The Strongest Gene - Chapter 643: Epicenter

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Chapter 643: Epicenter

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"How long will it take to free itself from Xie Zhongtong\'s influence?" Chen Feng asked. Based on the previous circumstances of the senior apprentice sister, this pink power was capable of invading one\'s mind, from the initial slight influence to the final complete control. Chen Feng did not know how long Xie Zhongtong could last before she was fully under the pink\'s control.

"Mhm…" Spirit paused, doubt on her face, and lowered her head to ponder seriously for a while before saying, "I don\'t know."

Chen Feng looked at Spirit in astonishment. "You don\'t know?" Weren\'t deductions extremely easy for Spirit?

"Mhm…" Spirit scratched her head. "I am indeed able to deduce when it comes to regular people. However, Xie Zhongtong is rather unique. From my observations, I noticed that the fusion of that pink origin and Xie Zhongtong has gotten deeper and deeper. To be more accurate, the pink power has submitted to Xie Zhongtong\'s nature… It seems to have fallen."


Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Fallen? A magnificent primordial power had fallen to Xie Zhongtong?


Chen Feng took in a deep breath in shock. In short, this nature of Xie Zhongtong\'s was incredibly astonishing? Her previous act of "destroying" an entire family all by herself had already been an act of incredible restraint?

Holy shit.

Chen Feng was shocked speechless. In this wide world, everything was indeed possible.

"Based on the circumstances of a human body, the primordial power poses no threat in this state. Rather, for the forever-alone single males, this is a special benefit. There is no need to worry about this primordial power for now. You can also say that Xie Zhongtong\'s nature has temporarily semi-sealed the primordial power."

Chen Feng nodded. "Understood."

It seemed like this pink power had been temporarily rendered ineffective. In any case, before he found a way to prevent the growth of this pink power, he should not wake it up from this state. It would be the best if it could forever sink into depravity…

"Take your time enjoying the beauty of mankind." Chen Feng retired himself noiselessly. There, in the alley, the most natural of voices a human could make resounded without stop.

"It\'s a pity for Han Yula." Chen Feng\'s heart ached somewhat. After all, Han Yula had put in great effort in order to be with Xie Zhongtong. He had learned a lot of new abilities, such as cloning abilities, multitasking abilities, and so on. Telling Han Yula about this? Forget it. Chen Feng did not wish to see Xie Zhongtong awoken from her present state. For humanity, Han Yula would have to suffer.

Chen Feng pondered and turned his screen on noiselessly. Next, he entered a certain music website and gifted Han Yula 10 years worth of green diamond VIP access to the music streaming website. Hopefully, this would serve as some sort of consolation for him…

When Han Yula felt lonely, he could listen to some songs here. Perhaps it would help improve his mood. For example, Miss Dong, A Little Happiness, Youth Justice Bao, and so on. Chen Feng had no idea if this world had these songs or not, though. [1] 1

For now, this pink power affair could be momentarily put aside. Chen Feng intended to go pay that mysterious stone mentioned by Duma a visit. Based on what Duma had said, that mysterious stone was floating above a lake. It was terrifying and powerful. However, if one did not approach the stone, one wouldn\'t suffer from anything.

Alas, when Chen Feng arrived, nothing could be found there. The stone had gone missing. Not only the stone, the entire lake had gone missing as well. On the ground, only a huge hole was left behind. Seemingly, the stone and every single drop of water in the lake had been moved away.

Chen Feng was alarmed. "Taken away by someone else?" That stone was so terrifying. If it fused with someone… it would be a disaster!


He tried searching for the stone using the technique taught by Duma. Unfortunately, nothing was found. That stone had seemingly vanished from the face of the world. It was unable to be found at all.

Chen Feng frowned. "Has it been taken away?" The present him was extremely strong, the apex of humanity. However, the stronger he was, the more intense the fear he felt. The enigmatic primordial powers that kept appearing without stop, the unknown existences hidden within the undeveloped regions, and the astonishing news that came without stop from that mysterious town…

Perhaps an ordinary human would instead be the one to live a happy life, as ignorance is bliss?

Chen Feng sighed. "Looks like things are getting somewhat troublesome."

The disappearance of that stone hadn\'t allowed Chen Feng to feel relieved. Rather, it caused his entire body to chill due to the fear of the unknown he was presently feeling.

"This place…" Chen Feng stepped into the hole. He wanted to see if any traces were left here. Suddenly, his entire body shivered, as his Luck Aura, which had been silent for so long in his body, started blooming intensely.

A terrifying aura erupted.


Chen Feng was alarmed. And then, before he could even react to it, his Luck Aura once again deactivated and went silent, as if what happened earlier had been but an illusion.

What was going on?

Chen Feng was stupefied. Why had Luck Aura raged suddenly before vanishing? Chen Feng pondered as he looked at the leftover traces in the hole. Perhaps the feeble leftover aura here had influenced his Luck Aura? If so, if he truly found that mysterious stone, Luck Aura could very well wake up from its slumber and might even undergo a transformation.

This thing… Chen Feng vowed that he had to find this thing. With the present understanding humanity had of this world, so long as that stone hadn\'t entered the boundless ocean, which remained unexplored, he would most certainly be able to find it.

"I will get the deputy president to help me…" Chen Feng turned his communicator on and was about to give an order to the Genetic Union.

Suddenly, a loud boom resounded.


The earth trembled. From a certain location so far that the naked eye couldn\'t see it, a huge shaking could be felt. Even with his present strength, he was still unable to sense the precise location it originated from.

Chen Feng was horrified. "How far away is it?" It was confirmed that something had happened. For even him to be unable to sense the exact location, that signified that the location was extremely far away. However, this distance wasn\'t the scariest thing about this. What was scary was that, despite how far it was, Chen Feng could still feel the tremors.


He turned his screen on quickly. The internet, which had been peaceful for a while, was presently bustling.

"What happened?"

"No idea. That scared the shit out of me. I nearly got into an accident."

"My factory suffered a disastrous loss as well. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The tremors are so intense. Where did it happen?"

"No idea. I was on the verge of winning a public match. Because of the tremors, I missed my ultimate."

"You should be happy with that. Do you know that I was getting it on with my lovely wife earlier? With the sudden shaking, I inserted my \'tool\' in the wrong hole."

"…Take care, bro."

"I\'m fainting. Where exactly did this happen?"

"No idea. Here in the East, we only felt the tremors."

"Same for the West."

"It should be the same for the South."

"The tremors in the North aren\'t that bad."

Countless people started indicating that they were safe and sound online. Alarmingly, almost everyone had only sensed the intense tremors. Not a single location had been reported to have suffered a huge disaster.

Chen Feng frowned. "How can this…" He got Spirit to gather the information online and noted that almost all cities in existence had reported that they were fine, even including the cities of the ancient race. In short, the location where the disaster had happened…

Chen Feng gazed in the direction of the boundless ocean, the unexplored and undeveloped 48% of this planet! Had something happened there? That was Chen Feng\'s guess.

Right at this instant, his communicator buzzed. He glanced at it and noted that it was the deputy president. "Chen Feng, I\'m afraid you will have to come over. We were able to detect the origin of the tremors. But the location… is in the depths of this planet\'s core."