The Strongest Gene - Chapter 645: This World Is Too Dangerous

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Chapter 645: This World Is Too Dangerous

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the depths of the core, a faint radiance was swirling about. A brand-new camp had been built here at this place where a mysterious aura pervaded. Several life-forms with twin horns on their heads were seemingly observing the environment here.

"The camp has been built."

"The coordinates have been confirmed. We are building a teleportation tunnel."

"How long will it take?"

"Ten days."

"Very good," the leader said.

Ten days…

After only ten more days, everyone in their world could descend. They had been trapped at the Twin Horns World for way too long… so long that they had already forgotten their origin, to the point that they had forgotten that this was in fact the planet they had originated from. However, despite the fact that the time for the mass arrival had already been set, the captain leading this team was still somewhat doubtful, a blank expression on his face.

The rest were curious as they saw this. "What\'s up?"

"There are still some things I am worried about."


Anxiousness surfaced on his face. "For example, who is the one who suddenly sent the coordinates of this place to us?" After Chen Feng\'s departure, he had believed that he would forever be unable to reach this planet. However, just as they had been about to give up, they had received some coordinates. At that time, they who had given up input the coordinates and sent their strongest vanguard team to enter. That had led to everything that had happened next on this planet. They had returned and had been extremely excited to be back. However… who had delivered the coordinates to them?

The person beside him frowned and pondered for a bit before saying, "Perhaps it was merely a coincidence? People who have fallen into spatial currents will send distress signals out. Although most of the time, the signals won\'t work, they still try sending signals anyway. Maybe the coordinates we received was a distress signal sent by a human trapped amid the spatial currents? Perhaps this was a coordinate he sent when he had just fallen into the spatial currents, before the currents could sweep him away?

"At the same time, we, who were looking for signals, received it and rushed over immediately. Although we didn\'t arrive in time to rescue that person, we still arrived on his world. This would precisely be the place that was near where that person was swept into the spatial currents," that person analyzed calmly. As the scout of the vanguard, he was normally good at logical deductions.

The captain gave it some thought and agreed that such a possibility could be true. "That is possible." These years, they had received coordinates numbering in the tens of thousands, yet only a very few of them had been useful, let alone them being the coordinates of a planet with life on it. After so many trash coordinates, it was about time they had received useful coordinates for once.

The captain nodded. "That would be for the best." He truly wanted to believe this completely. However, as the captain of the vanguard, he had to keep watch on the general situation and consider all possibilities. Based on his judgment, the possibility of this being true was around 10%. There was another possibility…

"What is the other possibility?" the other person asked.

"Chen Feng!" the captain said without hesitation.


The others were somewhat stupefied. Chen Feng? The little guy who had just entered the awakened realm? How could this relate to him?

"Think about it. Is it possible that these coordinates were sent by Chen Feng?" The captain paused.


Everyone\'s expression changed greatly. Initially, they hadn\'t thought of this. Now that the captain had reminded them, everyone was sweating profusely. If it was truly Chen Feng…

"Luring us here to kill us?"

They were instantly horrified. The last person that had transmigrated to their world was Chen Feng. And yet, this time, they had been able to appear here. Was this purely coincidence? If Chen Feng had told his clan or the other experts of this world about the Twin Horns World after returning to this world, if those formidable existences found out about the Twin Horns World…

As they considered this, they took in a deep breath in shock.


Their expressions became solemn. "How cruel!" At this time, they could no longer believe in a so-called coincidence.

The moment they considered this possibility, they were certain that this was most definitely the work of that Chen Feng! Naturally, the only thing they could rejoice about was the fact that they had actually appeared at the core.

"I suppose that, at present, the human world is already laden with traps waiting for us. The moment we leave, we will be discovered by the humans," the captain said in a gloomy voice. Planetary transportation was already a process that used vague coordinates in the first place, since they would only have the coordinates of the planet and would arrive at a random location within. The humans had to have already prepared for their arrival. Fortunately, their place of arrival was the core. Otherwise…

"What should we do, then?"

They were all anxious. As they thought about the traps and humans waiting at the surface to kill them, they couldn\'t help being anxious. They were rather fearful of the so-called Genetic Era Chen Feng had mentioned before.

"Why don\'t we go out and scout the strength of this world first?" someone suggested. They hadn\'t been back for long. The only contact they\'d had with anything of this world was Chen Feng\'s arrival to their world. As such, they urgently needed to understand this world.

The captain rejected the proposal. "No, it\'s too dangerous. We can roughly guess the strength of this world. The words of Chen Feng can\'t be believed. However, his identity is something worth considering. Have you forgotten his strength back then? A young man of 20 years old was actually able to enter the awakened realm. This is rather astonishing. If this world is filled with such awakened ones…" He was filled with anxiousness as he continued, "…This might very well be a world where awakened ones walk everywhere."

As the rest heard this, their mood became heavy. True, if the strength system of this world was so scary, if Chen Feng had merely been a youngster sent out on a trip to temper himself, so what if they were finally able to return to this world? So what if this was a big world?

If they were to leave and were discovered, they would most probably die. They were here as the vanguard to reconnoiter this planet, not to feed Chen Feng.

Their expressions became solemn. "So that\'s the case."

"Remember. Before the main team arrives, do not leave. We can\'t attract their attention. Regardless of whether this world is presently strong or weak, we must remain low profile and observe this world silently. We must calmly await the arrival of our lord." That person spoke of the lord with a respectful expression. "Only when our lord descends upon this world will we be able to kill our way out and carve out a piece of territory for our race. That will be our sole superiority."


They all accepted their orders. They were aware that only when that lord arrived would they be able to strike back against the people of this planet. Once again, the core sunk into silence. Each of them reduced their breath to the bare minimum, afraid of attracting the attention of outsiders. Only the teleportation node near them was flickering without stop.



Their gaze swept over. They knew that after 10 days, the teleportation tunnel would be completed. They were merely the vanguard. Only when the true experts of the Twin Horns World arrived would it be time for them to make their debut on this world.

The ambushes of the humans…

Luring them over to be killed…

We will not fail like this!