The Strongest Gene - Chapter 665: The Hostility Exhibited by the Very World

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Chapter 665: The Hostility Exhibited by the Very World

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At this time, Chen Feng, who was putting in great effort waving the pen around, found with regret that regardless of how he brandished the pen now, his strength seemed to have stopped increasing.

"Is this thing exhausted of energy?"

Chen Feng stopped with regret. He tried waving it one last time to confirm that this pen was no longer able to absorb any energy before stopping for real.

"Not so special after all," Chen Feng muttered.

Spirit: "…"

These two were obviously clueless as to what had happened. The experts that had been awoken by the symphony of resonance obviously didn\'t expect that Chen Feng was the culprit messing around here.

"The present you should be an expert even among awakened ones," Spirit said with a smile.


Chen Feng sensed the surging power within him. He believed that for the present him, even if he had to meet Duma with force, he would have no fear. The strength he had obtained from the pen was indeed astonishingly powerful, even causing the energy within his body to undergo some sort of transformation.

"This is enough."

Chen Feng put the pen away, satisfied. This thing was too mysterious. Since it was no longer capable of absorbing energy for him, he might as well put it away. In any case, the increase in strength he had gained was sufficient for him to take a long time to digest.

His mouth curled up, forming a smile. "Time to go to the next region."

He waved his hand.


The remaining primordial aura around him cleared away and a fragment landed on the ground.


He lowered his head and picked the fragment up. If his guess was correct, this green fragment was the thing that had brought him back to Earth earlier.

"Many thanks," Chen Feng muttered.


A faint light flashed past. At this instant, Chen Feng could clearly feel the primordial aura enveloping all of Mysterious Town weaken somewhat.

He narrowed his eyes. "Interesting." It seemed like the more regions he conquered, the more the strength of that complete primordial item would be adversely affected. To be precise, that primordial item had probably received backlash from attempting to change history.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Although that fellow was capable of using such an inconceivable method to change the world, Chen Feng was sure that the backlash that fellow received was incredibly scary as well.

All would be fine if its changes to history had succeeded. But when it failed instead…


Chen Feng sneered. If his guess was correct, each history he saved would cause the enemy to suffer an intense backlash. This was true regardless of whether it was the scarab race\'s history or his own.

This fellow\'s strength was weakening. This was a chance for him.

Chen Feng was sure that this primordial item was so powerful that one couldn\'t even begin to describe its prowess. However, regardless of how strong it was, when fighting against the primordial fragments in this city, when trying to change the history of these fragments, it would not be able to split its attention. As such, it had been rather helpless against Chen Feng.

"It has no choice but to face these fragments with its full strength," Chen Feng contemplated. "As such, it wasn\'t able to do anything to me, allowing me to easily obtain victory. However, the resulting effect of my previous victory in the scarab race\'s time was too great, angering it. Even if it couldn\'t do anything to me, it could still increase the range of its power to cover me as well. That\'s why it was able to enter Earth. However, its single mistake was that it did not expect that I actually came from a low-tier martial world, resulting in it utterly failing in its attempt to erase me."

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. After the scarab race had been saved, he had been thanked. After he\'d shifted the attention from the green fragment to himself, he had been thanked as well. After being invaded once, it did not seem like the primordial item had attempted another invasion into his history.

This signified that the history attached to a person could only be invaded once. Chen Feng was able to reach a conclusion soon enough. In short, that enemy would no longer be able to invade Chen Feng\'s history. He smiled as he thought of that. If so, there was no longer any need for him to worry.

Distantly, the multicolored world remained. Evidently, the other fragments were still resisting tenaciously. Chen Feng stepped into one of the regions. Surprisingly, when he stepped in, this region seemed to be brimming with hostility against him. He sensed a strong rejection and also an intense killing intent.


The entire world seemed to be rejecting him. For no apparent reason, the second Chen Feng entered this world, he felt like everyone around him had suddenly focused their attention on him with vicious looks in their eyes.

He was alarmed. "Not good."


Without hesitation, he left.


The enemies chased after him together. As he ran, he pondered. This familiar aura was indeed still the Primordial Era. However, why had he received such an intense rejection the moment he\'d arrived? After thinking for a bit, he understood. It seemed like the primordial item had obtained the upper hand in its fight against the primordial fragment of this particular history. As such, this world was on the verge of becoming a world belonging to that mysterious consciousness. Since its attention had been focused on Chen Feng all along, the moment he had appeared here, he had become everyone\'s enemy.

So that was the case. Chen Feng finally understood.

Swish! Swish!

Countless enemies chased after him.

Chen Feng frowned. Among these pursuers, even the weakest was an awakened one. Enemies at the same level as him were all incredibly terrifying, and they were great in number as well.

He sighed. "This way, I won\'t be able to flee at all."

He had been neglectful. He had never expected that he would actually arrive in a world where the history transformation was on the verge of success. That mysterious consciousness had obviously arrived here a long time ago. The original primordial fragment of this history was on the verge of defeat.

What to do? Leave? Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He had no way of leaving. During his previous ventures, he had only been forcefully removed after the end of the mission. By himself, he was incapable of exiting this world.


The number of enemies around him increased, each of them incredibly powerful. Earlier, only ordinary awakened ones had been chasing after him. Now, even stronger existences had appeared. Chen Feng even felt a certain terrifying power scanning him. He couldn\'t last much longer.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous powerful auras surged out. Even the bunkers and nonliving hiding places Chen Feng tried hiding in were filled with intense rejection toward him. If he hid behind a stone, the stone would, in an absurd manner, roll away. If he hid behind a tree, the tree would suddenly wilt away.

This feeling… it was as if this entire world was going to be under the control of that mysterious consciousness soon enough. Chen Feng was clear that the moment history here was changed—for example, as a result of the death of a certain someone—this world would immediately vanish and the real history would change. Chen Feng would probably be killed immediately as well.

This wouldn\'t do. He looked at the awakened ones chasing after him. At this moment, his thoughts were unprecedentedly clear as he looked around and noticed that the distant forest would probably be helpful for him.

Alas, just as he neared the forest, the ground started shaking, spurting great amounts of lava out.

Chen Feng: "???"

Lava shooting out of a forest?

What in the world? Screw you! Even if this world has enmity toward me, you should follow the natural laws, right? Is the lava of your family produced from forests? What in the world? Why not drop some blades from the sky while you\'re at it?


Just as this thought crossed his mind, numerous blades brushed past his body and landed on the ground underneath, shocking Chen Feng to the point that he was soaked with cold sweat.


He raised his head abruptly. In the sky, numerous ice blades were raining down upon him. The ice blades were as sharp as steel blades, falling down ferociously. Some beasts that were unable to dodge in time were instantly sliced into numerous pieces by the falling blades.

"Fine, you are indeed amazing."

Chen Feng turned around and escaped immediately. Alas, it seemed like it was somewhat too late. The terrifying rain of ice blades and the tsunami of lava had seemingly completely surrounded him.