The Strongest Gene - Chapter 653: Primordial Era? No Big Deal

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Chapter 653: Primordial Era? No Big Deal

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Before Chen Feng\'s eyes, a cave appeared. With the woman, Chen Feng entered the cave. Next, the entrance closed behind them without a sound. The earth opened up a path before them. Chen Feng and the woman advanced, blending together with the earth. This was the power of Myriad Illusions, the ability capable of everything! When used by Chen Feng with his awakened strength, this ability was even more terrifying.

"It had been a very long time since I last used this ability." Chen Feng was filled with melancholy. Ever since his Luck Aura had gone dormant, he hadn\'t used Myriad Illusions. This ability contained countless abilities. Apart from the brain-dead method of allowing it to erupt as it wished, only Luck Aura could help Myriad Illusions reach its potential. Otherwise, the user would forever be unable to guess the next ability that Myriad Illusions would release.


Chen Feng clenched his fists. "Let\'s go." He looked at the woman. "If the enemies are truly planning to eliminate the scarab race, they will not allow anyone to escape. They will notice you sooner or later. Therefore, we must leave as soon as possible."

The woman nodded. "Mhm."


Myriad Illusions, activate.

Bringing her along, Chen Feng streaked forth underground, quickly leaving this place. As for the hut they had been at earlier, unsurprisingly, the enemies had destroyed everything there. With their powerful strength, they had killed all the turtles there.

On the beach, numerous turtles were sprawled everywhere with their bellies facing upward as a dense smell of blood pervaded the air. A beast with an odd appearance appeared.

"Have all of them been killed?" He had the face of a ferocious tiger and the body of a human. His gaze swept past the beach, and he frowned. "Why am I still sensing someone alive?"

He sniffed at the empty air. Sniff—

"This annoying aura." His eyes gleamed coldly. "Indeed, there are still survivors. Confirm it for me immediately."

"Understood." The eyes of one of his underlings flashed, as if a myriad of worlds had just flashed before his eyes. He said, "Lord, based on my preliminary investigation, one particular corpse seems to be missing from the scarab race."

"Who is it?"

"The wife of their present Duma, someone called Xiao Wu. After marrying into this place, the scarab-race members only dare to call her Madam. As for her real full name, even our spies weren\'t able to find out."

"No real full name… Forget it, then. We can only chase after her," the tiger-faced man said coldly. "I believe everyone here has already experienced how terrifying the scarab race is. Since we have already destroyed their race, we must not allow any survivors."

"Understood," the rest answered, wearing solemn expressions.

For all the other races, the scarab race was akin to a dreadful nightmare. Even with only a single survivor, perhaps that single survivor might still be able to return and take revenge against all of them.


Some of them with powerful detection abilities set off and started tracking the survivor. When they noticed that the survivor had already crossed over the mountain, they destroyed the entire mountain directly.


A formidable power boomed. A tunnel was forcefully blasted through the mountain.

"Let\'s go."

Following the lingering aura in the air, they directly chased after their target, not stopping at all. Not a single thing seemed capable of stopping their advance.

Bang! Bang!

They advanced, leaving numerous booms in their path. At this time, Chen Feng and that woman had yet to get far away. As they heard the sounds, they were horrified. This was way too fast! If this continued, they would not be able to escape.


Chen Feng felt his scalp going numb. The experts of the Primordial Era were truly somewhat excessive. Even though they were similarly awakened ones, Chen Feng felt like he would be insta-killed by these people. That feeling… is that the power of resonance? This won\'t do. Chen Feng tried creating some diversions with his Myriad Illusions, yet those people weren\'t even slowed. They were seemingly unaffected at all.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

All the diversions he set were instantly destroyed.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This is getting troublesome… He had never felt like he could be these people\'s opponent. This was especially true for the current him, since he was lugging a burden around. Mhm… two burdens, to be precise. What to do?

Chen Feng looked at the despairing woman and pondered as the enemies neared them.

"Let\'s split up," Chen Feng said after taking in a deep breath.

The woman\'s eyes widened. Was she being abandoned?


Chen Feng heaved out a long breath and ignored her. He cast his senses on the path she had walked and remembered the unique scarab aura she had left behind.

This feeling…

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng activated Myriad Illusions with his hand. Next, several drops of energy dripped down before dissipating in the air. The newly dissipated aura was actually exactly the same as this woman\'s aura.

Shock appeared on that woman\'s face. "Huh?"

"With this, the aura will be correct…" Chen Feng pondered before saying, "Next is the body…"


From Myriad Illusions, one particular ability was selected. Mhm… Chen Feng decided that this ability was usable. Next, his body started transforming, assuming the appearance of a woman.

He looked at the woman and started talking. When he talked, even his voice was no longer the same. "With this, there won\'t be any problems."

The woman was shocked. "Are you…"

Chen Feng sighed and said, "Let me lure them away. Leave quickly. At the very least, you must survive until the birth of this child, right? The future of the scarab race now lies on your shoulders."

"Many thanks," she said, gratitude filling her eyes. She was aware of the implication of what he had just done.

"Leave." Chen Feng sighed. Without hesitation, he strolled around the area, leaving a chaotic trail before fleeing in a different direction, carrying the aura of the scarab race on his body. Shortly after, the pursuers arrived. They blanked shortly after sensing the chaotic aura here. However, soon after, they found a familiar aura amid the chaos.

They all reached the same conclusion. "This way."


Once again, the pursuers set forth.

The woods…


Above the trees…

They felt like their target was fleeing everywhere like a monkey, bringing them great inconvenience as they chased after this target. Fortunately, they could feel that they were nearing their target. That woman would not be able to escape them.

Soon, after half a day, they finally laid their eyes on that person at the precipice of a certain waterful.

"Found you," the tiger-faced man said with a smile. Worthy of being Duma\'s wife indeed. Her strength was not low. If this had been a normal scarab-race member, they would have caught up long ago. Unfortunately, in the end, she would still have to die here.


The group surrounded her cautiously. Previously, there had been several times when they\'d almost caught her yet she had still been able to escape in an absurd manner. This time, they blocked all the escape routes in advance so as to prevent any mishaps from happening.

"Madam, you won\'t be able to escape this time," the tiger-faced man said.

"I know," a soft voice replied as the woman turned around. The tiger-faced man and his group were momentarily shocked when they saw the woman\'s face. They had never expected that the scarab race would look so very stunning after assuming a humanoid form.

"It is rumored that the scarab race is incredibly spiritual. By breathing in the spiritual essence of nature, they can assume a humanoid form. As such, they are all top-notch appearance-wise. I originally did not believe this, but now that I lay my eyes upon this madam, I find this rumor believable," the tiger-faced man lamented. The others around him agreed as well.

Chen Feng sneered. "Hehe." So it seemed like these primordial fellows were weak to women as well. It was truly unfortunate that Xie Zhongtong wasn\'t here. Otherwise, she alone would be sufficient to be the end of all these fellows.

"Hehe, if Madam is willing to accompany me… I might allow Madam to live two extra years," a fellow with an odd appearance said as he stood out.

Another fellow walked out. "Yeah. If Madam can serve us well, perhaps we can allow you to keep living."

"What are you guys doing?" the tiger-faced man rebuked.

They glanced at him. "What are you pretending for? Are you not clear yourself on the appearance of the females of your tiger race? Among the ten thousand primordial races, the one race with the greatest resemblance to those existences, the one race with the greatest spiritual nature, is the scarab race! Hehe, moreover, this woman is Duma\'s wife…"

"Even ignoring her appearance and figure, the spiritual aura about her body alone is…"

"There\'s also the aura of luck lingering about her…"

"Can you guys truly bear to give up on all this?" that person said with a perverted expression.

"Spiritual nature…" The tiger-faced man looked at the woman, his heart tempted. If he was able to interweave his fate with this woman\'s fate, perhaps he would truly be able to gain a fraction of her luck and spiritual nature. With that, his future would perhaps be much better! As they thought of this, all of them were tempted. They fixed their eyes full of greed on this woman. Some of them even started undressing.

A snake-like person took off his pants and walked toward the woman with a perverted expression on his face. "Here I come… hehe."

"Hehe." Chen Feng sneered inwardly at what he saw. The "length" of the primordial fellows did not seem that special after all. He had the urge to pull his "buddy" out of the skirt he was wearing to show these guys what it meant to be "blessed by the heavens."

Naturally, this was merely a monologue; Chen Feng did not pull his "buddy" out. If he truly did that, this would probably be the end of him. Regardless of how ridiculous these fellows seemed to be, they were still ultimately experts of the Primordial Era. Any random one of them could easily kill Chen Feng. This time, it wouldn\'t be that easy for Chen Feng to survive this.