The Strongest Gene - Chapter 649: Research Result

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Chapter 649: Research Result

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Research Agency.

Chen Feng was looking at the latest recordings. Feminization. This had been Chen Feng\'s initial goal. After what had happened to the ancients, he was now certain that after the target was feminized, their state of mind would change slowly as well. After the transformation, the target would be much easier to interact with. At the very least, if they maintained their rationality, it would be too easy for them to see through the humans\' true strength.

Therefore, transforming them into females and then locking them in the laboratory forever to serve as test subjects, squeezing information about the twin-horns race from them, was the most apt course of action. From the latest recordings, it seemed like this was a feasible plan. At the very least, the feminization gene reagent was effective even on the awakened twin-horns race members.

"How\'s the status of the target?" Chen Feng asked.

"At first, the target was very shocked and couldn\'t accept it. However, after a period of time, the target was able to calm down and is now handling it better," the staffer replied.

"Has he ever doubted the gene reagent?" Chen Feng asked.

The staffer shook his head. "No. We have been feigning innocence and have even asked him if the changes are due to his body being not acclimatized to this planet. We asked if the target was feeling any unusual emotions…" At this, an odd expression appeared on the staffer\'s face. "Initially, we only wanted to mislead the target and erase their doubt. Unexpectedly, the counterparty is truly feeling an unusual set of emotions. As such, we played along and led him along…"

"Huh?" Chen Feng was astonished. There was a surprise harvest?

"This was what happened." The staffer explained in detail. "When we asked if he was feeling an unusual set of emotions, he said frankly that he had been crying frequently recently. Since he was rather interested in the entertainment of humans, he had been watching a lot of TV shows recently as well. A short while ago, he had even been completely hooked on some soap opera."

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. "Soa... soap opera?"

"Yes. In one shot, he watched 72 episodes of a soap opera where the male lead suffered from an accident and the female lead suffered from cancer, 38 episodes of soap operas where the male lead and female lead find out they are actually biological siblings, and around 30 episodes of soap operas with storylines featuring tragic memory loss. He cried rivers of tears while watching. He said that it seemed like his emotions started losing control from that point onward," the staffer finished with a cold expression.

Chen Feng: "…"

Holy shit, soap operas could be used in such a manner?

"Next, we told him that this might be a normal side effect of an alien life-form arriving on an alien world. Since we have never encountered an alien life-form, we requested his cooperation and told him that such soap operas are something generally only watched by human females. If one watched too many of them, one might suffer from some side effects…" the staffer said with a serious expression.

"Next?" Chen Feng asked.

The staffer had a flat expression. "He believed everything we said."

Chen Feng: ...This works?

"Therefore, recently, when we are working on him, he has been cooperating fully. Moreover, he has also requested some male TV shows filled with masculinity, or perhaps some such movies," the staffer stated honestly. "Next, we recommended to him some of the hottest male movies of this year: War Dogs 2, Fast and Furious 8, and so on." [1] 1

Chen Feng: "…"

This was quite a refined method of operation.

The staffer continued, "In short, the target has stabilized. These days, he is completely hooked up with these soap operas and movies. Occasionally, he will tell us something about the Twin Horns World. Although he only mentions them briefly, we can gather and rearrange everything into a proper data set."

"How about that world\'s strength system?" Chen Feng asked. For him, the most important thing was the system the Twin Horns World used to classify different strength levels. At present, apart from mentioning that they had several tens of thousands of awakened ones, there wasn\'t anything else.

The staffer shook his head. "We are still unclear about that. Every time we touched on this topic, he didn\'t say much. However, we believe that as time passes, he will tell us about it. A few days ago, we even got Miss Tianyu Liming to placate him. After all, they are all ex-males… As such, they should have common topics to talk about." The staffer coughed before continuing, "At present, the two are already as close as sisters and talk about everything. I think it won\'t be long before he spills everything."

Chen Feng was astonished. "The president is fine with this?"

"Oh, I think so," the staffer said after thinking about it.

Chen Feng: "…"

Being so magnanimous, he was truly worthy of being the president. However, as Chen Feng pondered the matter, it was rather understandable that the president was fine with this. After all, both Tianyu Liming and the target had had their gender changed, and under the full monitoring here, they couldn\'t do anything they were not supposed to anyway.

Chen Feng pondered the matter and said, "I suppose it\'s fine that way. I will let you guys handle the matters here, then. Get him to spill everything in the shortest time possible, especially the strength system of the Twin Horns World."

The staffer nodded. "Understood."

"How\'s the progress on the research of the twin-horns body?" Chen Feng asked. The physical body of a twin-horns member was also a rather rich harvest for them.

"We are almost done with that," the staffer replied. The study of their bodies, blood, energy, everything had been finished. The only thing that posed a problem so far was those horns.

"The twin-horns race seems completely the same as humans apart from their horns. At present, we have yet to discover the usage of those horns. Every time we ask this question, that fellow is unwilling to talk. I think we need more time."

Chen Feng frowned. "Nothing has been discovered?"

The staffer reported things thoroughly. "Nope. The target\'s strength does not seem to correlate to the horns, yet he still regards them with utmost importance. As such, even now, we still don\'t know the reason for that… After our tests, we found that the horns occasionally release an undulation at a certain frequency."

This was everything they had on the horns.



Hold on, could this be a signal? Chen Feng\'s expression darkened. Wasn\'t this totally Teletubbies, then?

Chen Feng kneaded his head. "Continue the tests." He refused to believe that those horns were merely there for decoration. "We must figure out everything about them. Although they will temporarily stop coming to this world, it is still only a matter of time before they eventually come," Chen Feng stated. "The mysterious person who transmitted the coordinates to them, figuring out whether what this captain told us the truth or not... All of these are things we must consider thoroughly."

"Understood," the staffer answered with a solemn expression. He was clear just how important his task was.

Chen Feng nodded. "Good." The people of the Research Agency were rather unscrupulous when doing their job. With this, it wouldn\'t be long before the target fully integrated with humans.

"Unfortunately, we did not get the coordinates of the Twin Horns World." Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful. "If we had their coordinate, we could airdrop countless feminization gene reagents there. I suppose that after several decades, we would be victorious over them without fighting a single battle."

The staffer: "…"

This Chen Feng seemed so very well practiced with such acts of genocide. After leaving the Research Agency, Chen Feng went over to the Genetic Union to get some updates. With astonishment, he found that the coordinates sent to the twin-horns race were unrelated to Xie Zhongtong at all.

"Miss Xie has been under our monitoring. At present, she is completely infatuated with the mass \'assembly\' she\'s in and hasn\'t done anything else. Everything she has done has already been recorded. If you are interested, you can take a look any time you want. We have ensured that she never leaves our monitoring."

This was the report received by Chen Feng. They were extremely loyal. But then, for an unknown reason, they seemed rather pale and weakened nowadays…

As for the recordings, Chen Feng had no interest. He reckoned they only needed to slap a code on those videos and they would be good to go to be sold as porno. He had no intention of suffering Han Yula\'s wrath in the future. Mhm…

"Continue the monitoring," Chen Feng ordered.

The two beyond A classes happily agreed to this task. "Yes!"

"Looks like it\'s not Xie Zhongtong." Chen Feng sank into contemplation. It wasn\'t Duma, nor was it Xie Zhongtong. Who could it be? Had some mysterious primordial power appeared recently? Or perhaps… Chen Feng shut his eyes. "I will know after taking a look."


A faint undulation spread out.

In Chen Feng\'s eyes, the entire world seemed to have changed color. He had activated the ability used to search for primordial powers. However, he found that after searching the entire world, only that astonishing pink could be found.

Nothing else?

He shook his head. Just as he was about to exit this state, suddenly, numerous formidable auras surged out from this illusory world. Next, the primordial auras erupted.

"This…" Chen Feng\'s eyes widened. The pink seemed to have dimmed, and the formidable auras that had appeared flickered with seven colors before engulfing the entire world. This wasn\'t any singular aura. Rather, it was a combination of a number of powerful primordial auras.

"That place…" Chen Feng gazed in that direction. Ultimately, something had still happened there!