The Strongest Gene - Chapter 648: The Care from a High-Tier Martial World

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Chapter 648: The Care from a High-Tier Martial World

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Research Agency.

The research of the twin-horns race had officially started. After finding out about the strength of the Twin Horns World from Chen Feng, they did not dare to slack and vowed to figure out the truth behind the appearance of these twin-horns members in this world. Why had they come? How had they come? All of these were things they had to find out. The captured twin horns were telling everything they knew.

"Our ancestors were once inhabitants of this planet as well. They accidentally fell into that piece of space. As the amount of the fallen ones increased, the new generation started a new life there, creating the present Twin Horns World.

"It\'s real. Everything I have said is the truth. Why did we come? Well, the Twin Horns World is too small. After all, that is simply a piece of space. Although we call it a world, in fact, it is the remains of a space created by a lord. Therefore, as the energy of that space started drying out, the living space there started shrinking as well. Everyone has no choice but to think of a way to leave there.

"How\'s the strength? Our strength there is very weak. Only the most outstanding of our soldiers are able to awaken. The ordinary people can only reach the peak of the unawakened realm, unlike your world…"

The captain sighed deeply, evidently ashamed by how weak the Twin Horns World was despite all these years of development. "There\'s really no helping it. The resources on the Twin Horns World are too low in amount and can only support so many people. If we had too many awakened ones, the speed at which our world dried up would probably increase."

At a different location, the Genetic Union president, Research Agency, and the higher-ups of the Gene Production Association were listening in to the questioning. As they heard this, they all sunk into silence, feeling as if they had just been slapped in the face.

Limited resources, my ass! Even with limited resources, you fellows are already so amazing. If you guys weren\'t limited by resources, perhaps you guys would even be able to reach the heavens?

"Around how many awakened ones do you guys have?" Chen Feng asked.

The twin-horns captain sighed shamefully. "Only around a hundred thousand."

Chen Feng: "…"

A hundred thousand…

The twin-horns captain had looked at the screen as he\'d answered. Instantly, the president and the rest trembled. The threat of this twin-horns race was much larger than they had imagined. Such a terrifying race…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "How did you guys arrive here?"

"How? We have no idea. Our research into space was stuck for a long time. The other day, we accidentally received a distress signal. Surprisingly, after inputting the coordinates, we truly arrived on this planet. I am only the vanguard. These are the only things I know." The captain put forth his guess: "I suspect that this distress signal was sent by some awakened human that encountered some misfortune."

Human awakened…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The twin-horns members\' guess was rather logical. However, they were wrong, as in fact, there were no other awakened humans. Beyond the newbie awakened Chen Feng, there was no second awakened one. Had it been Duma? Not possible. Based on what Qin Hai had said, Duma had been spending his time recovering these days. He claimed that turtle meat was nutritious and had been cooking and resurrecting the little turtle without stop these days.

If so, he shouldn\'t have the extra time to do something like this. Who had it been, then? Chen Feng sank into contemplation. Chen Feng pondered. Perhaps this was the work of that damnable pink power? Apart from him and Duma, the pink power was probably the only one capable of this. At present, Xie Zhongtong was the pink power.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Looks like I have to start paying more attention to her."

"You seem to be answering everything we ask?" Li Lei said with a smile.

"That is natural," the captain answered. "As long as it is something I know, I will cooperate earnestly. In actual fact, we are merely looking for a place we can live peacefully. We never intended to wage war on humans."

"Is that so?" Chen Feng asked with a faint smile. Peace my ass. If we hadn\'t discovered this fast enough, we would have been eliminated by the twin-horns race before even realizing what was happening.

The captain laughed dryly. "Of course! Your world is a high-tier martial world, while we, the insignificant twin-horns race, are merely from a minor world with a low-tier martial level. We would not dare to even dream such ridiculous dreams!"

Chen Feng and the rest sunk into silence.

High-tier martial…

Low-tier martial…

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone as he felt like he was on to something here.

"Have the twin-horns race truly built a connection with this planet?" Chen Feng asked with a serious expression.

Suddenly, the captain paled. "No! Absolutely not!"

"Oh?" Chen Feng\'s gaze became sharp.

"Really, there\'s no connection!" the captain swore. "We only had a unidirectional connection. That is why we were sent to first reconnoiter this planet. After your surprise attack, I transmitted a message back before destroying the connection."

Chen Feng was stunned. "You destroyed the connection?"

The captain smiled bitterly. "Yes."


Chen Feng was now sure that he had guessed correctly, and he pushed on. "In that case, how should one enter the Twin Horns World?"

The captain shook his head. "…That is not possible. All possible routes have been sealed off."

"I have one more question." Chen Feng smiled faintly. "What if we were to send some coordinates to them to lure them over, just like how you guys arrived in the first place."


The captain\'s body chilled. However, as he thought of what he had done earlier, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "No, that\'s not possible. Even if you guys were to send coordinates over, they would not come. Before I was taken away by you guys, I already sent a message to them. They are already clear on the strength of humans. At the very least, they will absolutely not come before they have surpassed humans in strength." The captain looked at Chen Feng. "You should just give up on this."

He felt like this fellow called Chen Feng was the most terrifying of all. He was strong, and his schemes were deep as well. He was actually thinking of using such a method to lure the people of the Twin Horns World? This was too excessive! His "How did you guys arrive" question earlier had totally been a trap! That had simply been a test to see if the captain had been speaking the truth. The captain was absolutely certain that the coordinates they had received had been sent by Chen Feng. That had to be the case.

"Anything else you ask, I will answer to the best of my ability. As for entering the Twin Horns World…" The captain shook his head resolutely. "That is not possible. I reckon they severed all connections the moment they received the message I sent. You have no way of locating them anymore."

Chen Feng smiled. "Is that so?"


His wristband buzzed.

The investigation result was being transmitted to him by the Research Agency. "We have indeed discovered traces of the transmittance of something there. However, everything seems to have been destroyed already…"

"Got it."

Finally, this burden was lifted from Chen Feng\'s heart.

The captain was overjoyed as well. "You all have no chance of finding our world." Excellent, those guys had indeed received his message.

"I know." There were no changes in Chen Feng\'s expression.

"Ours is but a small world where life is hard. It is nothing but a crippled world. Why must you guys insist on destroying our world?" The captain smiled bitterly and spoke cautiously. "As the ruler of this huge world, I believe you guys do not even care about the tiny bit of resources we have. So long as you do not do anything that will compromise our world, I will cooperate in whatever way you want me to."

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. "Is that so?"

The captain nodded solemnly. "Yes." For the future of the Twin Horns World, he was willing to sacrifice everything. Moreover, he had once studied the cultures of numerous alien worlds. He was sure that as someone from a low-tier martial world, he was nothing in a high-tier martial world like this, let alone when he was but a mere prisoner.

As such, he absolutely had to express his willingness to submit, then wait for a chance…

He believed that a day would come when the twin-horns race would descend upon this world! When that lord woke up, he would come with his comrades. At that time, the Twin Horns World would be able to dominate this world!

"Good." Chen Feng was pleased with this captain\'s performance thus far. "Well then, eat this thing first." Chen Feng gave him several bottles of gene reagents. "You are still too weak, not even worth studying. Eat these and increase your strength so you can be qualified to be our test subject."

The captain smiled bitterly. "All right." Even with his strength, he was still too weak to even serve as a test subject? Well, that was understandable. After all, this was a high-tier martial world.


He poured the gene reagents down his throat. He had no idea what they were. However, amazingly, he could feel his strength rising after consuming them. It was a tiny improvement, however…

He was endlessly amazed. "One can actually improve in strength this way?"

Even back on the Twin Horns World, his strength had been stuck for a very long time. Yet here on the human world, with a mere gene reagent, his strength had increased. This was truly too terrifying!

"Not bad." Chen Feng was very satisfied with his performance. "We can supply you this thing without limit. Increase your strength until you can no longer increase it first. Afterward, we will give you even higher-tier things to use."

"All right." The captain was happy. In any case, increasing one\'s strength was something joyous. And thus, in this lowest floor of the Research Agency, the place where the security was the strictest, in the laboratory jointly constructed by Chen Feng and Duma, the twin-horns captain started increasing his strength rapidly.



Numerous gene reagents were poured down his throat. His strength increased without stop. Each bottle of gene reagent only granted a minute increase. However, with the huge amount of gene reagents supplied, his progress was still great. Around him was nothing but an area of white. This so-called laboratory was in fact something constructed with the twin-horns arena as a reference. As such, he wasn\'t unfamiliar with this environment.

This was evidently the work of Chen Feng. Even as a prisoner, the captain wasn\'t mistreated. Rather, he was given good food and drinks, and lots of mysterious entertainment was provided without limit. TV shows, movies, games, everything was provided. He only needed to contribute some of this blood essence or contribute his body for them to study occasionally.

The generosity of humans indeed surprised him. Worthy of being inhabitants of a high-tier world! The captain was melancholic. Perhaps, in the eyes of these humans, their tiny world was nothing. This was the bearing of a high-tier world! Humans were truly amazing! This was all the captain thought. His good life continued until one day when he realized that his breasts were getting more and more plump. Only at this point did he start noticing that something did not seem right.