The Strongest Gene - Chapter 663: Symphony of Resonance

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Chapter 663: Symphony of Resonance

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Chen Feng was alarmed. This thing had indeed been dug out together with the Fate Stone!


He waved his hand. A wondrous power surged into his hand as a faint radiance converged at the nib of the pen before blooming with a petrifying power. Next, countless illusions seemed to flash before his eyes.


A boom erupted in Chen Feng\'s mind. At that instant, he could seemingly see countless illusory figures appearing on this land. Each of them was unprecedentedly powerful, far surpassing the so-called awakened ones.


His mind boomed. He saw the stirring powers below this piece of land.


A wondrous sound echoed. He could see the terrifying powers that were turning over like the clouds in the sky.


Heaven and Earth seemed to resonate.

He could seemingly see the entire world once again enveloped by darkness.

Somewhere, amid a certain mountain range, a primordial giant elephant formed of light seemed to be awakening. One step at a time, the elephant stepped forth. Each step caused the world to shake, extremely dreadful.

An old man waited as the primordial elephant walked toward him. "Hahahaha. Finally… the seal is going to be lifted?"

Somewhere else, amid the boundless ocean, an ice-blue whale formed of light swam around the ocean. Everywhere the whale passed, all mutated beasts would retreat, not daring to approach the whale in the slightest. On the surface of the sea was a small boat. In the boat was a middle-aged man.

A look of intense longing appeared on the middle-aged man\'s face. "Finally… Have you returned? I have been waiting a long time for you…"

At the same time, at numerous places worldwide, similar occurrences were happening. Neighbors that had never appeared before finally left their house, seemingly waiting for something. Numerous powerful auras seemed to engulf the entire world.

The alarm system of the Research Agency was buzzing at the highest level of warning.

"What happened?"

"No idea."

The Genetic Union was similarly clueless.

They could only feel that something extremely terrifying was appearing. At this moment, on this planet that was nearly fully explored, not a single safe place could be found.

"What exactly… is it?" The president had a solemn expression. With astonishment, he noticed that along with the appearance of all these bizarre phenomena, the bottleneck he had been stuck at for so many years was at the moment tottering, seemingly about to loosen up.

At this time, in the Land of Legacy, Duma, who was calmly recovering, suddenly opened both his eyes.

"Such power… how…" Fear appeared on his face. "Someone still reached this step in the end?"

The thing he feared most had still happened. Such power… was obviously the power of resonance! Accompanied by numerous booms, the entire world seemed to be in the midst of awakening.

Duma sighed.

Resonance… had still appeared in the end. He was a person who had experienced the Primordial Era. As such, he was aware of how dreadful resonance was. What was scary wasn\'t the power of resonance itself; rather, the significance of resonance was what was scary.

It can no longer be prevented?

He raised his head. At this moment, countless people were doing the same thing, gazing up at the numerous bizarre phenomena unfolding in the sky.

"What is this?" Chen Feng was somewhat dumbfounded as he saw this. He had never expected that by merely using a single pen, something so terrifying would happen. After seeing this, he pulled the pen back forcefully.


All the illusions vanished. The world recovered its previous tranquility.


There was still fear lingering in his heart. Illusions? No, he was sure that those had not been illusions. The power that had appeared when he had been controlling this pen had seemingly triggered the reaction of something, resulting in those bizarre phenomena.

What was it? Chen Feng had no idea.

"This thing…"

He gazed at the pen in his hand. It seemed like he had to first put this pen away for now.

For now, at least before he figured out the actual function of this pen, he would absolutely not dare to use it again. The scene he had seen earlier had truly been too scary. As he thought about it, he placed a common seal on the pen. It was a rather weak seal. However, it was still better than nothing.

"Forget it."

Chen Feng put the pen away. Alas, at faraway locations, the old man who had been about to touch the giant elephant, the middle-aged man who had been about to fuse with the giant whale, and numerous other experts worldwide that had been on the verge of getting in touch with the numerous phenomena that had appeared all discovered in stupefaction that in a single instant, everything had vanished.

The giant elephant was gone.

The giant whale was gone.

Everything was gone.


"How is this possible?"

"The power of resonance has already appeared. How can it be stopped?"

"Since the resonance has been triggered and the phenomena were on the verge of rebirth, how is it possible for everything to be gone?"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The booming sounds worldwide earlier had overwhelmed them with emotions. Each boom had been akin to a pound on their heart, boiling their blood. Next, during the final moment when they had been on the verge of success, everything had vanished. How could they not be stupefied by this? They had been waiting for this for so many years!

Some powerful existences were communicating in secret. "Hateful!"

"Since it can appear once, it can definitely appear a second time, right?"

"That direction… seems to be Mysterious Town?"


"Are the primordial remnants trying to reawaken the Primordial Era?"

"That is possible."

"The resonance has already appeared. Sooner or later, it will resound throughout the world. I will be waiting for that day."

"So am I."

Mysterious Town…


Slowly and gradually, these voices vanished again.

In the Land of Legacy, Duma was watching on with an odd expression as everything unfolded. Even he, who had experienced the Primordial Era, had not expected that something like resonance could actually be stopped. This was somewhat inconceivable. Resonance was a unique concept. The moment it started, all powers related to resonance would be affected as well. This was the reason why Duma hadn\'t even dared to mention it before. If one had to describe this so-called resonance, it was like a bell, an extremely huge bell.

The moment one pounded the bell, it would start ringing. The ringing would grow louder and louder and would not stop before it reached its peak. This was exactly what resonance was. As for what had happened earlier? It had just started ringing, and before the sound wave could even travel far, it had vanished.

Truly… unimaginable.

Duma gazed in the direction of Mysterious Town. "Is Chen Feng the one who stopped that fellow?"

This was the only conclusion he could reach. Evidently, he was not aware that in the first place, Chen Feng had been the one causing the resonance. At present, Chen Feng, who was still unaware of the mess he had nearly caused, was calmly putting his pen away and starting to plan his next steps.


This was the second region he had conquered. He raised his head. Indeed, the two regions he had passed had become blank areas—blank areas amid a region of myriad colors.

This is what an area without a primordial power looks like? Chen Feng pondered. He looked around and noted that most of the primordial fragments were resisting the whole primordial remnant. Some areas had still been conquered and possessed the same color as the whole primordial remnant. It seemed like Chen Feng wasn\'t the only one who needed to hasten his pace. That whole primordial remnant had also increased its pace.

Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "You have been changing history all the while?" He could not allow this fellow to continue this. Otherwise, nobody could imagine what would happen to the present era. After all, this fellow was altering the history of the Primordial Era.