The Strongest Gene - Chapter 661: This Is Not from the Same Batch, Right?

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Chapter 661: This Is Not from the Same Batch, Right?

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Late at night, Chen Feng was traveling with a child in his embrace. This was an extremely peculiar feeling, especially when he knew that he was carrying himself.

"Is this how I looked when I was young?" Chen Feng found this refreshing. He turned the sleeping baby around and said in astonishment, "…So when I\'m young, my \'buddy\' was this small."

However, when he saw the purple dot on the baby\'s neck, his body froze. His expression changed. He was sure that, growing up, there had been no such purple dot on his neck! This thing… Chen Feng cast his senses toward the purple dot and instantly, his body chilled. How was this possible?

He had never expected his true identity to be seen through as, at that alien world, when he had reached S class, his entire physical body had been reconstructed. His present body was in fact a body formed of pure energy.

He waved his hand.


Instantly, his body dissipated away before reforming an instant later. And yet the purple dot was still there, even though it was extremely faint, so faint that one could almost disregard it.

Chen Feng pointed at the baby.


Even if he couldn\'t remember his memories from when he was young, that did not mean that the memories did not exist. Although the memories of a baby were extremely hazy, since they existed, Chen Feng would be able to find them. A faint radiance swept past, and instantly, Chen Feng recalled the deepest of his memories from his mind. He saw that in the room, Mrs. Chen had used a pen to softly poke his neck. So it turned out that this was the work of Mrs. Chen.

"This pen…"

Chen Feng\'s gaze landed on the pen. From the pen, he felt a familiar aura. Instantly, he took in a deep breath. If this pen was also something his father had obtained from an archeology mission…

"It couldn\'t be that this pen was also uncovered together with the Fate Stone, right?"

Chen Feng was shocked. He had experienced himself how scary the Fate Stone was. As for this pen.. the purple dot seemed capable of imprinting one\'s very soul. It seemed to be impossible to clear away. This in itself was an astonishing feat, something surpassing logic and the limitations of energy, even in the Genetic Era.

Here, a huge secret was hidden.

Chen Feng felt regretful. "Unfortunately, I can\'t bring that pen with me."

This time, he had also descended into the past with only his soul. As such, he would not be able to bring anything back to the future. As for his parents… Chen Feng stopped his steps as he thought of them.

He checked the time. Only a few minutes were left before the accident. He raised his head, focused his gaze, and looked in the direction of Qinghe Mountain.

At Qinghe Mountain, the project began as scheduled. The old man tried creating numerous disturbances, but with the unyielding Mrs. Chen there, everyone still started their work. Only after working an entire evening did they return to rest. Alas, before they could even sleep, a muffled boom resounded. Suddenly, a majestic downpour descended from the sky.


The torrential rain poured down. Instantly, the newly dug archaeological site was submerged by the water. The regular waterproof tents seemed completely useless here as the rapid gale swept them all away. The rain grew heavier, and faint booms of thunder resounded.

Everyone paled. "Something has happened!"

"Something happened up there!"

"I heard a booming sound. Something seems to be heading down here!"

"Looks like a landslide?"

"Run, fast!"

Everyone escaped toward the mountain foot, cutting sorry figures. Alas, how could they escape on time?

"It has indeed arrived…" muttered Mrs. Chen. It seemed like her guess was correct after all.

Chen Jianguo rushed over and pulled at her. "Go, fast."

Mrs. Chen shook her head. "There\'s no point. If we managed to escape, the child will…"

"What are you talking about?" Chen Jianguo said anxiously. "Move, fast!"

"Don\'t worry," Mrs. Chen said calmly. "The kid gave you something earlier, right? Take it out now."

Chen Jianguo was stunned. "Now?" That kid had indeed told them to open the case at dawn, but now? He looked at the heavy downpour, the booming sound that was approaching them, and the violent gale around them. Should they really open the case here? What was up with his wife today? Chen Jianguo was extremely anxious.

Mrs. Chen merely pulled at his hand. "Trust me."

"You…" Chen Jianguo smiled bitterly. Forget it. Even if they tried escaping, where could they escape to?

In fact, people like them were experts in terms of topography. The probability of surviving such a landslide was terrifyingly low. However, everyone was still following their instincts and trying to flee, hoping that they would be cared for by luck. After all… the further one escaped from the landslide, the higher the probability of them surviving, right?

However, since his wife had apparently given up, Chen Jianguo had no intention of fleeing himself. Pulling his wife\'s hand, they hid at a location that was still dry before taking out something that was wrapped in a piece of clothing. The thing appeared rather worn out. Carefully, Chen Jianguo opened it.

Within was a tube-shaped item with a label that read "potassium permanganate." Evidently, this was a test tube containing some chemical that been produced in some laboratory. However, it was obvious that potassium permanganate wasn\'t what was contained within the tube. Rather, it was a wondrous-looking liquid shining with a light-blue radiance. This was a color Chen Jianguo had never seen before. Such a feeling… This blue... was akin to the blue one could only see from special effects in movies.

"What is this?" Chen Jianguo gulped and was somewhat dumbstruck. That kid called Qin Hai had actually given them something so weird?

Chen Jianguo unfolded the clothing and a piece of paper fell out. "There\'s a note attached here."

"Let me take a look." Mrs. Chen looked at the paper. "Due to limited materials, I can only produce this one. Crush it during a moment of crisis."

Crush it?

Chen Jianguo looked at the reagent bottle that was flickering with a blue glow and hesitated. This thing… would it hurt his hand if he crushed it?

Mrs. Chen glared at him. "Coward."


The booming sound was getting nearer. The final dry patch of land they were at was finally submerged by water as a violent gale engulfed at them. When they raised their heads, a rolling landslide could be seen heading toward them with an intense trembling. The landslide had arrived.

Chen Jianguo\'s body chilled. "Truly…" He had initially hoped that they might get lucky, but the moment he saw the landslide, all his hope vanished. A landslide of this scale…

At this moment, he recalled his ex-classmate that was working at the Weather Bureau.

What the hell. He is indeed unreliable.

Looking at the reagent bottle in his hand, he crushed it without hesitation.

Just as Chen Feng had foreseen, regardless of whether Chen Jianguo believed him or not, when all hope seemed lost, Chen Jianguo would try anything.


Chen Jianguo grabbed tightly. And next… nothing seemed to happen. When he looked down, he found that he had actually failed to crush the tube.


He clenched his teeth and grabbed tightly again, yet he still failed to crush it.

He was stupefied. "What damnable materials is this tube made of?"


The landslide surged over violently.

"Stupid." Mrs. Chen glared at him and grabbed the tube from him before directly smashing it over Chen Jianguo\'s head.

Chen Jianguo: "???"


A crisp shattering sound could be heard.

With a bitter smile, Chen Jianguo looked at his wife\'s hand. The expected blood was nowhere to be seen. The expected flowing liquid was nowhere to be seen either. The only thing that appeared was a light-blue radiance that instantly engulfed them.


Instantly, they lost consciousness. Mrs. Chen calmly took on whatever was coming. After all, an unreal item like this was something that had never happened in her life before. Something like this was not supposed to exist. However, if it was that child…


The blue radiance bloomed.


The landslide swept past, submerging everything on Qinghe Mountain.