The Strongest Gene - Chapter 652: Soul Entering the Primordial Era

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Chapter 652: Soul Entering the Primordial Era

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Mysterious Town.

Within the town of numerous radiances, each color occupied a certain region. Suddenly, a cold radiance streaked toward a certain area. Filled with killing intent, the formidable power pierced directly into the primordial item.

Ka! Ka!

A crisp shattering sound echoed. A huge primordial item was about to burst apart. However, despite the numerous attacks against it, the primordial item still maintained its original appearance. It flickered with a faint blue, even when its entire body was filled with cracks.


A faint radiance flashed past.

As the old man left, Chen Feng felt like the world before him was turning more lifelike. The gentle breeze brushed past his face, and the fishy smell of the ocean lingered in his nose. Everything appeared clearer.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. This…

"You, who are you?" The woman who had been weeping earlier was looking at Chen Feng in alarm.

Chen Feng was astonished. "You can see me?"

"Yes, I can. You, who are you?" The woman was afraid. She could sense that this person didn\'t have the aura of the scarab race about him. How had this person arrived here? One ought to know that this was the scarab race\'s forbidden ground. Could it be that something bad had indeed happened to the scarab race? She recalled the scene earlier where the old man abruptly left. Her heart chilled as she wondered if their enemies had indeed entered even their forbidden ground.

"You can even understand what I\'m saying?" Chen Feng was even more astonished. Based on what Duma had said, the language of the scarab race was absolutely different from the language of the Genetic Era. However, what Chen Feng saw and heard was all in a single language. This was truly quite wondrous. He wondered if this was an illusion. He had seen and experienced countless illusions. None of them had ever been so lifelike. This lifelikeness didn\'t refer to the people in the illusion. Rather, it referred to how harmonious the illusory world seemed. This was a rather odd feeling.

Chen Feng became suspicious. Perhaps… this is an illusion released by an awakened?


A cold gleam flashed past.

He tried to lock his senses on to this woman, yet right at this instant, he felt his mind tremble and the memories in his brain start to sway about. All the memories regarding Duma were about to vanish. All his memories about the Genetic Era started becoming blurry as well.


Chen Feng\'s pupils shrunk abruptly. He retracted his killing intent, which had been directed to that woman earlier. Only then did his memories stabilize.


He took in a deep breath. Suddenly, a realization dawned upon him. This was no illusion. Rather, this was the real world. The present young woman was indeed the mother of the future Duma. Earlier, Chen Feng had intended to kill her. If so, Duma would have disappeared. As such, the memories of Duma had started becoming blurry. Without Duma, there would have been no one dealing with the awakened primordial powers in secret. Without that, the world would not have been so peaceful, thus resulting in the change of his memories regarding the Genetic Era…

Chen Feng was startled. In short, everything before him was real! The scarab race and this woman, they were all real!

Chen Feng was shaken. "I have actually returned to the Primordial Era."

That Mysterious Town contained numerous abilities within. Each primordial item was incredibly powerful. As such, Chen Feng had been extremely cautious when he\'d entered. Unexpectedly, just as he\'d entered, he had already fallen victim to one of the powers. He hadn\'t been able to resist it at all. After being enveloped by that blue radiance, he had been directly sent back in time.

"Spirit?" Chen Feng tried asking. No reply came. His question to Spirit was akin to throwing stones to the sea.

Chen Feng frowned. "Spirit didn\'t return with me?"

That shouldn\'t be possible. Since Spirit was a consciousness birthed by him, she should follow him at all times. How had she gone missing suddenly? Chen Feng wasn\'t used to the lack of Spirit\'s assistance.

However, with astonishment, he found that his Luck Aura could once again be used, and 9,999 luck value was waiting for him. This was a terrifying amount.

"Has it returned to its state prior to the upgrade due to time travel? No, this doesn\'t seem to be the case. How many years ago have I returned to?"

Chen Feng felt his thought process become sluggish.

The sudden disappearance of Spirit, the sudden appearance of Luck Aura, everything seemed related to this mysterious Primordial Era. However, he couldn\'t figure out the truth.

"Is this the power of a primordial item?"

Chen Feng felt a lingering fear. He found that he had still ultimately underestimated the strength of primordial items. Regardless of whether it was his Luck Aura or his time travel, both were pointing at how terrifying primordial powers could be.

"No, don\'t kill me." The woman trembled and looked at Chen Feng. "My child will be born very soon. I can\'t let him die here."

Chen Feng looked at her and smiled bitterly. Can\'t die here? That\'s certain. If something were to happen to her…


A loud boom resounded in the distance. A terrifying power erupted, engulfing the entire world. Distantly, the entirety of the huge mountain belonging to the scarab race started collapsing.

Something has indeed happened!

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. He recalled the history Duma had told him, and understanding dawned upon him. Perhaps this was the moment when the scarab race encountered that disaster. As for the woman here, Duma\'s mother, she had escaped at this instant and eventually gave birth to Duma, making him the only descendant of the scarab race.

So that was the case.

Finally, Chen Feng gained some sort of understanding amid all the confusion. How had this woman escaped? Chen Feng looked toward the surging aura before looking at this weak woman that seemed incapable of escaping. He could not imagine that this woman would actually be able to escape. Suddenly, he laughed helplessly.

In short, the one protecting Duma\'s mother while she escaped had actually been Chen Feng?

Chen Feng was shocked. "What happened, exactly?" He was sure that the one who was supposed to protect this woman in her retreat wasn\'t supposed to be him. Analyzing what he knew so far, that person should have been the old man earlier.

At the crucial moment, the old man had left. Moreover, right after his departure, something had happened. This was way too odd. As for Chen Feng… he had actually appeared here coincidentally.

"Something must have happened." Chen Feng was sure. However, no matter what, he knew that he couldn\'t allow any mishaps to happen to this woman, regardless of whether it was for the sake of Duma or the stability of the future human world.

Truthfully, Chen Feng had always maintained a certain level of doubt with regard to Duma\'s task of "protecting world peace" and "defending the world in the dark." He had merely spared Duma\'s life since he had seen that Duma had lost his combat power and wouldn\'t be able to recover anytime soon. However, from the way his memories acted here, he was certain that what Duma had told him was true.

As such, no matter what, he had to preserve Duma\'s life. At present, the woman was thoroughly dumbstruck. The sudden appearance of an enemy and then the collapse of the mountain symbolizing the scarab race told her that a calamity had descended upon the scarab race.

The woman slumped weakly to the ground. "It\'s over."

Chen Feng looked at her and asked, "Do you want to survive?"

The woman raised her head abruptly, her eyes shining.

"Do you want your child to survive?" Chen Feng asked seriously. "If your answer is yes, follow me."

A tinge of color reappeared in the woman\'s dim expression.


The distant booming sound echoed without stop as Chen Feng led the woman and left in a certain direction. The collapsing mountain had blocked all escape routes. As such, going this way was their only hope.

"These children…"

She looked at the little turtles that were panicking on the beach.

Chen Feng shook his head and sighed. "We can\'t take them along. Even if it\'s you alone, I do not have confidence in getting you out alive."

The woman sunk into silence.

She was not the holy mother. As such, during such a crucial moment, she knew what her priority should be. Her child, the future Duma, was the single most important person.

Bang! Bang!

The distant booming sound approached them. Chen Feng and the woman arrived before the collapsing mountain.

"It\'s a dead end here," the woman said.

"I know." Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "As such, the enemy will never expect to find us here."


He raised his hand slightly.

Myriad Illusions!


Luck Aura, activate!