The Strongest Gene - Chapter 646: Attack into the Core

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Chapter 646: Attack into the Core

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Genetic Union.

Chen Feng was looking at the scanned image anxiously. Looking at the vague outline of twin horns, he wondered how those terrifying fellows had arrived at this world. He hadn\'t stayed at the Twin Horns World for long, yet from his short time at the arena, he had been able to gain a rough understanding of the strength of that world.

On that world, those below the awakened realm were only qualified to work at the arena to provide entertainment for the masses. Only an awakened one could stand out among his peers. Beyond this realm, there was an existence even more terrifying, an existence he had once overheard Ruo Shui mention as the lord, or something like that.

As such, the first thing Chen Feng had done after returning was get Kong Bai to erase all traces of their transmigration. Unexpectedly, those fellows had still arrived here, and during such a crucial moment for this planet too.

Chen Feng let out a long breath. "Hu—"

The primordial power that had latched onto Xie Zhongtong\'s body…

The Mysterious Town under the control of Research Agency…

The twin-horns race that had appeared suddenly at the core…

This seemingly peaceful world had, at an unknown time, suffered significant damage. Chen Feng had an ominous premonition.

"I will have to deal with them one at a time, then." Chen Feng pondered. The first two issues were related to primordial power, and he couldn\'t do anything about them. At present, he could only try to deal with the twin-horns race. Those terrifying fellows had appeared at the core for unknown reasons. Chen Feng wasn\'t worried that they would destroy this planet. This planet was huge and incredibly sturdy. Destroying this planet would be even harder than wiping out the humans on it.

The only thing he was worried about was the tremors they had caused before. If those fellows tried using the core to cause a huge disaster on the surface world, things would be very troublesome.



Chen Feng frowned. He was still somewhat doubtful. To a certain extent, he understood the people of the Twin Horns World. Those people did not have particularly powerful physiques. If the core was capable of rendering all abilities ineffective, how were those people surviving down there?

Chen Feng raised a brow. "Their abilities can still be used down there."

The technician shook his head. "That\'s impossible. We tested it previously. That place…"

Chen Feng shook his head. "No, the abilities I am referring to are awakened abilities."

The technician scratched his head. "Oh." They truly hadn\'t conducted any tests on awakened abilities. After all, that was something they had never touched upon before. Huh? Hold on. His eyes widened and he looked at Chen Feng. "Are you saying that all of them are awakened ones?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Yes."

"How is that possible…" the technician cried out in alarm. Those fellows at the core were all awakened ones? One ought to know that among humans, Chen Feng was the only awakened one. As for those fellows…

He looked at Chen Feng. "How do you know that?"

Chen Feng gave a rough explanation of what he knew.

Alien world…

Twin horns…

The technician took all this in quickly and recorded everything down before entering a contemplation, seemingly rearranging the new information he had gained.

"If they are truly awakened ones… Let me think about it… A lot of things can now be explained." The technician rearranged all the data quickly and explained, "The core prevents the usage of abilities. However, they are all awakened ones and are not under such restrictions. That is also why all the beyond-A-class warriors we sent were killed instantly. Since we had no understanding of the enemy, we weren\'t able to evaluate them properly, but now…"

He compared the data they had gathered with what Chen Feng had given him. "Based on the damage the genetic warriors received when they were killed, we can judge that the strength they demonstrated was around 20% of the awakened strength you registered back then. If so, I judge that they must have been influenced somewhat by the core as well. The awakened strength they can muster has been weakened by at least 80%." The technician reached a conclusion quickly. "There are five of them, with each being an awakened with only 20% of their strength."

Chen Feng gasped at the analytical capability of this technician. Impressive.

The technician had only said this out loud to explain to Chen Feng. On the screen, lots of data flashed past without stop. Evidently, this conclusion had been reached and verified after countless calculations. Worthy of being a specialist indeed. However, even if they only had 20% of their awakened strength, they were still not something beyond A classes could contend against. The Genetic Union simply had no means of eliminating them. At present, humans were still too weak.

"We will have to rely on you for this," the technician said with a bitter smile.

"I know." Chen Feng looked at the data analyzed by the technician silently. Five awakened ones, huh…

It might seem very tempting to make a move on them with their 20% strength. However, even if Chen Feng and Duma both went there, they would similarly be restricted by the core as well and would only be able to muster 20% of their strength. Moreover, the present Duma was no different than a cripple.

Chen Feng\'s head ached. "Let me think about it…" The position and strength of the enemy had been ascertained. However, they just couldn\'t defeat the enemy. What else could they do? Ordinary abilities were completely restricted, and awakened abilities were weakened by 80% down there.


Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. Perhaps… there is still a way. "Prepare the best equipment immediately."


"Bring along all the detection equipment as well. These fellows might very well be the vanguard of the Twin Horns World. We must capture a few of them for research."


Chen Feng sneered. "Let us meet them with force for once, then."

Time passed silently.

At the depths of the core, the twin-horns members were silently awaiting the completion of their teleporter.



The teleporter glowed with a faint radiance, yet no connection had been established yet. It was already the third day. The teleporter had already progressed to a certain degree. Everyone waited there and erased the undulations of the teleporter with their mighty prowess, preventing this from being leaked out.

"How much longer?"

"Five days. Things are progressing much smoother than we imagined."

"Excellent." The captain nodded before looking at a different person. "How\'s the energy test?"

"The activity level of the energy is rather low. Our abilities are somewhat weakened," that person stated.

"Mhm." The captain nodded, not too bothered about that.

Since they were on a different planet, the activity level of the energy here would be different. Naturally, the might displayed by the same abilities would be different as a result. However, something like this would affect everyone, Chen Feng included. If everyone was similarly weakened, nothing would change during battle.

The captain looked at the communication crew. "Has the connection been established with them?"

"Nope." That person shook his head. "The barrier around this world is too powerful. Before the teleporter is completed, no connection will be possible. However, we can send a one way pre-recorded message back."

The captain nodded. "That\'s better than nothing." The faster they could send a message back, the faster they could start preparing. Soon, the preparations to send the message were completed.

The captain coughed before starting to report their gains during this trip. "Presently, we have just arrived on the human world. This world is much larger than we imagined. From the energy intensity at the core, this planet is much larger than the Twin Horns World. The activity level of the energy here is rather low. Perhaps that is a result of the suppression of some powerful force. We have yet to encounter the inhabitants of this world…"

Suddenly, a booming explosion resounded.


Above them, a hole had been blasted open. From it, a bright and resplendent blue flashed, and numerous figures landed loudly on the ground.

"Who is it?" The expressions of the twin-horns members changed greatly. From the hole, numerous figures descended. The one leading them all was an extremely familiar person.

"Chen Feng!" The captain was alarmed as he saw Chen Feng.

"Hehe." Chen Feng merely sneered before waving his hand. "Go!"


All the figures charged forth.

The vanguard members were all furious. "Courting death." What they feared were the awakened ones of this world. This did not mean that they feared Chen Feng. This was especially true since all these people brought by Chen Feng were unawakened. The captain glanced around and noted that all of them were unawakened ones. All of them were trash!


The powerful power belonging to awakened ones bloomed.

They bombarded those figures immediately. Alas, they were all alarmed to find that all their attacks were ineffective when landing on those figures. Those figures had taken on all the attacks with their bodies and weren\'t even slowed down in their charge.

"Kill!" With numerous shouts, those figures charged at the twin-horns members.

The expressions of the twin-horns members changed greatly. "What should we do?"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once again, numerous powerful awakened powers bloomed as numerous energy balls exploded midair, sweeping toward those charging figures. Alas, alarmingly, those figures… continued to ignore all attacks. They were immune to all attacks and moved quickly and violently, like ferocious beasts, petrifying the twin-horns members.