The Strongest Gene - Chapter 647: Too Scary

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Chapter 647: Too Scary

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The captain looked at these people in fear. "You guys are…"


A punch came flying. The captain felt a surging force land on his body before blasting his internal organs into a mess.


Just like that, his awakened body was smashed apart.


Energy flashed about as light swirled around the captain\'s body, restoring his body once again. On the face of this newly built body, fear was plastered. Before he could even do anything, another punch landed, and once again, his body was smashed apart.

One time, two times, three times…



The continuous sounds of meat being pummeled were petrifying. The body of an awakened was so powerful that it should be unequaled, yet here, this awakened fellow was being ravaged like a punching bag to the point that he couldn\'t even fight back. They were actually suffering a one-sided beatdown.

The captain was thoroughly dumbstruck. "This is impossible." They were awakened ones. They were the elites of the Twin Horns World! They were the experts of the vanguard. Why had they failed to even beat a few humans here on this planet? This wasn\'t possible! He looked at the black uniform those figures were wearing…


Right, it had to be the suits they were wearing! Due to the suits, their enemies were immune to their attacks. The captain guessed that the development of the awakened ones on this planet was probably much higher than their Twin Horns World. That was why they had suits and other methods capable of countering the awakened ones.

In that case... The captain\'s eyes flashed. All will be fine if their suits are torn apart!


He gave the order decisively. All the twin-horns members that were being ravaged erupted with their respective trump cards at the same time. A terrifying force swept out. Their sole objective was tearing apart these people\'s suits.

Bang! Bang!

The core became as bright as day from all the powerful attacks being unleashed. Indeed, under the joint attacks of the twin-horns members, the suits were finally torn apart. Finally, the true appearance of these figures was revealed. However, the twin-horns members were instead stupefied by what they saw.

What were they seeing? Children?

Those figures dressed in black suits were actually all young kids! All of them looked around 15 or 16 years old, even younger than Chen Feng!

"All 15- and 16-year-old kids…"

"How is this possible…"

They were all rendered speechless. Wait, they had to have been so strong because of the suits…


One of the twin-horns members unleashed his awakened power. Next, with his very own eyes, he watched as his attack exploded on the body of one of those kids yet no damage whatsoever was dealt.

At this, all the twin-horns members sank into silence.


Fifteen, sixteen years old…

Immune to awakened attacks…

Holy shit, the human world had developed to such an extent? Their hearts chilled.

"Take them down," Chen Feng commanded coldly.


The kids swarmed the twin-horns members. With great sorrow, the twin-horns members discovered that they were completely helpless before these kids.

"Remember," the captain howled toward the message he had been recording earlier, "never... ever... come…"


His eyes darkened as he was punched into unconsciousness.

"What was he saying?" Chen Feng frowned as he looked at the unconscious twin-horns members. Next, he got someone to destroy the teleportation formation before getting brother blue diamond of the ancient race to send them back. Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this mission.

The planet\'s core… was truly a wonderful place! Due to the terrain, awakened power was weakened by 80% there. He had specifically selected the most elite of the children among the barbarians and gathered a bunch of barbarian kids with energy immunity reaching 95% or above. When the natural weakened state combined with the barbarian kids\' immunity, the awakened ones were reduced to nothing.

With the powerful bloodline of the barbarians, they had taught these twin horns fellows what true strength was. Next, he would have to consider how to study these fellows. After all, these were twin-horns members… If Chen Feng\'s guess was correct, their ancestors were once from this planet as well. For some unknown reason, they had moved away.

A race with twin horns? Chen Feng wondered if they were related to Teletubbies or not.


Chen Feng and the rest vanished from the core gradually.

After they left, a transparent undulation vanished amid the space. This was the imprint left behind by the twin-horns members.


This clump of energy traveled through space and finally returned to the Twin Horns World. There, the Twin Horns World had already assembled their troops. They were ready for the expedition. Everyone was filled with joy and was looking forward to leaving this crude and small planet, returning to the legendary huge planet. Everyone waited longingly for the completion of their teleporter.



With a loud boom, the teleporter exploded. Everyone was dumbfounded. Exploded?

"What happened?"

They were all alarmed. Just as they were in the midst of bewilderment, that clump of energy returned noiselessly and landed on a microphone. Next, the message sent by the vanguard captain was played.

"Cough, cough."

"At present, we have just arrived at the human world. This world is much larger…"

A familiar voice could be heard speaking. Everyone looked over instinctively. Alas, not long after, they heard alarming news from the speaker.

Chen Feng…

Kids 15 to 16 years old…

A one-sided beatdown…

All this caused their hearts to palpitate in fear. This was especially true for the final words of the captain. The entirety of the Twin Horns World sunk into silence. Tens of thousands of awakened ones paled as they heard all this. They were awakened ones in their 30s and were considered elites to have been able to awaken at such an age. Unexpectedly, on that world, the humans were actually that powerful even at 15 or 16 years old?

Humans… were truly scary…

This was clearly a higher-level planet! In other words, the Twin Horns World was a low-tier martial world, whereas the human world was evidently a high-tier martial world.

"Perhaps… these are the only experts they have?" one person meekly said. The rest looked at him like they were looking at an idiot.

"Our Twin Horns World is too small and is incapable of containing a great population, but the human world is different. Based on what we heard from those who accidentally arrived at this world back then, the human world has a population surpassing a hundred million. Our only hope was for that world to possess ordinary combat power, or perhaps we could settle at some part of the planet they had yet to discover. But now, it seems like…"

Everyone sunk into silence. Countless years had been spent looking for a way back to their home planet.

Now, they had indeed found the way back. Unfortunately, the human world was already so terrifying. The vanguard had only arrived three days ago and had been hiding at the core all along, yet they had already been discovered? How scary were the humans? None of them knew!

The humans had a population surpassing a hundred million. Among the sea of awakened ones they had, how strong would the elites be? Even if their lord was with them… could he be victorious? They had no idea, and they did not dare take this gamble.

"Our only superiority is the fact that the humans have yet to discover our coordinates. However, if we keep sending people over, it is very possible that we might be the ones being invaded instead…"


Everyone agreed with this. They still remembered clearly how easily Chen Feng had transmigrated around. The humans\' study of transmigration and spatial teleportation could very well be much more advanced than their own.

"Therefore… we must never act rashly. We must prepare fully. When we enter that world next time, we must ensure that we can at least survive on that planet. We do not even need to try to defeat the humans. We only need to survive… to keep living on the humans\' world! Presently, we are still too weak. Let\'s… postpone this plan to enter the human world for now."