The Strongest Gene - Chapter 667: ???

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Chapter 667: ???

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"Come, then!" Chen Feng said with a sharp gaze.

"This primordial fragment did not recognize you. Hence, when you entered, both this fragment and the Dream Recall Bell regarded you as an enemy. That is why you experienced the full malice of this world. After I transmitted your thoughts to this fragment, this fragment accepted you as being on the same side and showed you the maximum amount of kindness. This is our chance. I will sync you with the fragment while you go deal with Dream Recall Bell," Qin Hai said.


Once again, Chen Feng set off. With Qin Hai\'s help and the goodwill of this world, Chen Feng was like a fish back in water. The circumstances that had initially favored the Dream Recall Bell were being reversed. Once again, its attempt to change history failed.


Light swirled around and Chen Feng returned to the real world. Once again, the Dream Recall Bell\'s aura surrounding the town weakened.

"It is injured."

Chen Feng was overjoyed. It was indeed as he had guessed. Each time he stopped history from changing, the bell would suffer backlash.


The region he was in was now cleared.

"If this continues, it won\'t be long before we are done with this fellow. Let\'s go."

Decisively, he entered the next region.

"Together." Qin Hai nodded and followed behind him. Surprising them, the instant they entered the next region, the Dream Recall Bell\'s aura, which had previously been weakened, instantly surged. The berserk aura swept through the entire Mysterious Town, locking on to Qin Hai.

"Not good."

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped as he had an ominous feeling. He grabbed out, trying to hold on to Qin Hai, yet his hand grabbed at empty air. Qin Hai\'s body had actually transformed into countless particles before dissipating away in the air. Just like that, he evaporated from this world. As for Chen Feng\'s memories of Qin Hai, they were gradually vanishing as well.

History… the history pertaining to Qin Hai had been altered!

"It has arrived?" Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. As his history had also been invaded once, the bell could no longer attack his history. As such, it had switched its target to Qin Hai\'s history instead. This very instant was what Chen Feng had been waiting for.


Borrowing this unique aura, Chen Feng instantly fused himself with the primordial aura around him.


Indeed, with a loud boom, light swirled before Chen Feng\'s eyes as he once again entered a brand new world. This was the Genetic Era, the world containing the history of Qin Hai.

"Huh?" Chen Feng felt that something was wrong. This was indeed the Genetic Era. However, the time…

Chen Feng looked at the crude-looking things before him and checked the calendar. He discovered with shock that this was 20 years ago. In other words…

Chen Feng was able to pinpoint the crux immediately. "This is the time of Qin Hai\'s parents."

Same with my parents?

Chen Feng looked around. No, it was different. In Chen Feng\'s history, he had still been a baby, yet here in Qin Hai\'s history, Qin Hai had yet to come into existence. Moreover, at this point in time, his parents hadn\'t even officially gotten together yet.

Chen Feng looked at the Qin family\'s house, which was filled with wedding decorations. If he guessed correctly, that bell had selected the point in time when Qin Hai\'s parents were getting married.

"Since Qin Hai vanished…" Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, certain that history had indeed been tampered with. One did not need a brain to figure this out. As Chen Feng had guessed, a valiant-looking middle-aged man had appeared and spoiled the wedding forcefully, causing the two to be unable to get married.

Chen Feng sighed. "The bride has been snatched away?"

"No." The Qin family people blanked. "He… he kidnapped our young master."


Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Qin Hai\'s father?

"He claimed that both he and Qin Hai love each other dearly. Since society cannot accept their relationship, they have decided to live in seclusion amid the mountains," the Qin family people said in a daze.

Chen Feng: "???"

What in the world?

Ever since he had figured out that this Dream Recall Bell had an independent consciousness, he had treated this bell as a living person. However, he had never expected that this bell was in fact a fujoshi as well. This was too excessive!

"What did your young master say, then?" Chen Feng asked.

"Before he could say anything, he was dragged away. That person was too strong," the Qin family people said with bitter smiles.

"That\'s right, then." Chen Feng sneered. "Your young master must have definitely been kidnapped by force. Otherwise, why would the enemy not even give him a chance to say anything? Now, we only need to snatch him back."

"Ah? But…"

"There are no buts." Chen Feng interrupted that person and said, "You can let me do the rest. You guys only need to stabilize the situation here."

Chen Feng couldn\'t be bothered to continue talking much with them. He unleashed his powerful aura, causing the people here to not dare disobey him. After all, even if it was the Genetic Era, Chen Feng was still the strongest human.

Following the aura of Qin Hai\'s father, Chen Feng trailed after them. That so-called expert might be strong. However, at most, he would only be a beyond A class, not an opponent of Chen Feng\'s. However, surprisingly, the Dream Recall Bell had been staying silent all this while.

He frowned. "This is illogical." That fellow should be trying to stop him by any means, right? Based on his understanding of that bell, if it suddenly slacked on its interruptions of Chen Feng like this, that signified that the bell was presently putting its focus somewhere else. Had Qin Hai\'s father been killed? That was not possible.

The bell was aware of Chen Feng\'s strength. Even if Qin Hai\'s father was killed, Chen Feng would still be able to make use of the Qin family\'s bloodline to put forth a puppet. In any case, he only needed to maintain Qin Hai\'s childhood memory. A mere death would not be able to stop him, since in this history, he was still the strongest. Here, he was omnipotent.

As such, the bell would most certainly not use such a brutish method against him and would employ some unique methods instead. As an example, what had happened when it had tried to tell Chen Feng\'s parents the truth. This was a confrontation of wits rather than a pure confrontation of force.

Chen Feng contemplated. "What tricks are you playing this time?" Based on what the Qin family people had mentioned, their young master had been kidnapped two days ago. Was that why Qin Hai\'s history had changed?

However, it did not matter. Chen Feng believed that so long as he found Qin Hai\'s father, he could ensure that everything would return to normal. At the very least, he could ensure that Qin Hai\'s father would get married within the shortest time possible. Chen Feng had this much confidence in himself.

Naturally, this confidence only lasted until he finally found Qin Hai\'s father…


This was a lush mountainous area.


He was rolling around on the ground with his kidnapper.


A scene that should be censored was playing out presently.

Suddenly, Chen Feng lost all his confidence. Finally, he understood where that bell had focused its strength. It had actually forcefully "bent" the "preferences" of Qin Hai\'s father.

Chen Feng was thoroughly dumbstruck. What in the world?

"Are you someone sent here by father?"

Qin Hai\'s father and that middle-aged man scrambled up in a flustered manner.

"I… I don\'t wish to marry a female," Qin Hai\'s father declared firmly. Next, he gazed tenderly at the middle-aged man beside him and said, "Meeting him was the greatest joy in this life of mine. Please return. Sorry, we both truly love each other."


Chen Feng looked at the two that were holding hands in front of him, and he was utterly speechless.