The Strongest Gene - Chapter 658: Actually, I Am…

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Chapter 658: Actually, I Am…

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Late at night, Chen Feng was gazing up at the starry sky in silence. He had finally returned back to this planet after so long. Naturally, he couldn\'t fall asleep. He was merely gazing at the hazy sky with his head raised.

Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded beside him. "What are you looking at?" Chen Feng turned around and noted that Mrs. Chen had actually left the room.

Chen Feng frowned. "Why are you still awake?" In truth, Chen Feng was somewhat at a loss as to how he should mingle with these two. As such, he was merely wishing that everything could proceed smoothly and nothing else.

"I can\'t sleep." Mrs. Chen shook her head and self-mockingly said, "How could I still sleep after that near-death experience earlier?"

Chen Feng: "…"

True. He was already used to living on the edge of life and death and had almost forgotten that here this planet hosted a peaceful modern society.

Suddenly, Mrs. Chen smiled and asked, "Do you feel that we are very troublesome?"

Chen Feng was somewhat stunned. "Ah."

"I can see from your eyes that you are extremely fearful of trouble," Mrs. Chen said. "You only wish to complete your mission formally, to finish this mission as soon as possible so you can go on a vacation. This attitude resembles that programmer in our unit greatly."

Chen Feng: "…"

"That is also why I trusted your words," Mrs. Chen said with a smile. "I believe that you are here to protect us instead of kill us. Oddly, from your body, I can feel an indescribable sense of intimacy."

Chen Feng: "…" He raised his head to look at Mrs. Chen. Although he called this woman Mrs. Chen, in this era, this mother of his was only 30 years old, at the age when her beauty was at its peak. It was rather astonishing that when young, his mother was actually this pretty. Chen Feng thought that it was natural that his mother was good looking, since he himself was so very handsome. It was most certainly due to the good gene pool he had inherited.

"Do not misunderstand. I am not hitting on you. Rather, I truly feel an odd sense of intimacy," Mrs. Chen gently said.

Chen Feng waved his hand. "I know. Return to your room and get some rest."

"You know?" Mrs. Chen was stunned. This young man was actually acting as if this sense of intimacy was as it should be.

Chen Feng frowned. "Return."

Mrs. Chen did not intend to leave. "What is your name?"

"Kong Bai…" Chen Feng paused and thought that such an ugly name was most undeserving of being used by him. As such, he changed midsentence. "Qin Hai. I am Qin Hai."

"Qin Hai, a good name," Mrs. Chen praised.

"…" Chen Feng sighed. "You should go take a rest."

"I have an odd premonition." Mrs. Chen raised her head and looked at him. "If I leave just like this, I will lose something extremely important, and moreover, I will be eternally separated from this important thing."

"…" Chen Feng\'s head ached. "If Mr. Chen heard your words, he would probably feel like beating me up."

Chen Jianguo\'s voice drifted over. "No, he wouldn\'t. Because earlier, when I first saw you, I had the same feeling, an intense feeling of familiarity from you… That is why we did not reject you." Step by step, Chen Jianguo walked over and looked at Chen Feng. "Who exactly are you?"

"…" Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Indeed, he was not suited to being a spy. Looking at the earnest Chen couple before him, he could only sigh. "Since you are asking so earnestly, I shall deign to tell you two. To prevent the failure of this assignment, to prevent the targets from rejecting the protection, to ensure the assignment can be better completed, I have been selected to protect you two due to my great affinity. I am a person with a superpower, with affinity being my superpower. Regardless of who the person is, so long as that person lays an eye on me, said person will be affected by my superpower and feel like I am their closest kin. Do you both understand now?" Chen Feng spoke proudly, flinging his head in an attempt to swing the nonexistent fringe on his head. In front of him, the Chen couple was dumbstruck.

Aff... affinity superpower?

"Since you guys witnessed me using my superpower earlier, you two should be able to accept the existence of superpowers, right?" Chen Feng spoke calmly. "I have been doing missions for so many years, and so far, 13 clients have treated me as their own son, around 10 elderly clients have treated me as their grandchild, three female clients have treated me as their lover, and six teenage clients have treated me as their boyfriend. There were even two particular young clients who treated me as their father…"

The Chen couple was thoroughly stupefied.

So... that was the case? That had to be the case, since he had indeed demonstrated the existence of superpowers earlier when he\'d rescued them.

"Sorry, we have disturbed you." They laughed bitterly before returning to their room. Chen Feng glanced at them and heaved a sigh of relief. Truthfully, unless absolutely necessary, he was not willing to become entangled with his parents. After all, as far as he was concerned, this was simply a trip to the grave…

Not far away, Chen Feng could still hear his parents talking to each other in low voices. They had already minimized their volume, yet before the awakened Chen Feng, this effort was meaningless.

"Seems like I guessed wrong."

"Surprisingly, such superpower exists."

"I initially believed that… forget it…"

"What are you trying to say?"

"I feel like he resembles our child greatly."

"Huh? Is this the effect of his affinity superpower?"

"Tsk, if I had this superpower back then, during my schooling days, wouldn\'t I be…"

"Hehe, what are you saying?"

"No, nothing."


"Dearest wife, truly, nothing. The moon bears witness to my love for you. Look at this if you don\'t believe me…"

"Kyah, there\'s still someone outside, all right?"

"What are you afraid of? Last time, you even dared to do it in the tomb…"

"Hey, what nonsense are you talking about? After all, the one outside one has superpowers, right?"


Slowly, the voices stopped. Chen Feng was dumbstruck as he listened on.




What the hell?

He knew that everyone was once young and hot blooded. However, it felt different to bear witness to this himself. After all, these were his parents. Truly…

He did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

At present, he truly had the urge to end this mission as soon as possible.

What the hell, if this continued, the final remaining memories he had of his parents would be badly ravaged.

The next day, when the sun rose, Chen Feng impatiently sent the two to their destination. Since he had already arrived here, he would comply with the laws here. To avoid attracting the attention of certain existences, he tried his very best to be low profile.

Chen Jianguo was driving, Mrs. Chen was feeding milk to the baby, and Chen Feng was casting his senses around, observing their surroundings at all times.

"I already arranged it with a friend. He will be waiting at Three Rings Road. I will pass on the baby to him and he will take the baby back," Chen Jianguo said while driving. "Next, we can head to the tomb at Qinghe Mountain.

Chen Feng nodded, increasing his vigilance at the same time. "All right." If he guessed correctly, the opponent would not allow him to send the Chen couple to the tomb just like that. Or to be exact, the person would not allow the baby to be sent off just like that.

However, surprisingly, the entire journey was peaceful. When they were nearing Three Rings Road, a car could be seen parked by the road with a middle-aged man waiting there.

Chen Jianguo was overjoyed as he prepared to park his car as well. "He\'s here."

"So smooth?" Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. Just as Chen Jianguo was about to stop his car, Chen Feng, with his acute senses, noticed that even with his strength as an awakened, he still could not see through the seemingly ordinary SUV! What joke was this?