"


A faint radiance swirled around. Once again, one region of the Mysterious Town was cleared, and once again, the aura of the Dream Recall Bell weakened. The aura that had originally enveloped the entire town was presently wavering as the radiance of the bell\'s aura flickered about.

"Huh?" Qin Hai was astonished. "What\'s the matter?"

"It can\'t repress itself anymore." Chen Feng was pleased. "The Dream Recall Bell used its own strength to change the Primordial Era but was resisted by these primordial fragments. It has forcefully suppressed them, resulting in the appearance of these regions of numerous colors. However, after its repeated failure at our hands, its strength has weakened and it is no longer able to suppress these fragments."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous alarming auras erupted. Those tiny primordial fragments erupted with astonishing power, forcefully piercing through the Dream Recall Bell\'s blockade and suppressing the bell in return.


Instantly, all the colors vanished. Chen Feng and Qin Hai looked at this sudden change with joy. They had never expected that after being weakened, the Dream Recall Bell would itself be suppressed. Ultimately, this was still Mysterious Town, and the primordial remnants were still powerful, even if they were at present mere fragments.


The powerful primordial auras started counterattacking. Chen Feng and Qin Hai watched on hopefully. If these fragments could obtain victory…

Bang! Bang!

Countless fragments fused their primordial auras together and subjected the Dream Recall Bell to an intense suppression. Just as Chen Feng thought that this was going to end, suddenly, the Dream Recall Bell trembled slightly.




An odd aura waffled out of the bell before enveloping the entire town. The ringing seemed to be accompanied by some bizarre sound wave.


The ringing waffled past. At this instant, Chen Feng felt like the world before his eyes was somewhat misplaced.

"Could this be…"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances, and they were both evidently shocked.


Light swirled. When they refocused their attention, the view before their eyes had already changed.

Blue sky.


Powerful auras everywhere.

This… was the Primordial Era!

"We are here again."

Chen Feng was shocked. They had actually returned to the Primordial Era yet again. Different than their previous travels, this time, there were no fragments, nor was there a plot for them to solve. Rather, the Dream Recall Bell had forcefully sent everyone here. This was the combined history of all the fragments contained in the Mysterious Town. This was the true Primordial Era.

"Has the bell gone crazy?"

Qin Hai could not understand the logic of this. By returning to the past, there would be a chance to change history. For the Dream Recall Bell to send all of them, including the other fragments, back to the past, wasn\'t it giving them a chance to alter history as well? Wasn\'t this an act of courting death?

"Is this a move of desperation from the bell?" Chen Feng guessed.

But this conclusion wasn\'t reliable. Chen Feng had already clashed with the bell a few times thus far. He was aware of how meticulous and intelligent this bell was. Even during a moment of crisis, this bell would not do something stupid.

"It is impossible for the bell to be successful this way. The bell has returned all the fragments back to the past. Combining all the auras to forcefully alter all their histories is akin to altering the entirety of the Primordial Era in a single attempt," Qin Hai analyzed. "This is much harder than all the previous attempts at only changing one single point in history."

This act of the Dream Recall Bell\'s was no different than courting death. This was Chen Feng and Qin Hai\'s initial conclusion.

After all, the bell was already finding it hard to alter the history of a single primordial fragment. The multicolored regions of Mysterious Town were evidence of the intense battle between the bell and these fragments. Yet now the bell had decided to alter the histories of all the fragments in a single attempt? Forcefully combining all the auras of the fragments together? Wasn\'t this courting death?

However, right at this instant, distantly, a ray of light pierced straight through the clouds. A flag with a mysterious aura was planted on the summit of a tribe, and the powerful aura engulfed the entire Primordial Era. On the flag was a single word: Dream.

Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. "That…"

At the same time, throughout the primordial world, similar flags appeared one after another, as if they had received some sort of command.

An orderly howl resounded.



The earth trembled, and the sky filled with numerous primordial beasts. That familiar aura, that aura unique to the Dream Recall Bell, was at this moment sweeping through the entire primordial world.

"This…" Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Dream Recall Bell! This was the work of that Dream Recall Bell!

Finally, Qin Hai understood. "Those races…" The Dream Recall Bell had indeed altered the entire Primordial Era. Its initial goal had been to change the entire Primordial Era in the first place. As for those fragments at the Mysterious Town, they had merely been a small part of the Primordial Era that had still been resisting stubbornly.

Even though they had been successful in their resistance, the entirety of the Primordial Era, apart from the races these fragments came from, had long been conquered by the Dream Recall Bell. Previously, in its fight against Mysterious Town, the bell had merely shown a small portion of its strength. Its true strength had all been focused on changing the numerous races of the Primordial Era. These were the races that had not left behind any primordial fragments, the races incapable of stopping any changes in history.

Now, the Dream Recall Bell had finally succeeded. In the final moment before it had been fully defeated by the fragments in Mysterious Town, it had succeeded. Without hesitation, it had transferred all the fragments here to the Primordial Era it had recently conquered, since this was now an era belonging to the Dream Recall Bell. This was a dynasty custom built for itself by the Dream Recall Bell.