The Strongest Gene - Chapter 651: Chaos Is Coming

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Chapter 651: Chaos Is Coming

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the Land of Legacy.

Duma gazed in the direction of Mysterious Town. "Chen Feng already went over?"

Qin Hai nodded. "Mhm." The sudden change at Mysterious Town was incredibly suspicious. At a glance, it appeared like some coincidence where a random fragment delivered there turned out to be a broken piece of a certain primordial item discovered countless years ago. As it had been discovered before the era of computers, that item hadn\'t been recorded and nobody had realized this, resulting in this accidental reunion. However, if one gave it some serious thought, was that truly the case?

A primordial fragment… Why were these things called fragments? That was because they were already broken! That war had been too long ago, so long ago that it had practically vanished from history. All the broken primordial items had transformed into countless fragments and disappeared amid the long annals of history. Even the small amount of tiny fragments that had been discovered thus far had all merely been flukes.

A single primordial item could very well be comprised of hundreds or even thousands of fragments. These were what were normally discovered nowadays. Yet for this particular primordial item, only two parts had been required for the item to become whole again? No, that was not supposed to be possible. It would be reasonable for a primordial item to require several hundreds of fragments before it could be whole again.

Yet discovering such an amount of fragments alone was an impossibility, as most of these fragments had vanished in the truest sense. That was the case for most primordial items contained in Mysterious Town. Yet now… a mere two fragments had made a primordial item whole. Even more coincidental was the fact that this involved a primordial item that had been discovered before the era of computers, before data had been recorded in computerized databases.

What a coincidence!

In any case, Duma refused to believe that such coincidence existed. That was why this incident had to be investigated. Perhaps there was a culprit behind this. For example… the fellow who had lured the twin-horns race over. This fact alone made it a must for them to investigate this thoroughly.

Duma shook his head. "He\'s too rash." There were no problems with Chen Feng\'s investigations. The real problem was the fact that the location of this incident was that Mysterious Town! Duma had previous experience handling primordial items. As such, he was clear on how terrifying these items were. Regardless of whether there was a third awakened one lurking around, so long as it was something happening at that town, things would never be simple.

"Chen Feng alone won\'t do. You guys go give him help," Duma said.

"Only awakened ones can enter that place," Qin Hai said with a bitter smile. Unawakened ones couldn\'t even approach that place.

Duma frowned. "Is that so… Let me think of something."

At this time, in Mysterious Town, Chen Feng, who had just entered, felt only an intense brightness before him.


Endless blue.

Chen Feng was astonished. "Where is this place?"


The illusory blue started solidifying. The world before him slowly became distinct. This was actually a beach that was incredibly beautiful. Countless turtles were playing about, having the time of their lives.

What is this place?

Chen Feng felt doubtful. He tried walking forth but noticed that he couldn\'t walk around. He couldn\'t control his body and could only watch on with his eyes wide open.


A turtle passed through his body, not obstructed by his presence at all.

Chen Feng contemplated. I have transformed into a projection? Or perhaps… this world was the actual projection. He did not belong to this world. As such, he couldn\'t see any other things.


Chen Feng looked over. On this beautiful beach, apart from the turtles, there was a hut as well. Surprisingly, there on the hut, two people stood.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. Humans?


Light swirled around. Instantly, he appeared up there as well. There, by the table, an old man and a young woman were seated. Similarly, these two seemed completely unaware of Chen Feng\'s presence.

"These children…" The old man looked at the little turtles with a kindly expression. "I wonder when will they be able to grasp the technique for transforming into a humanoid shape."

The young woman by his side spoke gently. "Don\'t worry. We can take our time. Humanoid transformation also signifies that they have reached adulthood, officially entering this world. I truly don\'t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We didn\'t enjoy a childhood back then. Hopefully, these children can enjoy a good childhood and live fulfilling lives."

The old man shook his head. "How could things be so easy? These two days, abnormalities have appeared without stop. I feel like great chaos will descend soon. I wonder if our scarab race can survive this…"

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. Scarab! Could this be…

"In the annals of history, there have been numerous chaotic times. Which of those did our race fail to survive?" the woman said with a smile.

"No, this is different," the old man muttered. "It\'s different this time."

Next, he shook his head. Even if he told her, she wouldn\'t understand.

The old man changed the topic. "Is Chen Er not back yet?"

"Mm." The woman\'s expression dimmed. "It has been three years since he last came back."

"Three years… Well, he is, after all, the chief of our scarab race. It is inevitable that he has to work hard." The old man sighed as he looked at her belly. "This child, it has been three months, right?"

A content smile appeared on her face as the woman rubbed her belly. "Mhm…" Although her husband, Yu Xian Chen, was not here most of the time, she was lucky enough to be pregnant, to have this child accompanying her.

Chen Feng: "…"

Three years…

Three months…

Chen Feng felt like the math did not seem right here. But then, after thinking about it, he realized that he had indeed been thinking too much. After all, this was the scarab race. From his memories, fertilization would indeed take years for some turtle species. Since the scarab race was essentially a race of turtles as well, perhaps they might require 100 years of fertilization.

Mhm, that must be the case.

Chen Feng rearranged his thoughts and continued watching on.

"Let me take a look." The old man placed his hand before the woman.


A faint radiance flashed.

Suddenly, the old man\'s eyes gleamed as a shocked expression appeared on his face. He retracted his hand and looked at the woman. "This is…"

The woman blanked. "What\'s up?"

The old man\'s expression dimmed. "The child…"

"What happened to my child?" the woman asked anxiously. "What happened?"

"The child is fine." The old man trembled and sighed. "However the child\'s entire body is enveloped in gold and shines with unusual radiance. There is a faint resonance with the aura of the Saintly Ancestor…"

The woman\'s eyes widened abruptly. This characteristic… Could it be…

The old man sighed. "That\'s right. This child is the future Duma! The future leader of our scarab race!"


The woman\'s heart jolted.

Duma… had appeared once again! However, her husband was clearly the present Duma. Why…


She collapsed weakly to the ground. In the scarab race, at any given time, only a single Duma could exist. Only when the present Duma died would that unique and powerful aura return to their race to be reincarnated once again.

In short, Yu Xian Chen had…

The lady knelt on the ground, weeping bitter tears.

The old man sighed.

Something had indeed happened. Including the scarabs, the leaders of several races had encountered misfortune. This was a bad omen. It seemed like a dreadful calamity was on the verge of erupting.

The old man sighed. "Something still happened in the end." As he was about to comfort the woman, suddenly, his expression changed. He seemed to have seen something terrifying, as he left immediately, leaving only a single sentence behind.

"Take good care of the children."

On the beach, the group of adorable little turtles was still playing around without any worries. The breeze brushed past, and the blue sky above the beach seemed even deeper now.