The Strongest Gene - Chapter 655: Tampering with History

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Chapter 655: Tampering with History

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At Mysterious Town, a figure streaked past. With astonishment, Chen Feng found that he had returned to the Genetic Era.

What\'s going on?

He was bewildered. In his memories, as he had been falling from the precipice, just as he had been about to land on the surface of the water, a blue radiance had flashed before his eyes, and next, he had returned. What had happened? Could it be that the Duma-rescuing mission had been successful? Chen Feng was bewildered.

He raised his head and saw a broken turtle shell before him. This turtle shell appeared rather peculiar. It had clearly been broken apart, yet all the pieces were still sticking together. Shining with a blue radiance, suddenly, a scene appeared in the empty air.


Light swirled around. Once again, a primordial aura descended. Chen Feng could see clearly the fleeing Madam being chased after on the screen.

"She was discovered?" Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. Could it be that his mission of rescuing Duma had failed instead?


She raised her head. In the scene, Madam had already been forced to desperation.

"Madam, just surrender," the monkey said with a smile. Surprising him, Madam, who had been despairing and struggling bitterly all along, suddenly calmed down.

"In short, you are the only one who followed this trail?" Madam asked with a calm gaze.

The monkey had an ominous feeling. "So what if that\'s the case?"

"Have you heard of a legend?" Madam asked calmly.

The monkey was on high alert now. "What?"

"Never… ever…" Madam said, one word at a time, "…face a scarab race member solo!"

Monkey\'s expression changed greatly.

Damn it!


His body retreated rapidly.

Alas… it was already over for the monkey.

Madam pointed at the empty air. "Condense!" A terrifying radiance swirled around and locked on to monkey directly. The flow of time in an area a hundred meters around them vanished. The monkey had obviously reached the edge of this hundred-meter area, yet he was forcefully reversed back to where he had stood previously.

Madam\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Even if my present strength has declined… I am still an expert of the scarab race!" She would have been helpless against a huge number of people. However, if it was only a single opponent…


A faint undulation surrounded the area. A formidable chronal power severed this area from the outside world.

Chen Feng\'s eyes widened. "This…" He recognized this ability. This was the trump card of the scarab race, an ability Duma had once used on him and also the scarab race\'s most terrifying ability, an ability where the turtles trapped their opponents and outlive them.

And thus, in the scene, for the first time, Chen Feng witnessed the prowess of this ability. He saw the birth of Duma, he saw the deranged monkey try to make a move against Duma, he saw Madam end this ability before sending Duma away.

And next…

He saw madam cough blood before once again using this ability to trap the monkey, who wasn\'t able to escape in time.

"Are you sick? I already told you, I will not kill you. Why are you still trapping me?" the monkey said, furious.

Madam\'s voice was instead exceptionally calm. "Since you already know the truth, you cannot be allowed to survive."

And thus, time passed. From Chen Feng\'s point of view as an observer, he could see that in a short few seconds, within the trap, a very long time passed. The two of them grew old and died from old age…

The madam and the monkey perished together.

There, outside the trap, was only the newborn Duma. Breaking out of the eggshell, a gold turtle head popped out, and a dense radiance was swirling around the turtle. Slowly, a pair of inquisitive eyes opened. At the instant the eyes opened, gold radiance surged.

"The exact same time I leaped down the precipice?"

Finally, Chen Feng understood. So that was the case.

Finally, Chen Feng understood the reason for his successful return to the future. The blue radiance before him intensified. The turtle shell seemed no longer capable of persevering, and a gentle voice drifted over from the horizon. "Thank you…"

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. This was Madam\'s voice!


The shell shattered. Instantly, the blue zone vanished, leaving behind only a pile of broken shell pieces.

"Are you the one who guided me back in time?"

Chen Feng understood. This was a broken shell left behind by Madam back then. For some reason, it had been delivered to this Mysterious Town, subsequently guiding him back in time to rescue Duma.

However… why? History had originally flowed correctly. Why had he been required to correct history now? What exactly had happened to the Primordial Era? Chen Feng had no idea. What exactly had happened here? Since his memories hadn\'t changed, perhaps he had at least done the right thing this time.

"Spirit?" Chen Feng called out.

Spirit replied promptly as usual. "Here."

"Replay everything you saw earlier," Chen Feng said.

"All right." Spirit replayed the scene of what had happened earlier. Chen Feng had stepped into the blue region, shut his eyes for only five seconds, and then once again reopened his eyes.

In short, the time he\'d spent at the Primordial Era had been skipped. That made things interesting. He had a solemn expression on his face as he wondered about what had happened here.

What was up with that ability capable of twisting history? If history was truly altered, perhaps the entire Genetic Era would be affected as well. Perhaps Chen Feng wouldn\'t even transmigrate over from Earth this time. Everything was unknown.

"I don\'t suggest you continue advancing." Spirit\'s tone became solemn. "This place is giving me an extremely ominous feeling."

Chen Feng stared ahead. "I know."

This Mysterious Town seemed even more terrifying now. However, Chen Feng had no way out. The scarab-race incident had planted an utmost fear in his heart. The act of changing history was truly way too scary. Even Duma might have been erased from his roots. How could a human be safe, then? He had to stop the opponent, even if he still had no idea who the opponent was!

"After all… I am the sole awakened of the human race," he said calmly.


Light swirled before his eyes. He picked the turtle shells up. Perhaps these things might still prove helpful.


He walked out of the region purged of blue. Step by step, he moved deeper. With the blue fading, the distant green appeared exceptionally distinct. That was the next region. The outline of Mysterious Town was becoming clearer. In the midst of green, one could vaguely see a primordial item flickering unceasingly, maintaining this green region. Evidently, this was the next primordial fragment Chen Feng had to face.

"Hopefully, you won\'t disappoint." Chen Feng inhaled deeply before stepping into the green.


Light swirled. Instinctively, Chen Feng tried grabbing at the primordial fragment. However, the instant his foot entered the green...


All the green was instantly cleared. A terrifying force swept down from the horizon. All the green was destroyed, and a brand-new dazzling red radiance suddenly shone, seemingly enveloping the entire world.


The green primordial fragment had actually been instantly destroyed.


Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.


The radiance before him intensified. The terrifying red shone dazzlingly. When the brightness faded, Chen Feng had once again descended into a brand new world. With a single glance at this world before him, his entire body chilled.