The Strongest Gene - Chapter 650: Primordial Items

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Chapter 650: Primordial Items

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In a certain desolate frontier, a group of people in white uniforms were solemnly waiting for something. Soon, a fully armed armored car slowly hovered over.

They went forth to welcome the arrival of the armored car. "You guys have worked hard." Within the car, an item contained in a transparent glass case was taken out. This item shone with a faint gold glimmer, was very small and seemed like a broken part of a much larger item.

"Has it been recorded?"


"Be more careful."


They put the item on a floating piece of equipment, trying to maintain its balance so the item would not fall.

"Unknown energy."

"Unknown type."

"Unable to analyze."

"With our present technology level, it is not recommended to study this thing. I propose we seal it away."

The newcomer passed on the report.

The person in a white uniform nodded. "Understood." He turned on the screen and scanned the data to input it into the storage before carefully pushing the floating piece of equipment behind him.


The floating piece of equipment gently floated on. Carrying that item, it left unhurriedly, floating toward a distant town. Along the way, all the staffers looked around as that floating piece of equipment safely entered the depths of the town. There, countless similar items were stored.

"Item number 2014," the ice-cold voice of the system resounded, "registration complete, input complete."

They heaved a sigh of relief. "Done." Finally, yet another item had been safely sealed away. Not long ago, the appearance of that pink thing had horrified them greatly. Through that, they had gained a clear understanding of how scary the sealed items here could be, even if they were mere fragments and none of them were in their complete form.

Their job involved delivering these items here to be sealed away, awaiting the day when humans reached a high enough level to study these things to come and revisit them. However, unknown to them, that fragment they had just delivered into the town did not stop after reaching the depths of the town. Rather, it continued on, seemingly being attracted by some power.

The floating piece of equipment that should have stopped moving continued on in a certain direction. Distantly, a faint radiance glimmered, shining upon the Mysterious Town.



In the depths of the town, something seemed to be trembling.

Shua! Shua!

The floating piece of equipment stopped gradually as it reached where the light was shining. There, an even larger item was flickering with light. It could be seen that on a certain corner of this item, a small chip had been broken off, causing it to appear rather incomplete. This missing part seemed completely in harmony with the newly entered fragment.


Slowly, the two items approached each other.


With a crisp sound, the two faint golden items combined together, not leaving even a crack behind, as if they had always been a single entity.


The item shone with gold. As the two combined, an astonishing aura erupted.

Bang! Bang!

The terrifying gold engulfed the entire town.

Countless people there were alarmed. "What\'s up?" With a gaze of disbelief, they looked toward the town that had been silent for so many years, not knowing what was happening inside.

What\'s happening?


Instantly, a primordial power erupted. The mighty power engulfed and shook the entire town. With the appearance of this aura, the numerous astonishing powers that had been slumbering within the town all appeared together at the same time. These powers were all… primordial powers!






The heavens and earth seemed to be changing colors at the appearance of these primordial powers.

In a short instant, the lights of Mysterious Town flooded the sky, erupting with numerous colors, shining upon the entire world.

Something had happened at Mysterious Town!

At this time, the Genetic Union, the Research Agency... everyone that had sensed this set off immediately. Alas, when they arrived, it was already too late. Mysterious Town could no longer be seen. Where Mysterious Town used to be, only a boundless radiance could be seen. Radiances of a multitude of colors filled their entire vision.

"Let me." Someone tried entering. However, before he could even approach, his body trembled and he collapsed to the ground.

"Bombard it!"

The Research Agency deployed their bombers.

Alas… it was ineffective as well.

The dense multicolored radiance seemed capable of resisting all attacks, causing everyone that wanted to attack or enter the town to be helpless. This place had completely fallen to the unknown enemy. Helpless, the Genetic Union could only surround this place, unable to do anything else.

"Damn it!"

"What happened?"

"No idea. I think it is related to the fragment we sent in today."

"Did we not confirm that the fragment posed no threat and was the broken part of some item? How could it cause this?"

The staffer smiled bitterly. "It was indeed a broken part. However… From the final recorded data of the now-destroyed recorder, we saw that the fragment combined with a certain item within the town."

"You mean…"

"That\'s right. The item we just sent inside was the broken part of a certain item that we discovered a long time ago. After combining together, the primordial item seemed to awaken…"


As they heard this, they inhaled deeply in shock. Primordial item… awaken…

Suddenly, they recalled the pink-power incident. Would the Land of Legacy incident replay itself here?

"Retreat! Leave this place immediately! Lock down everything 50 kilometers around this place. Do not allow anyone to enter."



The Research Agency acted quickly.

With the ancients\' Land of Legacy serving as an example, the staffers here made the smart choice and withdrew their forces immediately, then observed from a distance. When Chen Feng arrived, this was what he saw.

"Everyone has already withdrawn."

"Within a distance of 50 kilometers, there is only this single town. Nobody else had been affected. In Mysterious Town, there is only a single complete primordial item. All other items are purely fragments. After the withdrawal of the main group, we tried numerous methods yet were unable to enter," the staffer reported with fear still lingering in his heart.

Chen Feng gazed at the town. Is that so?


Around the town, a faint radiance shimmered. Everyone that tried to enter was repelled.


Chen Feng waved his hand. An illusory shadow flashed forth and swirled around before easily entering Mysterious Town.

"Huh?" The staffers were somewhat dumbstruck as they saw this.

Just like that?

It seems like the repelling force of the town is ineffective against awakened ones, Chen Feng realized. As such, this would be much easier to deal with. He had long wanted to enter this town and have a look at the primordial items within. The pink power had only become so powerful because its growth had gone unchecked for too long. As for this primordial item, it had only recently awoken. Perhaps this would be a good chance for him.


Chen Feng\'s figure flashed forth as he entered Mysterious Town. Within the town, numerous colors swirled around. Each of the colors seemed to contain a primordial item blossoming with a charm unique to itself.

Each color occupied its respective region. Although all these primordial items had awoken, it seemed like they repelled each other as well, causing this Mysterious Town to be split into numerous portions. Chen Feng had arrived at the region that used to be the town\'s entrance, a region of blue.

"The first primordial item at the entrance?"

Chen Feng braced himself for what was to come. However, when he entered, his expression changed greatly as the blue radiance suddenly shone intensely, then erupted with a dreadful force.


The intense blue radiance surged forth like a tidal wave, instantly submerging Chen Feng.