The Strongest Gene - Chapter 644: Great Changes at the Core

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Chapter 644: Great Changes at the Core

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the planet\'s core, a purple-black aura rolled about, akin to a huge hand. A mysterious and powerful aura was spreading around the planet\'s core. At present, this core was completely unlike humanity\'s understanding of what a planet\'s core was like. The entire core currently resembled a trembling life-form. Suddenly, the purple-black aura converged together and assumed the shape of a sinister door. Next, a familiar yet unfamiliar aura was guided in…

Bang! Bang!

Numerous mysterious and powerful existences appeared.

They cheered in an insane manner.

They cried tears of joy.

Trembling, they sensed the aura of the world.

"We… have returned!"


A terrifying aura spread out.

Genetic Union.

Chen Feng was looking at the information regarding the undulation that had suddenly appeared.

"A few hours ago, we detected large-scale activity at the core. Based on our investigation, this is not a natural disaster." With a solemn expression, the technician continued, "After getting the assistance of the Genetic Union, we were able to confirm that these detected signs of activity are related to the tremors."

In short, this was what had caused the tremors? Chen Feng looked at the traces indicated on the screen. As this was information they had obtained through some unique scouting ability, they had only been able to obtain a rough outline of the cause. However, from the looks of the outline…

Chen Feng\'s eyes flashed with a petrifying radiance. "Human?"

"We are still not sure yet. The outline is too crude. We were unable to obtain a clearer image and can only judge that these signs of activity were the result of certain life-forms," the technician explained.

"Life-forms…" Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He fixed his gaze on the outline for a short while before saying, "I am not good at science. However, isn\'t the planet\'s core a place an ordinary person can\'t even hope to reach?"

"That\'s right." The technician nodded. "That place has a vile environment. It is simply impossible for an ordinary person to survive there. Since the start of the Genetic Era, humanity\'s strength has increased greatly. We were once worried that someone would go destroy the core with their newfound strength, causing a disaster for the entire planet. As such, we indeed deployed some people to the core back then to reconnoiter the area. Then, we found that… that place is probably the firmest part of this entire planet. It is impossible to destroy."

Chen Feng frowned. "Oh?" The firmest part of the planet?

The technician nodded. "Yes. This unique era didn\'t just affect the life-forms of this planet. Even the core was affected and transformed. How should I put this… That is a place that can no longer be described using science. Regardless of who it is, entering the core is an act of suicide."

"Why is that?" Chen Feng was astonished. A technician that did not possess much understanding of genetic abilities would actually be so sure of this fact.

"Because…" The technician inhaled before continuing, "…that is a place where all abilities are rendered ineffective."

Chen Feng\'s eyes widened. "What?"

"All abilities will be rendered ineffective," the technician repeated. "Regardless of what one uses, either unique abilities or unique methods, upon reaching the core, all abilities will be instantly deactivated. Regardless of what ability or method you have, it will be useless there."


Chen Feng frowned. Genetic abilities were the only things genetic warriors could rely on. The moment they were deactivated, a genetic warrior would be as good as a cripple even in the outside world, let alone in the core. Chen Feng recalled the frozen sea. Back then, the scariest aspect of that place had been its effect of rendering one\'s abilities ineffective before killing one instantly. This resembled the core greatly. The only difference was the location, as at the core, one would have no place to escape.

Hold on…

Chen Feng looked at the outlines drawn on the screen. How about these guys?

The technician smiled bitterly. "Right, that\'s what we are most worried about. Numerous experts were deployed there previously, yet all of them were instantly killed upon arrival. That is a place nobody can survive. Yet these life-forms…"

So that\'s why. Chen Feng\'s expression became solemn as he finally realized how grave this was. The main point wasn\'t the effectiveness of genetic abilities down there at the core. Rather, those unknown existences were the main point here.

A place that humanity still couldn\'t enter even after the joint effort of Research Agency and Genetic Union but where, in an unfathomable manner, some bizarre life-forms had appeared, moving around down there like they were on the surface instead. They had even caused a tremor that had shaken the entire world. This could be considered a light tremor. If they were to truly do something crazy down there, such as creating a larger tremor, thus creating numerous disaster-level earthquakes worldwide, humanity wouldn\'t be that far off from extinction. The core was indeed extremely solid, seemingly incapable of being destroyed, yet this fact was only proven for humans.

The technician was anxious. "We must deal with this. We must figure out what exactly those fellows are. Are they life-forms that came into existence naturally at the core? Or perhaps…" He paused and then continued, "They are humans."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Humans... Although they only had a rough outline of the shapes and couldn\'t see clearly, what they could see greatly resembled humans. If these were truly humans…

"Is there any other news?" Chen Feng asked.

The technician shook his head. "No. Since their appearance, they have been staying there all this while."

"What are you guys planning to do?" Chen Feng asked. There were countless geniuses of multiple disciplines in both the Research Agency and Genetic Union. Although these people\'s strength was rather ordinary, they would still be able to help think of some solutions.

"We have already proposed and started a plan. The blue-diamond senior from the ancient race seems to be able to send people directly to the depths of the core. As such, we at the Research Agency created suits that were supposed to grant immunity to the damage dealt by the core, with some extra survival functions integrated into the suits as well. With this, we thought we might be able to encounter those life-forms," the technician reported honestly.

"What\'s the result of that?" Chen Feng had a rough guess.

The technician\'s expression darkened. "All dead. They are extremely powerful. All our people were instantly killed before we were able to gather any data."

The cameras they had installed had been destroyed before the cameras had even been able to capture the appearance of those life-forms.

"What is the assessment of their strength?" Chen Feng asked.

"Unknown." The technicians shook his head. "However, the people we sent were all pure beyond-A-class warriors with formidable physical prowess even without any genetic abilities."

If the Genetic Union were sending people there, they would definitely send the elites.

Beyond A classes…

Instantly killed…

Could those people be awakened ones? How was that possible? Chen Feng shook his head. It seemed like these newcomers were definitely not simple. However, Chen Feng was still feeling doubtful, as all this seemed too weird. The Research Agency had monitored the core for so many years, yet not a single life-form had been found.

That was the core, not some unknown region. If so, where had those fellows come from? After the integration of the humans and ancients, at present, only the ocean remained unexplored on this planet. Could it be that these fellows had come from the depths of the ocean?

"Beyond A class… Instantly killed… Awakened…" Chen Feng frowned. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he seemingly recalled something. Abruptly, he charged toward the screen, fixed his gaze on the outlines, and said, "Enlarge their heads."


"Yes, this part, their temples. Enlarge it. More!"

The crude looking outlines were enlarged. Immediately, Chen Feng\'s expression changed. Even if the outlines appeared incredibly crude and had a lot of details missing, Chen Feng was still able to see something familiar there… On two sides of their heads, two things could be seen protruding out. Those seemed to be… twin horns!